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Mike - Wednesday September 20th 2017Give and take

I've decided to try something different for a change... I installed Tinder on my phone and started experimenting with it. I mentioned on my own profile as a description that I am either a cuddler... or a wrestler.

A guy from Newfoundland eventually came in touch with me last week-end. I'll dub him as "Mike". He asked me if I was into wrestling. He is someone that likes to be worked over, but he never wrestled before. Before we met, we spoke about our favorite wrestlers and the holds he preferred. I try to get a sense or a heartbeat of his wrestling interest before I go on an adventure...

I came to his hotel and I see this handsome and tall guy: 6'2", 300 lbs. His height evenly distributes his weight so he doesn't look that big or heavy. I put on him the basics and try to teach him a couple of moves. He doesn't have any Globalfight or MeetFighters profile, but with good reason: a search shows about 3 wrestlers in that province, so it's almost pointless.

After a quick chat to calm him down, I started showing him a few wrestling maneuvers: my bearhug was laughable, but my scissors did do something. I then switch to more basic holds: camel, boston, grapevine, armbar, etc. I apply all my holds lightly and release quickly so I don't leave any kind of trauma or pain for his first experience. I would have loved to rack him, but doing this on a bed would be asking for an accident. My mission here is to show that wrestling is fun, rather than scaring the s*** out of him. Anyway, I personally liked our meet, but I felt he was tense and quite shy about it. That's normal for anyone's first time. I kept it short since he had a long work week. I told Mike to call me back if he wanted more scissors or nelsons. He's in town for business and he'll be staying for a little while, so maybe I'll get to teach him a couple more moves.

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New gear - Wednesday September 13th 2017Gear

You''ve already seen the green and red ones recently, but I'll pose with them anyway. I'm very satisfied with these new red trunks because they match pretty well with the boots.

Next up, I chose the green mainly for a color change. I seldom have any gear that sports this color.

Next up is a yellow gear mostly designed for MMA, but I'll use this for pro regardless. I just took an usual stance that is not too cliché. You'll find it weird I"m sure.

Last but not least, this one is a black trunk with "Orton" written in the back. It's an XL size, so I purposely took this for bigger opponents that will be wearing this against me. Unfortunately, I think I should have taken XXL. It does look too big on me already, but considering that I like my opponents big, this might be too small.

I took the opportunity to try out some of my regular speedos in the ring, but I'll post them another time.

These are the last ring pics I will be taking until November when the ring will (hopefully) be put back in a new location not too far from downtown Montreal.

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Week-ends are for wrestling ;) - Sunday September 10th 2017Recent matches

The last time I wrestled Ben Monaco (id 5578) was more than a year ago. His schedule got pretty busy with University and work at the same time. He kindly gave me time yesterday for a match in the ring. It was nice to see that I could still punish him with my scissors. He's one of the few wrestlers where I sort off heel him in a semi-submission match. We caught up for what we missed during the past year and we took it easy.

I'm actually terrible at keeping in touch. Lumber_Jack_G is another wrestler I haven't fought since since February. So we've decided to give it another go in a brief match on Friday. Lumber_Jack_G took the opportunity to introduce me to SlowSubs, a fighter from Arizona who was in town for the week-end.

SlowSubs was quite a tough beast! His scissors pack a punch and he has an endurance beyond any wrestler I've seen. Big, beefy and strong, his slow sub style like his name implies is an absolutely great way to fight while watching out for your opponent. As our stamina drained in our continuous fight, we eventually switch to trading long submission holds, mainly body scissors and head scissors. And we've continued to do so until our ribs were sensitive and the slight squeeze or touch of it would make us wimper in pain. We both enjoyed this... this sort of pain made us both laugh. We were both arrogant and stubborn, refusing to give, re-applying the submission hold and squeezing over and over.

We were in a hotel room so movies were played in the background to cover up the noise we were making. I saw Princess Bride and partially saw Hoodwinked, Surf's Up and To Die For while I was battling out SlowSubs. It was a bit distracting, but it was a light way of resting in between holds. At one point, we were taunting each other. He'd squeeze me in a body scissors and tell me to flex as a sign to give up, and I'd refuse to do so. Then, when my turn came, I'd ask him the same. I'm pretty sure I forced him to flex more often in body scissors than he did to me... However, he did made me tap more often overall using headscissors and sleepers. It really didn't take him long to overcome me by simply avoiding my legs. A fast learner.

