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How do you wear this belt? - Sunday November 19th 2017Gear

A couple of months ago, I was browsing the stuff that Bella puts for her ring. There is a prized stash of wrestling gear and a huge stash of props. To my great pleasure, I stumbled across this very nice Championship Title Belt. It's probably a fake, but who cares? Anyway, I wasn't sure how to wear this thing properly.

This is me saying: "Hmmmmm, is there some sort of clip that holds this thing in place?"

Clueless on how these wonderful shiny contraptions work, I would just try it on. "Well, I think it goes like this."

Down below, you see me smiling here because I really have no idea how to keep the belt in place!

- "How the heck are wrestlers supposed to walk in the ring with this thing?"

I was actually talking to Marty (id 6169) when the camera automatically took this shot.

This is where I say: "You know what? Screw it. I'll just leave it on my shoulder at a weird angle and do my usual cliché camera stuff. Just like any good heel, uh... I mean jobber."

What's the point of having it near your torso when you can just let it dangle on your shoulder?

I have to admit that the belt makes you look good. Letting it hang loosely on your shoulder is a way of telling your friends that you've just beat up a dozen opponents. And look! The shiny sweat on my forehead is just making it even more convincing!

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Past match: Tigui - Friday November 17th 2017Past matches

I was talking to Jobberboy today and he had an insatiable hunger for more pics, so I told him I'll post more tonight. Which Jobberboy is it? I'll let you figure that one out. It's quite a common wrestling handle.

These pictures come from the match I had in July last year (2016). Tigui (id 10729) asked me to heel him around, so I fulfilled his desire. Since I don't get to do it often, this should be fun. I guess I never posted these shots before because I felt the photos were a bit too blurry.

We'll start with a camel clutch:

I'm trying to show him some tough love with this nice little brohug.

This guy is so flexible that I do recall that the rack doesn't do a thing on him.

Powerless as he is, just like any good jobber, he obviously ends up losing under my knees.

All staged of course.

I think like me, Tigui prefers opponents that are bigger and can maintain a good control of the match by showing your inner heel. I unfortunately don't possess those qualities yet, but I would love a rematch anyway. After all, practices makes perfect.

Tigui reminds me of myself when I was younger: I would only want to be the jobber. I'm sure he'll grow to be a formidable wrestler who will outshine my own capabilities.

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To reply or not? - Thursday November 16th 2017Some thoughts

This is a common discussion I get when I talk to some wrestlers I've met along the way. People tell me that I'm nice and that I seem to wrestle just about every one. Truth is that I try to give everybody a chance. Not everyone will share my way of thinking... You can't be a match to everybody and you'll sometimes meet wrestlers that absolutely want to wrestle you, but you don't really want to wrestle them... so how do you handle them?

Sometimes, just telling them that you're not interested is plain easy and it ends there. It sounds pretty easy in theory. In practice, it's not that simple.

I met a guy who was a teacher in psychology and he told me that you have about two types of people that handle rejection:

1) You have the guy with low self-esteem that will be extremely hurt and that will say to himself: "Nobody wants me, I must be hideous. I'll go hide in my corner."

If you are a good judge of character and can identify a person with an insecure personality from a face pic, then you'd be able to make the right decision for someone affected with case 1. But this ain't easy. Most likely, a person with personality one won't have a face pic because of his low self-esteem to start with. I guess that's why many wrestlers require that a face pic is posted on a profile before they can reply.

Let's take a look at case two:

2) You have the complete opposite over confident guy that will say to himself: "That's fine. There's plenty of fish out there and there are many people who will appreciate me the way I am."

Well, problem solved if the rejection recipient is this type of guy. Life goes on and you didn't hurt anyone, nor did he hurt you. That example above is a bit exaggerated, so let's put also in that category the group of people that understands your response, thanks you for your honesty and moves on quietly.

Whether it falls in category 1 or 2, many wrestlers don't want to accidentally hurt the person on the opposite end. It also goes in hand with what my mother uses to tell me: "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all."

With experience, you quickly learn there are actually more than two cases. So let me expand the initial two cases by creating two new ones:

3) The third case would be the persistent guy that will keep on messaging you anyway even if you said "No".

The solution to this is simple, this is where you don't need to reply any further. You said it the first time, you don't need to repeat it again. This also sounds simple but in reality you have the really really persistent ones. There's a block button for that but I met some users who don't want to block in case the person on the other end ends up in anger and retaliates. This actually leads to the fourth case:

4) There's the extreme case where you fall on a psycho that will not accept rejection and will threaten you. Now this leaves a mark and sometimes a permanent trauma.

