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Trent1978 - Monday January 16th 2017Recent matches

I had a match with Trent1978 today late at night. We apparently wrestled back in perhaps June of 2014, but Trent is telling me that it may have been more than 5 years ago.

I feel like a complete idiot, because I did not recognize him at all. I don't remember wrestling him, but I did write a nice recommendation. I don't have any pictures and I don't think he would have wanted any though, and his profile doesn't show his face pic, so that does make it harder to try to bring up memories that I lost. To make matters worse, he sent me a couple of face pics in private and I still couldn't recognize him from any previous encounters... Now I really feel awful!

In any case, we wrestled sub. He had very good leg techniques, splitting my legs apart and bringing me near submission. He has firm scissors and he was able to hold me down very often, preventing me from applying any holds My scissors fortunately worked well on him, while I was able to withstand his own scissors. I did on a couple of occasions toy with him in my scissors, but in revenge, he did make me tap in two holds. Note to self: don't let him sit on top of me.

He has a bit of a hairy chest and a little beard... two of my weaknesses.

I should remember him this time around. We had a great time, we connected well, we were moderately even-matched, although I did try to give him a few chances in my scissors. I showed him that he can use his elbows to break out of body scissors, something which I later regret a bit ha ha ha...

By the way, Trent1978 looks way better in person than in his pictures... and he told me that I looked better now than a couple of years ago.. Awww, he's very sweet.

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The Great Dane: GrappleFight - Sunday January 15th 2017Profile focus

During my time at my first Clash in 2013, I met a wrestler which I grew very fond. He registered as "The Great Dane" as a pun on the dog breed, but he went on wrestling sites under the pseudonym "GrappleFight".

In my opinion, he was a very nice and handsome wrestler.

I was shy back then and he helped me participate in the tournament by being my tag team partner. He showed me the ropes, taught me all about pro and really was my mentor when I felt I was intimidated by everyone there because I knew nobody. He helped me break the ice. He was a role model for me and I told myself, when I grow older, I want to be just like him.

He also had an affinity for submission/competitive wrestling, and he actually wouldn't wrestle me in sub because he knew I'd probably be too much of an easy match against him.

I saw him participate in both single and tag-team pro tournaments. He had to retract himself from both tournaments at one point because he got injured. This is where he abandoned me and left me alone against the tag-team champions StumpyStew (id 6633) and Timnbama, not that I was complaining.

In the last day of the event, GrappleFight and I talked a lot about our lives and careers, wrestled some more and exchanged a big hug before we left.

Today, it seems that his profile is nowhere to be found anymore. He seems to have disappeared and I lost contact with him. We exchanged e-mail addresses, but I no longer get any replies. That being said, don't ever hesitate when you go to events like these. Go out, reach to people, wrestle them, have a lot of fun because you might not see them again for whatsoever reason.

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Happy Holidays! - Thursday December 29th 2016Some pictures

After spending a couple of days with friends and family, I'm having a day or two of rest at home... but it's been a while since I last took a few shots, so I took the camera out and cleared out the living room.

Yeah... yeah.. I'm very full of myself in those last two, but everybody knows that I'm just a jobber who thinks who can beat big guys just to be taught a lesson and eventually submit in the end, right?

I have to admit that I did gain a bit of weight down there... in the belly. I'll try to work it out for the new year, but everyone knows that resolutions aren't worth crap.

It's been 2 years now I've been holding this blog. Thank you all for visiting it. I wish to all of you a happy holiday season. I'll do everything I can to provide many more matches, pictures and blog entries for the coming year.

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Sylvain vs Loserboy - Monday December 5th 2016Scenarios

I just finished writing yesterday my match with Sylvain. The pictures were taken about two months ago in October, but I haven't had any chance of writing anything until now.

I ended up with a batch of un-used photos because it's often difficult to include every single shot in one story. Despite that, I still ended up with a 7-page match, which seems to be my average scenario length nowadays.

You can view all about it under Match ID 321, but here are a few previews:

Sylvain hits me in the groin with his knee:

This is Sylvain's all-time favorite hold: The Knee Backbreaker! The claw in the middle of my wrestling trunks just appears to be a bonus.

And this one below is not in the match, I actually couldn't find a spot for it to insert it anywhere, so it becomes just an orphan shot of me punching Sylvain's gut while he is caught in a Tree of Woe. After all, I can't show you guys that I'm too much of a heel...

I hope you guys will enjoy the match.. it took me about 5 hours to put everything together, with a bit of Photoshopping work included... hehehe.

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Full sub - Monday November 28th 2016Recent matches

I stopped counting how many times I've wrestled Lumber_Jack_G. We've known each other so well enough now that our matches are getting fiercer.