That being said, I didn't wrestle Lumber_Jack_G much because he was already pretty worn down by SlowSubs. It shows how much wrestling SlowSubs can take compared to any of us. Now, I'm heading to bed, holding my left rib... It should heal in the next few days. I think I'm getting old... I can't handle this many matches with this intensity over a week-end anymore. But really, when I grow older, I'd like to be like SlowSubs. I'd like to have his endurance, strength and stamina to be able to wrestle for so long and still be able to fight.

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WrestleInMN, round 2 - Monday September 4th 2017Recent matches

WrestleInMN (id 3305) came back to Montreal on Labour day, so we had some more fun going on. Our first match was barely 2 weeks ago.

I felt that I didn't hold him down as much as I did in our previous match, but he felt I did more. He figured a way to nullify my leg scissors by contracting the muscles on his quadriceps, so I ended up wasting a lot of strength for nothing. This is why most opponents know how to beat me after a while because I usually employ and rely on the same tricks frequently.

He did complain again that I wasn't defending myself much when he had his weight on me and I did tell him this time that if he wrestled someone 100 lbs heavier than him, he would do the same thing. He replied: "Well, unfortunately, that person isn't here."

Funny tidbit: he went and read my blog prior to our encounter and was wondering why I had my own corner, my own blog. He pondered: "Did Loserboy sleep with the webmaster to be able to get his own little corner on bearhugger.net?" It clicked to him eventually and he understood what was going on. He made sure of it by asking me if I'm the webmaster.

We had a nice night. I got to know him better and he got to know me better. We spoke about our lives, how we got into wrestling and how close we are to our families. I realized I have a lot more in common than I thought. After a great fight that exhausted us and a nice discussion, we gave another tight hug and we parted ways. I asked him to stay in touch.

I had to tell him during our match that he had nothing to fear about the marks on my body. The day before, I wrestled a good friend briefly who applied a pec claw on me. I didn't budge because it wasn't hurting me, but my skin marks easily. In consequence, I had on my chest what looked like tattoos or battle scars, but they are simply pressure marks that will go away in a couple of days.

I think the worst that ever happened to me regarding my sensitive skin is a collar. I had a wrestler who applied pressure on the collar he made me wear and I ended up having marks on my neck. Now try going to work with a mark like that and you can imagine the embarrassment I had to go through when a colleague noticed it and asked me how was my week-end... Uh....

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Attack of the C-Cub - Sunday September 3rd 2017Something silly

I was doing a little cleanup on my laptop and I bumped into this animation that I created 5 years ago. Yeah, that's 2012.

It's a very very silly file, but I was just having fun and I was also learning the mechanics of GIF animation that is currently in use in some of my matches. Yeah, 2 birds with 1 stone. It's not very difficult with the online tools that are made available to us nowadays, so I get to make better ones like this hadoken animation that will be used in one of the sequel scenarios. GIF animation and Photoshop allows me to distort reality and create dazzling overzealous science-fiction nonsense and campy storylines.

I've given this cub (or teddy bear) the un-original name of C-Cub (id 800). It kinda played somewhat a very minor role in my previous relationship with Be-Bear (id 2910). He always pushed it away because it was too rugged compared to the rest of the collection.

Yes, this C-Cub (id 800) also has a profile, but I only use it to test new code that I add onto the site. In other words, it's a guinea pig.

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Fun4Us vs Loserboy - Wednesday August 30th 2017Scenarios

A new match (or scenario) has been made available: Fun4Us vs Loserboy.

I didn't had to do anything: Fun4Us (id 8822) took matters with his own bare hands and came up with the perfect recipe to defeat me.... oops, spoilers! Ha ha ha, it's not as if you weren't expecting it anyway.

You can see the combined weight of his work in Match ID 334. So yes, full credit goes to him for assembling the photos together, writing up a story to go with them and investing all the time needed to do this (which is a lot because I can tell by experience with all the matches I've been writing in the past).

I'll include a few pics here, but I think he went and posted at least one instance of each of the different moves we took together except for the few unusable ones. Please do take the time to put a little thumbs up on this match to show Fun4Us your appreciation of his work.

The two images below shows his versatility and his knowledge of wrestling moves, since I am rarely caught in these: The Hangman and The Crucifix.

Fun4Us can also show his sheer power by applying the Single Shoulder Backbreaker... also known as the Hanging Backbreaker. There are so many names actually. Fun4Us refers to this one as OTS or an Over-The-Shoulder Backbreaker.