With today's problems about revenge porn, identity theft and impersonation, with search engines making it easier to track down people and with the increasing cases of hacking worldwide, it may be the reason why many people still don't want to include their faces in their pictures or even reply to someone by saying "Not interested." They don't need to over-analyze whether someone falls in category one, two or three... the risk of falling in category 4 is enough for them to not reply at all when they are not interested. I can understand them myself a little bit: I remember saying to someone that I didn't think our personalities would match for a second encounter and his reply was pretty frightening. Yes, I can just hit the delete button, or even better in my case, delete his profile (although this would be abusing my administrative powers, but that's another story). So, I can understand the impact for someone who is clueless in technology and fears the retaliation of another user.

Similarly to the four types of users who handle rejection, you have to put the two types of people who handles threats.

1) Many just laugh and delete the message and/or block the user.

2) Others are scared and wonder what the user on the other end is capable of. So why bother with a reply that can explode in your face if you can just instead... not reply at all?

In fact, to this day this is the reason why the blocking system on my site is a silent one instead of a flashing one that tells the other party that you blocked his profile. Because I've been through this myself. In my case, I can laugh, but I think of the other users who instead become shrouded with fear.

Anyway, this is still a subject for debate. I'll continue on this topic another time.

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Boston Seafood fest! - Friday November 10th 2017Hold it!

I have never been able to build a good resistance against Boston crabs or anything that would stretch my body or my back especially. I can defend well against holds that squeeze, but stretching is a whole different territory for me. Mind you, Boston crabs make great pictures, but usually only if you have someone who will take the shot at the right angle.

Take this shot with MarcWrestler (id 3658) for example. You can't really determine who the wrestlers really are since you can't view their faces.... but these are great if you want to post anonymous pictures online.

The same applies to this crab I applied on Eman (id 2668) although the slight difference here is that you still wouldn't see the opponent's face because of the mask.

Now taken sideways, these crabs are a little bit nicer. You can clearly see here that I can't take much on the arc. In fact, it looks like as if I'm completely straight and can't even arch my back. BeastMtl (id 10067) also purposely restrained himself from going further because we were playing it cautiously.

Backbreakers123 (id 209) went a bit further because he has the experience and can gauge pretty well tolerance and resistance. He also knows how to make the hold a bit more spectacular without having to increase the pain.

Lastly, this shot was taken by someone holding the camera whereas the rest above, the camera was staying still on a tripod. I personally like this image, but that's a matter of perspective. Real crab-lovers would love to see instead the other side of the picture where the opponent is suffering. If you're wondering who's down there, it's Vicious (id 5128).

I cheated and posted today only the Boston crabs taken in the ring. I do kind of miss it a lot. I've been taking it for granted and I realize that I lost a lot now that I no longer have access to it. This is reinforced by the fact that these past few weeks, I've been wrestling in hotel and motel rooms and I can see how restrictive and how much of a hassle it is. I contacted the owner of the ring and it probably won't be up until next year.

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ManWrestler - Sunday November 5th 2017Recent matches

I've met ManWrestler (id 4470) today for a brief match. We fought a few times before: my history files are pointing me to dates in 2012, 2013 and 2014. We probably had a match before 2012, but I did not take any pictures on our first encounter. I however do recall him nagging me by telling me that he was going to beat me up and that I was going to submit to him easily and that he would make me his b****.

So when he showed up, I was determined to make him put his foot in his mouth by giving him a body scissors. That's where he admitted to me that he felt so powerless when he had to give up in it. That "powerless" word keeps echoing in my mind and makes me grin. It's always a good feeling to be able to tone down someone's dirty talk and arrogance over months of messaging.

Years went by and ManWrestler built up a good wrestling skillset. He learned new defensive and evasive strategies that would make our sub match a little bit less un-even. Today though was an early morning match and I guess he was pretty tired. Let's just say that tumbling him around was slightly easy this time around.

I convinced him to take a few pics in his hotel room. His favorite hold being the headscissors, we've decided to apply it one for one. I look pretty angry in the shot below... it's as if I'm about to seek out revenge against someone or something...

In this next one, ManWrestler made me realize that the size of my thighs were pretty thick. I think this particular image or the angle is maybe distorting it.

ManWrestler's strength lies in his headlock. With a firm grip, it is powerful enough to make opponents submit, except that I do have a high tolerance for pain and psychologically, I just take it as a friendly hug, so why would I submit to that?

I obviously have to show him how powerful I am and how his bearhug is worthless against me.