Usually, we would do light sub, light pro, roughhousing, give and take... but we've been leaning towards an almost all-out full sub. It seems we were both really determined to make each other tap. I rarely do full all-out sub anymore out of concern for new injuries, but I trust Lumber_Jack_G so much that I know he'll be careful and we'll get out of this without harming each other.

The irony however is that I'm the one who tends to hurt him. In our last match, I accidentally scratched his back... my nail was a little bit longer than usual and that's entirely my fault (my bad) for not trimming it prior to my match. Most of it went away in our match this week-end, but I ended up moving my head a bit too fast and bumped into his lip. It didn't bleed, but we almost stopped there.

I was being stubborn on several occasions, but I ended up tapping a few times and by now, Lumber_Jack_G knows very well now how to avoid my legs and that all he needs to do to win is to go after my arm and do some sort of armlock and he gets an easy tap from me. In my defense, I still can get a relatively easy tap from him if I manage to wrap him in my scissors, although I now have to squeeze much harder than before because he built up some resistance over time. It's possible that he mentally enjoys some of the pressure I put in my scissors, which makes it easier for him to overcome and withstand a submission.

He just gets stronger, attacks better and defends MUCH better each time I see him. In fact, putting a body scissor on him is quite difficult and I often end up being worn out. Instead, I usually go for the leg/ankle lock to get a submission... which is a move he absolutely hates. I've also learned that I can barely pull a leg scissor anymore in a full sub match. He always has enough time to react, to determine my next moves and to position himself to avoid it.

When we alternate to some pro, I keep forgetting he loves the camel clutch... I really need to review these entries before I embark in a new match with him. His favorite pro hold on me is currently the canadian backbreaker... or the single-shoulder rack. He also loves to show off with a gorilla press, but I think I'm a bit too heavy for him.

I developed this complicity with Lumber_Jack_G and I feel very comfortable trying and mixing up new styles. He is definitely an excellent opponent with an upmost respect for his opponents... not to mention that he is extremely good looking... He kinda reminds me of Jeremy Renner, an actor who played in The Hurt Locker and several of The Avengers franchise.

We spent a good 4 hours tumbling, relaxing, wrestling again and using up all of our stamina. It's very good cardio! Near the end of our match, I usually go for a body scissors session. It's somewhat an evil way for me to get revenge for all the taps he managed to pull on me... I do like to grin while I increase the pressure... looking into his eyes, seeing his facial expressions, listening his moans...

We've wrestled in a motel and didn't produce any new photos, but I'll post this picture of a previous match from the ring match we've had about roughly 2 months ago. It's one of the few shots I can post because I can't show his face.

I'm telling myself, I'll post a new one for each match I have with Lumber_Jack_G. Yeah... I know the socks look is terrible, so I'll make a better pick next time.

With this diary, I scrolled back to our previous matches.. and it seems that this encounter is our 7th match. However, it feels more that we've had somewhere between 8 to 10 matches, because I don't really document all of our matches. It's really because sometimes I forget or sometimes I'm too lazy to write something... By no means does it mean that it was forgettable. On the contrary, I've always had fun wrestling him.

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Rematch: Proguy and the Suspended Grapevine - Wednesday November 16th 2016Recent matches

I had a rematch with ProGuy from Meetfighters.

I did told him this time around to tickle me a lot less... incidentally, prior to my match, he wrestled a guy that tickled him to submission, so he understood exactly what I felt... Hence, he was much nicer this time around and he actually applied the tickling hold *ONLY* on demand... So... What is the tickling hold? Do you really think I would tell you how to tickle me? It's actually very hard to tickle me, but there is this one spot...

We managed to take quite a few shots this time around. ProGuy has taught me this brand new wrestling hold that he entitles as The Suspended Grapevine. It's actually quite fun and pretty easy to do... it does require a bit of strength in the arm and a minor lift from the leg.

The opponent is in position in between your legs and it's as if you are going to apply a body scissor on him, but instead, you wrap your legs with your legs from inside and pointing outwards. He needs to be leaning forward so that you can grab both elbow pits and push up high while pushing your legs high. This is the end result:

We lingered around semi-pro and semi-sub and we took it easy. We wrestled in my apartment. Usually, Be-Bear is around so I can't host, but he was away for a couple of days, so this was a perfect opportunity to wrestle home instead of renting a motel room.

I could be posting other pics here, but I need to go through with them with Proguy. His face needs to be hidden. ... I'm thinking however next time I'm going to save myself the trouble by asking him to wear the mask he often wears in his profile pictures.

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Mini-Rumble in Montreal :) - Saturday November 12th 2016Recent matches

I had a mini-rumble or a mini-wrestlefest in the wrestling ring today. We were a total of 4 people: EvilDark (id 1077), Sylvain (id 2636), Phil (id 5843) and me.