This one is very close to the Loserboy Lock: it's a Dragon Sleeper with Groin Claw combo. The only thing missing from it is actually a Nip Bite to complete the combo.

Last, but not least, this one was more of an experimental move. While we couldn't figure how to follow up this hold, Fun4Us simply grabbed me... so yeah, this one is not part of the match.

That's it for now. We're currently discussing about meeting next year for maybe an event in the states, but that's still a long way ahead.

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Second to last stretch - Monday August 28th 2017Recent matches

Last day to rent the ring is September 15 so I made sure that my latest matches were in it.

I wrestled Mainewrsl (id 559) about a week ago, so I took the opportunity to give him his first taste in the ring. While he is unfamiliar with pro, he did appreciate the space that was given to us considering his light-sub wrestling style. Mainewrsl is a nice guy with a good swimmer's build and quite a modest personality. He says he doesn't have much experience wrestling, but I can see that he knows what he's doing and his profile also mentions fourteen matches under his belt. So, I didn't let my guard down.

Nevertheless, he had a wrestling style that's very easy to follow and adapt. He has good strength with his scissors, so there's a lot of potential there. With some fine tuning, I think he can become a very fine sub wrestler.

Yeah, he's domain also prevents him to post pictures so we didn't take any.

However, yesterday, I met with both Sylvain (id 2636) and Eman (id 2668). We intended for our session in the ring to be a photo session, so here goes:

We'll start with Sylvain applying the basic, but effective full nelson:

He kindly applied on me one of my favorites to be caught in: The Full Nelson Grapevine Combo. It may look like I'm yawning, but I'm actually howling in pain... or expressing joy.

I repaid the favor with my signature: The Full Nelson Body Scissors.. yes I know, this is a full nelson fest. It's very nice physical contact if you ask me.

This last one from this set is the typical, but lethal head scissors. You can tell that I'm relaxing here...

You'll notice that I'm wearing new gear and Sylvain is actually borrowing one of those gears as well. They are from eLucha.com - from all the places I've bought trunks, they are the ones who has provided me with the most resisting, tough and great looking material. They are high grade, high quality and last a long time unlike the thin and cheap trunks I buy off eBay. They also make you look pretty good and you don't really see your thing going loose. Mind you, this is probably a minus to many.

Eman was next to step up and we actually started his set with a new mask that he bought... but I told him that it made him look like a killer, so he ended up using my yellow mask which I never use anymore.

You can't get a bigger jobber than Eman, so you'll be happy to now that I'm heeling him in every pictures we took. You guessed it: this probably means that I would most likely win my match against him if I wrote a scenario. It would be that rare shiny win in my endless streak of losses.

Without further ado, let's start with my traditional bearhug:

Then to show him my strength, I lifted him in my Fireman's carry. For the record, I did rack him too. Him and Sylvain actually, separately of course. Eman did told me he prefers the fireman's carry over the rack though.

This is the time to show me inner strength.. or my inner heel, or the mean part of me! How about this Chinlock with Gut Punch using the ropes? I'm happy with my mean face here. I actually don't get to do that often.

Last but not least, let's put Eman in the Tree of Woe with my boot on his check. Actually, considering that Eman is not locking his boots around the post, this is just him being down backwards with my boot on him... I suppose it could be a boot choke, a kick or a stomp.

Again, I'm happy with my heel grimace in that pic. Maybe I should heel more often... or maybe I should stop looking at the camera and smile.

All in all, there's definitely enough pics for two separate scenarios, actually three because Sylvain and Eman took their own set. However, at the speed I'm going through my matches, I estimate that it will probably take a year or two before I get to it since I have a dozen of previous other scenarios to produce...

I had one final match to close this stretch with HeadscissorGuy (id 9989). My previous match with him was not too long ago: February 2017. It was another one-sider where I mainly applied head scissors on him although I did manage to make him put a few holds on me. Like most jobbers, he can be trained. Though I have to admit that I was a bit surprised with his behavior today... I felt at one point I was a germ for him and he was trying to avoid some contact with me. Maybe it's a misunderstanding.

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WrestleInMN: Do not judge a book by its cover - Friday August 18th 2017Recent matches

WrestleInMN (id 3305) and I wrote messages back and forth since a while now, but I was always skeptical of his profile. A few images, no recommendations and a recent description change to indicate that he no longer wrestles. I'm thinking cyber or fake or both. On top of that, one of his descriptions in his other profiles mentioned two body types criteria which I don't fulfill. I am definitely not a muscle bear, nor do I consider myself as an athletic muscle guy. So after reading his requirements, I've told myself that my chances of meeting him were less than ~1%. His pictures is a little bit scary because he is very serious... but then again, very few people smile in their wrestling pictures.