Lastly, I should probably finish him off with a traditional torture rack. Let it be known that before being ManWrestler, his handle was ManJobber. I had quite a bit of trouble because he was a bit uneasy about the idea of racking (although we did it in one of our previous meets) and he wasn't bending back properly. It's a good thing that he's 180 lbs. It's light enough for me to leverage out the incorrect posture and rectify the hold by aligning him up correctly.

This was my 2nd attempt in racking him today... the first attempt ended up with a semi-crash along the side of the bed that probably belongs to the blooper reel. I'll post it online on another day.

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From Masks to Helmets - Friday November 3rd 2017Gear

This is obviously not everyone's thing, but it's one of my side hobbies to collect a few pieces of headgear whether it is masks or helmets. In my first years of wrestling, it all started with the cheapest ten bucks half mask I could get from a shady website. Someone then gave me a yellow power ranger one and then I gradually switched towards lycra masks sold on eBay. They provided a better (and less laughable or ridiculous) look and a nicer comfortable fit. I also gathered a few Mexican masks at a bargain during my trips to the South. I have to admit, their designs were pretty nice. However, the nicest wrestling mask I've ever had is a black mask with yellow/gold stripes that MooseJawMauler gave to me during the Clash of the Titans in Atlanta in 2013. Regardless of the mask though, these will always shift sideways in the heat of a match. I've never found a single mask that stays put... or maybe my head is too small or I am not tying it up properly.

After a while, I started trying something different: I went for the V-Force paintball face protector because they were affordable. Years later, I was ready to go into heavier gear such as motorcycle helmets. Finally, the two I have today were the ones I got earlier this year. They are from noteworthy video games franchises. I took these shots while I still had access to the ring a couple of month ago.

If you played Overwatch, then you know that this comes from Soldier 76.

It's a pretty cool mask actually. I miserably forgot to put the battery in this mask when I took the shots. It uses a weird and unusual CR2032 round battery that lights up a red light near the eye level. You can almost Photoshop it easily to add a Cyclops-like laser. I would even say that this mask almost looks like a puppy mask.

Perhaps, a little bit better known is this helmet from Halo. Master Chief wears this famous headgear along with his full body suit armor. The design also looks like the H.A.R.M. robot I used to like as a kid. Anyway, the helmet alone is already way too big for me, but you should see it on The Crusher, it fits him perfectly. He has the head for it.

You know the irony? I've never played Halo or Overwatch. I do know the characters a bit because they are part of any promotional material the game distributors use and make.

Truth be told, these props are better suited when you just hold them to your side. They make you look good and kind off encourages you to adopt a wrestling persona. I suppose they can be used as the decorative elements when you embark on a ring... notably "The Ring Entrance" in a somewhat serious standard pro wrestling show. This is where the referee tells you to remove any gear that can be used as "foreign object" before the match begins. Mind you, I'm sure that the helmet can be used to hit someone. It's not as solid or rigid as a bowling ball, but I think it would have about a quarter (¼) of the impact of a steel chair. Anyway, I've never really done the whole entrance thing and that's because I've never being in a real show. I'll let the real pros handle that. I'm way too shy anyway.

But who knows? Maybe I should just cling on to these masks, helmets and other headgear just in case I decide to change my mind. Or I can just gradually grow my little collection one step at a time.

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BeastMtl, SamuraiWrestler, Fighting4fun - Sunday October 29th 2017Recent matches

Despite my busier schedule than usual (mainly because of work), I managed to slip in a few matches in with BeastMtl (id 10067), SamuraiWrestler (id 10716) and Fighting4Fun (id 7583) this month.

I still can't do much against the ox that is the unbeatable BeastMtl (id 10067), hence his nickname. I have to admit that I was quite ashamed that after all these years, I couldn't remember his real name... So, this time around, while he guided me into his place, I quickly glimpsed at a framed certificate or diploma he hanged on the wall to permanently engrave in my small brain a few bits of data... I also marked it down so I don't forget ever again.

In terms of wrestling, we took it a bit more casually since it wouldn't be fun for him if it was a completely one-sided match. I still try to defend and make it as hard as it can be for him to make me tap, but ultimately, his strength and skill still surpasses mine by far. I still need to learn to make my sleepers correctly, because it is his favorite hold and I still can't master it yet. My fear of hurting people with a sleeper prevents me from doing it right so I always end up switching back to scissors... which still doesn't make him budge.

We also watched a couple of episodes of Overlord, his favorite anime. The little touch of comedy in this series always makes me crack. The protagonist is this strong overpowered character, but you get to hear and feel his softer side.

Anway, this match I had with BeastMtl was about 2 weeks ago. I forgot to record it earlier.