The ring setting was perfect. The owner was actually gone that week-end so he gave the keys to a neighbor that opened the door for us. The room was quite cold because the heating system was defective, but I manage to find a little heater to warm us a bit. In any case, after a bit of pro or sub action in the ring, our bodies was generating enough heat to withstand the cold without getting pneumonia.

Most of the time, the match on the ring were 1 vs 1, but we occasionally paired up two by two, hovering between sub and pro... The ring has enough space for two simultaneous matches. I did made sure that all three of my guests know each other before putting them together. For instance, I wrestled Sylvain last month, but both EvilDark and Phil haven't wrestled Sylvain for more than a decade. It was good to bring them back together after such a prolonged absence. Phil and EvilDark previously wrestled each other already last year in November 2015.

We missed the opportunity to do tag teams or to do a two-on-one (or three-on-one) because we were short on time. I did rent the ring for 3 hours, but time really went fast. With four people around, we were however able to take pretty good photos... there was less of a need of a tripod this time around... thank goodness!

We will start with Sylvain taking control with a dragon sleeper:

He gets a better grip by applying the head scissors:

We managed a little bit of double-teaming here. While EvilDark was taking a picture of Sylvain's headscissor, he took the opportunity of stomping me with his boot...

EvilDark has to keep his shirt on and so did Phil for a little while. EvilDark felt it was too cold, but Phil mentionned that the friction on the surface of the ring actually burns his skin. Needless to say, when I went on later to tackle Phil, I made sure to avoid pushing him against the mats.

EvilDark later tackled me with a good old headlock with body scissors.

This one below is a move I frequently use for double-teaming: An arm scissor that immobilizes the opponent and allows any of my allies to attack freely... like a gut punch or a stomp on the stomach. You don't see it here, but I think I have a video I'll try to post later where you can get to see this revenge ring action on my nemesis.

Here's in a pin on EvilDark's arm that I don't get to do often anymore since I have to keep my reputation as a jobber... but once in a blue moon, a jobber wins a bout or two.

I should thank the photographer for taking the shot in this angle... It's very nice and it's again not an angle I can take with a tripod. I am not so sure anymore if it was Phil or Sylvain who took this shot...

My shots with Phil came out a bit blurry... I think the lenses got dusty at one point or some of us simply had trouble using the new Nikon camera. It's big, it's heavy and it's complicated, but sometimes it takes amazing shots and other times, you just want to throw it out the window.

Luckily, I believe I have a few videos with Phil on the ring, so I'll need to filter, edit and upload them when I have a chance.

Near the end of our session, we made a group pic to remember the fun time we've had. Brothers in arms.

This one below is actually my favorite. I was actually showing EvilDark how to do his stance for the next group pic, but the camera was set up to take a picture every 2 seconds so it took a shot I really love. Sometimes, the best pic are when you don't look at the camera or when you are naturally doing something else rather than forcing a smile.

After telling Sylvain and EvilDark how to position themselves, I went back down to join Phil on one knee.

Two other people were supposed to come, but they couldn't make it. They were Lumber_Jack_G and Phili (id 3894). We'll try again next time.

Overall, this was an excellent session. It was nice to see Sylvain, EvilDark and Phil get very well along with each other. EvilDark however did not get much ring time with Phil... he believed that Phil didn't want to wrestle him much. I told him that Phil is usually very open and you just need to ask or tackle him while I'm wrestling him.

I do hope to do this again some time in the future and next time, I'll make sure to put more double-teaming action.

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SamuraiWrestler, part 3 - Tuesday November 8th 2016Recent matches

I wrestled last tuesday SamuraiWrestler (id 10716) again... but it's been a year since our last match.

One of the great perks of holding the blog also as a personal diary is that I can review my previous matches to determine his weaknesses and strengths. I did abuse a bit of his weakness where he gets ticklish if you touch him too softly. What better way to annoy him than to hold him still in a body scissors and to past my fingers softly on his back?

Yeah... I'm a bit of a cheat.

He lost some weight and I had quite an easy time making him tap. We did had a good back and forth anyway in an overall good intense match.

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It's Archive Time! - Sunday October 30th 2016Archives

I haven't been posting pics in a long while since most of the wrestlers I've fought recently didn't want to share pictures or didn't want to take pictures. I'm of course very respectful of that, but I guess for you guys, that's a bummer.

So I've decided today to go back through my archives and dig up a couple of pics from my past matches. This one is from 2008 where I was still insecure and wore wrestling masks. The person on top of me is the Masked Bear (id 284), whom I haven't seen since then either because he moved from Montreal to Birmingham in the United Kingdom. We roughly met each other every couple of months until his departure. Now's he far from my reach.