WrestleInMN re-contacts me anyway showing an interest in meeting, so we try to make things work. I offer to take a day off, but he politely suggests a different day where I don't have to use up my vacation days. I'm seeing here a nice courtesy gesture, so this starts to increase his authenticity and it also hints that he genuinely wants to wrestle. Considering that he is doing the extra mile by traveling all the way from Vermont to Montreal, I try to do my part and rent the ring in advance. He shows up and the first thing I see is a smile which completely reverses the perception I have of him. This is why you don't judge a book by its cover... or in this case, a profile by just its images and a small description. What I see is a cute happy bear with a handsome smile, a nice goatee, a short but scrawny and brawny build. Heck, a bear that I would love to cuddle... and wrestle of course.

We get inside the building and I ask if he wants to talk a bit, but he said he came to wrestle. He removes his t-shirt... and wow.. uh.. he is completely my type. This 260 lbs bear has a great constitution and the right amount of hair on his chest and arms. I am melting and I become intimidated. Then again, you guys know I always get like this in the presence of a bear. In any case, I pulled myself together and got ready to wrestle. My mental state was leaning towards a jobber match where I would be working him over as a heel (yea, I know, I don't get to be a heel pretty often) because that's what I understood from his profile. Well, I was completely wrong. He was defending himself, using his weight and he started taunting me:

- "Is that it? Where's the power that the other wrestlers were talking about?"

I didn't say it, but I was thinking that I should have told him that if he was facing an opponent that was 100 lbs heavier, then he would have quite some trouble too! When he was on top of me, there was barely anything I can do. Wiggling away meant wasting loads of energy, most of the time it was almost for nothing. In this position, I've decided mostly to relax and to recover. I would still at times engage in a test of strength just to show him the little challenge I can give him.

We were doing light sub, although it felt almost like full sub, but I could sense that he was occasionally toning it down for me, which allowed me to flip him over once in a while. A soft tender caress on his back, shoulders, sides and neck could tame him just for a little wee bit: it can lower his guard and give you an opening to fight back. When I was able to be on top of him, I made sure to maintain that position because he was unforgiving. He can definitely hold his own even though he likes to be worked over, but you need to deserve it: you need to work hard for it... or at least give a significant amount of effort.

Very few wrestlers I meet also have an affinity for nipple play, but this stud had it and he had it more than I do. This is where I thank MeetFighters for giving me this hint, although I have to admit that he started playing with my nipples first and pretty early in the game, so I would probably have picked it up anyway. I personally feel I have a strong tolerance to have my nipples squeezed or nibbled, but this guy is at a level far beyond my own. It's a game that he would win if I dare to play against him. And yes, each time I did it, I lost. Another hint on one of his wrestling profiles indicated that he likes gut punching, but it seems that each time I did it, it would infuriate him and give him the required strength to power out of my moves. Use that with caution.

Body scissors would do nothing to him, but leg scissors had a good impact. Leg locks were worthless because this guy is also strong in the legs. Luckily, I can take his scissors well (he has some very strong ones by the way). While I was on top, I took his right arm in a hook and held his left arm: he would then try to flip me over, but using this technique you can use his weight as leverage against him. Reverse sleepers are effective, but that's not really my style. The arm bar with arm scissors is a winner and despite him fighting back to the maximum, he really enjoys it... because being dominated is part of his fondness for wrestling.

No pictures and no videos were taken, because of his work domain. I understand that.

I did ask him however if I could rack him. Lucky for me, he was racked in the past by someone that was three times my size, so he has an idea on how to position himself. Indeed, his 260 lbs became 210 lbs over my shoulders. I then ask him if he can cooperate with me for a full nelson body scissors which he nicely let me do. It worked well, but he was puzzled because he asked me:

- "Where was this power earlier?"

Moves like the rack and the full nelson body scissors require cooperation. It's entirely different. I tried applying it during our light sub match, but it's a move that can easily be blocked. It's not like anyone would turn their back against me to let me pull my signature on them. And don't get me started about racking someone in a sub match!!!

I learned that my body scissors would do something to him, only from the rear and only if he allowed me to do it properly. My frontal scissors were only a defending position that made him grin. I was thinking that if I had boots, maybe I would have had a better chance because I would get a better and tighter grip.