Last thursday, my match with SamuraiWrestler (id 10716) was our fifth encounter and I carefully revised the weakness profile I created for him last time. However, he got a bit stronger and quite a bit more technical. Nevertheless, when I wrapped him in my scissors and made him tap, he responded with:

- "What is wrong with those legs?"

He also asked me if I gained some weight. I responded "yes" and while he tumbled me around, he said:

- "You're like a little bear."

Oops... not sure how I should take this. First time I ever heard someone call me a bear. It also means that I need to watch myself very carefully.

I'll conclude this entry with a match I had today with Fighting4Fun (id 7583), but let me bring back a bit of history: we lost contact for a while. I was mostly dodging him due to a bitter experience I had when I visited him in Sherbrooke city a couple of years ago. Sherbrooke is about an hour and a half by car from Montreal or two hours by bus. Fighting4Fun was (and still is) the owner of the WrestleAxe organization. I have to admit that I felt a bit unwelcomed when he told me that if I had not showed up in Sherbrooke city, it wouldn't have made a difference because he has access to an arsenal of wrestlers that he can cherry pick. I'm not sure that's the wisest or most pleasant thing to say when someone does an effort and spent two hours to get to your location. The little ounce of arrogance and disdain in that tone suggested to me that I was probably better off staying in Montreal.

Years however heal old scars and wounds, so I've decided to let the dark feelings dissipate. Fighting4Fun was coming to Montreal anyway. He confided in me that the straight submission wrestling industry has changed drastically over the years. People go on YouTube and all they do is type "Submission Wrestling". They are then rewarded with millions of videos... for free. Individually owned wrestling submission sites that work on a monthly subscription fee model becomes less profitable given the competition of mega monster-corporations that are the social media networks. Why bother paying when you can get much more content for nothing? This is where I felt that Fighting4Fun was back on Earth after floating into the upper hemispheres for a couple of years. He was himself again, the guy with the right attitude that I prefer to wrestle.

Anyway, Fighting4Fun was still as tough as I recalled. He can make me tap pretty easily. He's still nimble, strong in his arms and can toss me like I'm a feather and can get out of any holds I dare to put on him. I can make him tap in scissors, but ONLY if he lets me. If he goes into a full defensive, full throttle competitive mode, then there's absolutely no chance for me to wrap him between my legs because his flexibility, endurance and experience just makes me an opponent that is way below his advanced skill level. Practice makes perfect and Fighting4Fun had lots of practice over the years.

His holds are very complex and they consist of maneuvers that twist and bends my arms while evading like an expert my legs. I can't count the amount of times he made me submit in a triangle choke with my arms wrapped against my neck.. or with the deadly UFC-style armbar. Truth be told, I had a lot of fun with him and I'm glad we renewed again our wrestling comradeship. I didn't thing I would last long against him, but our chemistry was right and we both had a strong desire to make each other submit. At times, we took it chill because I told him that he was constantly on the defensive. Sometimes, you need to relax too and take it easy.

He did ask me: "Who's the strongest?"

I've decided to give him my ounce of revenge by telling him: "Definitely not you!"

Lucky for him, a couple of submissions were enough for me to change my mind. Nevertheless, given the the intensity of our bout, I look forward for a rematch and perhaps I can find one day a way to genuinely lock him a surprise submission without having him diligently give it to me for free.

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Check-in - Wednesday October 11th 2017Some pictures

I've been a wee bit quiet lately. I was supposed to go to Quebec city last week-end to meet EvilDark (id 1077) again, but I had to cancel due to a family emergency.

Nevertheless, when things got back a bit calmer and smoother on Monday, I took these pics before shaving my head and beard shorter... shortly afterwards. I admit that this is the longest hair and beard I've had in a while. They are almost as long to make a Mohawk cut on my head. I know.. I look like a bum this way, but it makes both a great heel or jobber look, depends of course how you look at it.

This is my usual full of myself stance where I'm the jobber who thinks that he is all that great... only to be shown a humiliating defeat a few minutes after. Or you know, for some other people, this is my heel stance where I'll be showing you who's the boss in an upcoming match in a ring near you...

You can almost make a "You there... come over here" with the following two pics:

Finally, here's another typical cliché fighting stance.

I've had this "speedo" that I mostly used in competitive submission matches for a while now... They are still my favorite.

I have NOT been watching myself lately. I'll need to be careful, because I'm growing a bigger belly than usual. A combination of spending more time at work lately and being lazy are small contributing factors that can end up having a big impact on the long term.

