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Loserboy vs NickZ
September 2009
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I think Nick is a big fan of headscissors. We traded here dual ones and from what I can see, he seems to be enjoying it very much, courtesy of the grin on his face :)

Personally, I tend to use headscissors in a seldom manner because I feel it's one of the most dangerous moves out there. Depending on the strength of your legs, it could be more fatal than a sleeper.

NickZ tends to show-off his bridge often. I would also if I was him. I think he used it on several occasions to get out of my head scissors.

On the image to the right, you see a closer shot of the rollover pin. I find the image pretty hilarious because it's as if my head pierced a hole on the mat and I'm underground.

To the left, NickZ caught me in another head scissors, which he broke afterwards to pull me up in a sleeper.

You're probably wondering how these shots were taken. In this match, we didn't had a third-party cameraman. If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see a nice little remote that NickZ used to send commands to his camera. The match in the first two pages though were snapshots extracted from a video, so no, there was no remote there :')

Knowing how fond of scissors I am, NickZ kindly combo-ed it with his sleeper.

I think I had to tap there and requested just a scissors, which he was happy to oblige on the image to the right.

He had to make sure I don't get out of it by holding my arms.. but why would I want to get out of nice and strong body scissors? :)

I was trying to pull out something special here. NickZ tutored and helped me learn quite a few holds. I remember he wanted me to try to wrestle him amateur-style, but I really had no background for it at all.

Eventually, he just locked me in another scissors and I was done for. I just laid there, motionless and not even trying to get out of his holds :') What for? He's so skillful that anything I do to him, he'd be able to get out of it!

Either ways, I didn't mind being on the losing end.

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Match Result

Loserboy loses!
NickZ wins!

This concludes the match "Loserboy vs NickZ".

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