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Loserboy vs NickZ
September 2009

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NickZ was the first one to approach me during the Oklahoma Rumble and I am very thankful for that. If it weren't for him, I would probably have stayed in my cocoon, shy and outside the circle of wrestlers that were there. I remember NickZ having a very cheerful, bright smile and a very enthusiastic and charming personality.

Seeing that NickZ is smaller than me in terms of weight (125 lbs vs 150 lbs), I figured that I could probably get the upper-hand easily when wrestling him. After all, my opponent being a smaller wrestler means a better advantage for me, right?
Lock upLoserboy and NickZ lock up We reserved our little room and put up the sign that it was booked and we were ready to rumble.

NickZ and I started to lock up.

He took an early lead with the basics: a headlock to better control his opponent. At this point, I was telling myself "Pfft!", I can probably get out of it easily.
HeadlockNickZ in control with a headlock on Lb
Reverse sleeperNickZ with a reverse sleeper on Loserboy Next thing I know, NickZ uses his mighty strength and drops me to the floor and in a flash, he's just on top of me with this headlock, or to attempt to define it better, a form of reverse sleeper.

All I could mumble was: "What!? How did that happen??"

Now, many of you probably think that headlocks are worthless, but NickZ really knows how to apply them properly to make his opponent tap. I could have tapped out here: my veins on the back being clogged and blocked by his arms. However, NickZ gave me a chance there since he doesn't want to end the match this early :)
HeadlockContinued headlock Fine, he gives me a little break so I might as well make the most out of it. With the headlock voluntarily loosened by my opponent, I figured I'll just try to rollover and have my body on him for better control.

Well, that didn't work well because after the rolling, he still had the upper hand by blocking and stretching my arms while making sure to put his legs in a defensive stance to avoid me from breaking the hold.
Arm barNickZ with some sort of an armbar on Lb
Combo: Headlock with body scissorsLoserboy revser sleeper body scissors NickZ I struggle for a few moments trying to free up my arm knowing that it could be an easy win for him all depending on how my arms is being bent, stretched or played with...

I eventually broke free and landed a headlock with body scissors on NickZ. That could probably spell a submission for me, but NickZ is way more skilled than I expected.
<Uncategorized>Scissor broken, now for some struggling

Page 2
Body scissorsClinging to the body scissors The scissors didn't cut it, NickZ has techniques to get out of scissors by leaning forward to make the scissors go downwards his body, making it less effective and less painful.

Once my scissors is down enough, he manages to lift his body up to break the hold and follow it up with whatever pleases him.
Body scissorsLoserboy with a scissors on NickZ
HeadlockLoserboy clining on to his headlock on NickZ All I can do with my scissors broken is to cling out to my worthless headlock. Worthless because I still have no idea how to apply to make it as painful as how NickZ does it.

NickZ simply drags me down on the mats and starts being playful. If I did a mistake here is exhausting my reserves on energy in trying to get a body scissors submission earlier. I barely had anything left in me.
Elbow dropNickz in control again
Rollover pinNickZ with some sort of rollover pin NickZ plays a little bit more and follows up with a move that I hate so much... some sort of rollover pin and I recall hearing little cracks on my neck and shoulders on one instance.

I remember he did apply to me a couple of those and I tend to give up very easily to them, just as I gave up right there, right now. :')
<Uncategorized>NickZ on top
Victory poseNickZ checking if Loserboy is still alive :) NickZ is a very nice and talented guy/wrestler. When I was at the Okie Rumble, we had a match every day :)

If there's one thing I learned in my matches with him is to never judge an opponent by his size (or weight). Nick may be small, but his wrestling skills makes him a fierce and tough opponent.

NickZ kicked my ass badly! He certainly won this match. :)
Yes, I know the match was pretty short, but I was exhausted. The day this match was shot I had two matches prior to him, both competitive. I only get to wrestle competitively about once a month, maybe two if I'm lucky.

In the next set presented on the following page, NickZ and I wrestled semi-competitively and we purposely positioned ourselves into holds that we enjoyed. I guess it's a bit of promission here, because we applied the strength required to feel a satisfying threshold of tolerable pain.

Page 3
Head scissorsHead scissors with a gut punch I think Nick is a big fan of headscissors. We traded here dual ones and from what I can see, he seems to be enjoying it very much, courtesy of the grin on his face :)

Personally, I tend to use headscissors in a seldom manner because I feel it's one of the most dangerous moves out there. Depending on the strength of your legs, it could be more fatal than a sleeper.
Head scissorsDual head scissors party
Head scissorsShowing off the bridge :) NickZ tends to show-off his bridge often. I would also if I was him. I think he used it on several occasions to get out of my head scissors.

On the image to the right, you see a closer shot of the rollover pin. I find the image pretty hilarious because it's as if my head pierced a hole on the mat and I'm underground.
Rollover pinA close-up shot of a rollover pin
Head scissorsAnother head scissors To the left, NickZ caught me in another head scissors, which he broke afterwards to pull me up in a sleeper.

You're probably wondering how these shots were taken. In this match, we didn't had a third-party cameraman. If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see a nice little remote that NickZ used to send commands to his camera. The match in the first two pages though were snapshots extracted from a video, so no, there was no remote there :')
Combo: Sleeper with body scissorsSleeper with body scissors Knowing how fond of scissors I am, NickZ kindly combo-ed it with his sleeper.

I think I had to tap there and requested just a scissors, which he was happy to oblige on the image to the right.

He had to make sure I don't get out of it by holding my arms.. but why would I want to get out of nice and strong body scissors? :)
Body scissorsMmm.. scissors :)
Head scissorsExperimenting I was trying to pull out something special here. NickZ tutored and helped me learn quite a few holds. I remember he wanted me to try to wrestle him amateur-style, but I really had no background for it at all.

Eventually, he just locked me in another scissors and I was done for. I just laid there, motionless and not even trying to get out of his holds :') What for? He's so skillful that anything I do to him, he'd be able to get out of it!

Either ways, I didn't mind being on the losing end.
Head scissorsCaught again

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