In the next one, Chinlock (id 7994) gives me some tough love with a well gripped headlock. You have to admit, Chinlock's place in Toronto definitely had a great setting and lighting for good photography and filming.

That above taken in August 2013. You see those black trunks with the golden/yellow designs? I gave those trunks away a couple of years later to The Tycoon (id 2690) during the NYC Wrestlefest of February 2016. A match with him does exist on site, but it is currently hidden pending his approval of how the match should be shared... his decision is still pending... since April 2016. So... if you want, you can try to persuade him to either change the match's permission setting or to give you a secret link with direct access to his match.

For this last one below, I had this shot taken by EvilDark (id 1077) while I was racking Phil_74 (id 5843) in a three-way match.

This was however the only pic I had of him for that particular match, so it was obviously insufficient to generate a match.

I'm actively working right now on my ring match scenario against Sylvain (id 2636), but I'm hitting a little wall. There are days where I can't find the inspiration to write, so I postpone the match writing to a different day. In the meantime, here's a pic of me putting on him a Fireman's Carry. Yeah.. that's me showing off my strength . I can lift any bear. ...but truth be told, I was going to put him in a Torture Rack, but Sylvain told me that due to his recent back problems, it was probably better if I stick with a Fireman's carry instead.

I know the hand on the head looks weird. It's as if I'm bald.

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Local wrestling show in Montreal: ICW - Saturday October 22nd 2016Off-topic

I finally attended a local wrestling show hosted by the ICW in the basement of a church. Strange place? Well, most small and local organizations start out like that and they then grow bigger elsewhere. I've been eyeing the association for the past 6 months, but could only attend it today, my prior attempts failed due to scheduling conflict.

I was told at the door that pictures are forbidden, which I found a bit weird considering that small organizations like ICW can benefit a lot from the publicity generated by pictures and videos taken by members and distributed around the net. While it can spread positively, I guess I can understand that perhaps it can also spread negatively as well, so they rely only on a basic word of mouth to get more spectators.

The rule about "Forbidden pictures" was quite a big bummer for me, because I wanted to take the opportunity to measure the capacity of my new camera. Oh well.. I'll survive without it.

The venue is big enough to accommodate probably 300 people, but about 50-75 showed up. They charged a 10$ entrance fee per person and there is a concession stand where they sell drinks and goodies ranging from 1-3$. Most of their wrestlers wear a t-shirt while fighting in the ring, which is pretty much a eye sore for me, but I do understand that some wrestlers are uncomfortable otherwise.

The crowd was pretty obnoxious and kept yelling "Super Hugo" during my time there. I have to admit though that once this "Super Hugo" showed up, he wrestled a much bigger guy called "Big Fat Sebastien". The hype explained itself since Super Hugo performed over-the-top amazing moves...

I saw him hold his oppponent's hand, climb the ropes in the corner, do a light jump on the third rope and flip around. I kinda gasped... you only see these things on TV, but in real life, it does look very dangerous. The chances of missing this move are pretty high and the end result could be catastrophic for both the applier and the victim. If I was to do some of the holds that Hugo did, I probably would have injured myself. Sebastien himself was also flexible and made lifts, twists and split kicks that I would not have expected.

In a different match, there was this bearish type of guy with a nice goatee, very good looking and very nice charisma with a great wrestling persona. He was double-teamed by two even bigger guys. One held him in a headlock while the other tag team member repeatedly gave him kicks and punches. This was the only part of the entire wrestling show where I had a... um... a hard-on. I blushed. Ha ha ha.

It took 45 minutes before the show actually started though... and I've decided to leave midway about 90 minutes later because there was a commotion between members of the crowd and the security guards. The security guard was actually holding off the owner of the wrestling association because the owner wanted to hit one of the crowd members. It was a bit scary...

When I came back home, I tried to make the calculation... at 10$ per person, they make about 750$ for the night. That's insufficient for all the wrestlers, security guards, referee, announcer and extra staff plus the time and effort required to set up the ring and the decor. So, my conclusion is that all of these wrestlers do it for fun, and that many of the people there are volunteers. The show promptly explained to me why small organizations and wrestling associations are struggling financially and are disappearing from the face of the earth... all of them are eclipsed by the gargantuan WWE and the like.

I mean if you google "Wrestling Montreal", there are only two names that show up: NCW and ICW. NCW is outside the island of Montreal and requires one hour and a half of travel by suburb train whereas ICW is accessible by subway and is only 15-30 minutes away from my location.

Anyway, I will be coming back, remembering this time to keep my heavy gear camera home and just relax. I'm thinking however I should probably aim for the NCW next. Give each wrestling organization a chance. If I wanted to give my camera a better trial, something tells me that I need to head south, pass the border to the US where many wrestling promotions appreciate photographers because they know that the publicity will bring them new spectators, new talent and new revenues.

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