I used to do simple things only at work, being just a software tester. Nowadays, I'm coding as well and it takes a lot of my mind at the end of the day. I just want to relax afterwards. Hopefully, things will stabilize and I will find a proper balance between work, family, resting, hobbies, wrestling and some exercise in between.

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Deadman vs Loserboy - Friday September 22nd 2017Past matches

Deadman was probably one of the lightest opponent I've ever fought. He was 5'10" and 123 lbs. I had a good 27 lbs over him. He also was a few years younger than I was.

I was only 25 years old when we captured these pictures in 2005. It was during a time where I was still very concerned with my privacy, so it was important for me to use wrestling masks. Being this way back, my memories are starting to fizzle, but I did remember that I already have good leg strength, so we mainly played with pro fantasy leaning a bit towards stiff pro. I would sporadically apply on Deadman some pressure just for the fun of it. Considering his size, I had to be careful to gauge my strength so I would not hurt him by accident.

You can already have a pulse of my jobber side since I asked him to perform all these counter-attacks.

And what greater way to finish it out with this magnificent victory stance?

We've wrestled a couple of times and then he moved farther away in the surburbs of Montreal and I've never heard of him again. He was in a relationship though and his boyfriend didn't wrestle. As the years go by, I do hope that he reaches out for his wrestling passion to try and explore it a bit further. He's a nice fellow, a cute young guy who has a lot of potential. He also had the charisma and the wrestling persona for it.

You can still view this bout by checking my old matches or just jump directly to Match #11: Loserboy vs Deadman. Those pages remind of the good old times with my l33t (but now somewhat obsolete) HTML skills.

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The hair dryer - Thursday September 21st 2017Anecdotes

A few years back, a friend of mine wanted to have a match against one of my opponents. I made an effort to grant him his wish by organizing a group meet. We were three in a hotel room and I pitted him against the wrestler he had fantasized about for several years.

It was clear that my friend had an advantage over his opponent. He was outweighing him by thirty or forty pounds, but he was also outclassing him in skill, strength and experience. That didn't matter. My friend purposely gave his opponent a few chances and a opening or two to fight back. Winning or losing was of no importance since the body contact alone with the wrestler of his dreams was putting him into a state of ecstasy. On occasion, my friend would toy with his wrestling opponent. He would make his opponent's life difficult by applying tough holds and technical maneuvers that are hard to escape. I get to be a spectator in all of this by sitting down a few meters away from them, watching the wrestler struggle against his admirer. Midway through the match, the wrestler is able to break free and retaliates by locking on my friend a reverse head scissors. Shortly after, my friend taps out and runs as fast as he can to the bathroom.

The wrestler and I were confused as we watch my friend run away from the match. We then looked at each other wondering what just happened. After a brief moment of silence, I stood up, went to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

- "What... What's going on?", I asked. "Are you injured? Are you bleeding?"

I heard the faucet squeak and the water running for about thirty seconds. I continued:

- "Hey! Answer me. Are you okay? Can I come in?"

- "Yes, come in. I'm fine", he finally replied.

I opened the door and I see that my friend had removed his wrestling trunks and turned on a hair dryer, directing the warm and gusty blowing wind of the dryer towards his trunks. I was puzzled.

- "Did you sweat that much?", I asked him while raising my eyebrows.

He turned red and whispered:

- "No. I came... I *creamed* my wrestling trunks!"

I really had to hold myself from laughing out loud. He instructed me to come in and close the bathroom door behind me. He explained to me that during the reverse head scissors, his face was against the wrestler's crotch and my friend's own crotch was rubbing on the bed sheets that we've put on the carpet. He was too excited and the friction of the floor against his crotch made him reach a climax. Feeling too embarrassed to continue the match, he felt it was his civic duty to wash and clean his trunks from any incriminating evidence.

- "Okay... let me buy you some time for you to relax. I'll go wrestle him while you dry your trunks... and perhaps get your mojo back."

As I got out of the bathroom, the confused opponent came to me and was worried. His face was looking down in shame, thinking he did the unthinkable.

- "Is he okay? Did I hurt him? Should I call an ambulance?", he asked me.

I smiled.

- "Nah... don't worry. He'll be fine. Just let him rest and let's just wrestle. You and me. Forget about him for now."

Luckily, about 15 minutes later, my friend got out of the bathroom. He got himself in a better "self control" situation and was able to resume the match... as if nothing had happened and happy as a kid.

To this day, I still poke my friend and make fun of him about this. Yes, I obviously anonymized the story by removing the names so that other people don't make fun of him as well. In any case, I'm sure some of you have experienced a similar story in their lifetime. Okay... maybe you didn't use a hair dryer to cover up your tracks.

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