The ring facilitated things for us because of the space. We rolled left and right without being afraid of hitting walls and without reaching a surface that would leave us with carpet burns. We did not use the ropes because the majority of our moves were ground-based. In a hotel/motel space, we would have to constantly re-position the mats and the bed sheets.

Given his light sub style, I felt very safe wrestling him. I did mention in the past that I usually don't do sub with guys heavier than me because I need to watch out after my injuries, but this guy knew how to wrestle carefully. I felt that the chances of him harming me were almost non-existent.

Outside the ring, WrestleInMN is sociable and talkative. You can sense from him that he has a positive attitude, is respectful of others and has a vibe that emanates trust. He has great experiences to share and funny tidbits that will make you laugh. All in all, WrestleinMN was a big surprise.

Would I wrestle him again? Absolutely!

A couple of days later, I asked him if I left him any sores or bruises. He told me that his quads were killing him, probably from all the squeezing of my leg scissors on his legs. He suggested that I probably should be doing that again.

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2 small videos: Chinlock and EvilDark - Saturday August 12th 2017Video clips

I added 2 small videos: Clip ID 315 and Clip ID 316. I salvaged these while I was doing a cleanup a few days ago. If you'd see the state of how I organize things in my external hard drives, it's actually messier than my room. You can't find anything.

These clips feature the Chinlock (id 7994) and EvilDark (id 111) in a headlock and a head scissors respectively. I hope you guys will enjoy them.

Speaking of Chinlock, I remember him been very pro-oriented. He knew how to apply them like the guys on TV. He recorded a video when I came to visit him back in 2013 and he added a track where you'd hear the audience cheer or boo depending on what moves were been applied. He was pretty dedicated and he wanted the match to look like the ol' school wrestling we had. For me, it felt like the WCW/WWF-style between 1985 and 1995. Then again, I grew up with this, so let's just say that I was ecstatic to see his rendering or his view of the match. For him, he marked our video with ASW as a reference to All Star Wrestling which had its broadcasting aired between 1960 and 1990. It's still a small generation gap. We grew on different things, wrestling styles and storylines were different between those decades, but it's still much better than the crap we get on TV nowadays.

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CanWrestle in town - Friday August 11th 2017Recent matches

CanWrestle (id 9693) was in town, so we had a short match together, mainly in sub. He knows me well by now and he can dodge all of my scissors pretty easily. I have to admit that he won this encounter fair and square. I was complaining he was sweaty and slippery, but so was I, except he was able to still make me tap anyway.

CanWrestle is an absolutely great guy and I kind of regret not having taken the ring again, considering that this location will be disappearing soon. I had it for 3 hours last time in February 2017 and we only used up two hours, so I didn't think it was necessary for this meetup. I need to keep in mind that if he's town, the ring would probably more fun for both of us so that we don't worry about breaking furniture. The way we do sub, we're pretty careful and respectful about it, but we did at times reduced the intensity because we are well aware of our surroundings. We've pretty much even matched even though he usually have a lot more technique due to his BJJ background. The only way I can counter that is with usually a higher resistance to some of his holds... or in simpler words, stubbornness. Until I realize that I probably should submit sooner to prevent injuring myself, which I felt I did a bit more often this time around.

After our fight, we went and watched Atomic Blonde at the theater. We chose something to just relax: just a nice outing between friends. CanWrestle then discussed with me that we should plan a wrestling trip to Toronto together some time. I've expressed to him my concerns that Toronto was not a good destination for me because I've been burned by it in the past. I had one week-end where all of my wrestlers canceled. I guess this is still not a reason to penalize a whole city and scratch it off my radar. He explained to me that there's an advantage of traveling together: if other wrestlers cancel or don't show up, we can still fight or explore the city together. Then yes, I definitely need to plan this trip soon with him.

There are no pictures this time around, but I dug up the ones we took in September 2015. To show the contrast between his techniques and mine: I am applying my traditional ineffective bearhug, while he does an elaborate arm bar with triangle head scissors.

The above move which you most often see in MMA matches is real lethal, but CanWrestle will be very careful about it. He's one of the few I can trust to pull it off with gradual pressure without breaking my arm. Be warned that if you ever get caught in something like this, it's pretty much a guaranteed submission for your opponent.

In the next one, he gets to do this champion flexing pose, but don't worry, I'll have my revenge one day.

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