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Busy week-end: Backbreakers123, RBWrestle and MarcWrestler - Tuesday July 18th 2017Recent matches

I did not wrestle at all in May.

Then I had one match at the end of June... and suddenly there was an explosion of tourists coming to town in July.

The week-end that just passed started with a visit from Backbreakers123 (id 209) who came all the way from Boston. He already had in mind a large cache of holds destined to be locked on me. Here are a few.

This Ankle Lock which can also be a Leg Split is rarely seen in any of my matches.

The good old Figure-Four Leg lock is one of Backbreakers123's favorite holds.

I can't figure out the name of this hold, but it looks like a half camel with headlock.

You don't live up to the pseudonym like "Backbreakers123" if you don't apply at least a Knee backbreaker.

He also applies racks, but usually only to guys that are his weight or lighter. Billed at 150 lbs, I'm at 160 right now so we've decided to play safe.

I know what you're thinking: is this another match where I am completely jobbered? Well, I did apply a torture rack on him, but you'll see them with time.

There is a total of 1,025 images taken with the camera's intervalometer set to 2 seconds, but only a very small portion will be usable for a match since there will be many repeated shots.

On Saturday, RBWrestle (id 395) was in town. He took a little time away from Baltimore, Maryland. If you're curious, he did produce previously a match with me under Match ID 3. This time however, we did not use masks, so I'll have to see if we can extract enough images where we don't see his face to produce a match.

He did ask me if I can blur out his face, but I'm really lazy on that part. It's just so much easier to pick the ones where you don't see a face to start with.

Anyway, here's another set of four and you'll see that I am not an utterly or completely worthless jobber... I can heel too... heheheh.

Behold my fearsome boston crab!

This is followed by my devastating Reverse Indian Deathlock with a flex. Seriously though, I look like I'm high in this picture. The only reason I am putting it here is because I won't be putting it in my scenarized match. You'll get instead a more presentable version of the Deathlock.

The real fact is that RBWrestle actually thinks of me as a jobber and that I should remain a jobber. So, in order to express that, he puts me in a Tree of Woe and punches me somewhere I will remember for the rest of my days.

Now for a more technical hold, here's the sleeper with body scissors gracefully applied on me.

I did say in another blog post that I don't really like these orange trunks. The fabric is very cheap, it's so thin and loose that you see my crotch... so I've decided to do something different: I've actually placed a kneepad in my trunks. The problem is that now some of the images look a bit weird. Oh well.. I tried. I bet now you'll think twice before wearing my kneepads.

The set I did with RBWrestle contains 464 pics, which also meant that RBWrestle and I wrestled for fun without pics. We alternated between promission and full competitive sub. You can bet that I told him that he doesn't a stand a chance against my body scissors in a competitive sub environment.

Mind you, his body scissors are also great and is reinforced by his love for hiking (which makes his legs stronger)... but I have a fondness for scissors, so I would gladly take anything he can give me.

MarcWrestler (id 3658) was my Sunday match. You should have seen our setup. I had my tripod with my camera and MarcWrestler had his two cameras, one for video and one for photo with his two mini-tripods. I however wasn't prepared for the style of match we did... it was very active pro with constant moving, punches, kicks, maneuvers, slams and sub holds of short duration. After being worn out for 2 days of consecutive matches, I told MarcWrestler to tone it down for me. I was used to the 30 second hold shots we used to do in our previous meets, so he respectfully followed my request after our initial round. Thank goodness! Our match consisted of 4 rounds. One even round, one winning round by Marc, one winning round from me and one final round with Marc heeling.

Anyhow, here is MarcWrestler holding me steady with a chickenwing/headlock combo.

Now's my turn to show him how I hold him steady: with my own headlocks... I'm actually very pleased with this shot. I've rarely ever seen my headlocks this nicely captured.

MarcWrestler is back in control with this close-up of a boston crab. I had to manually edit and crop this image because the crab was on the left hand side of the camera. As a result, because of the resolution, you can start seeing some dots on our back.

Last but not least, the very versatile MarcWrestler locks on this amazing hold below which I can never identify.. so I'll call it the "Reverse Bridged Chinlock" for now, but you see that it's coupled with a Reverse Indian Deathlock... It's just that those six words all mashed up together makes too much of a mouthful for a decent submission hold's name (and that last sentence also takes a mouthful to read). So, feel free to give me the real name for this hold.

I received MarcWrestler's side of the pictures, but I have to admit that I'm a spoiled brat and prefer my shots. They are less grainy, clearer, have a higher resolution and very few of them require red-eye correction. The amount of red-eye I have with his camera just wants to make me cry...

I'll actually let you judge by yourself. Guess which shot is taken by Marc's camera and which shot is taken with my camera.

If you click them, you'll see the larger version and you'll also see the difference in quality. Call me a quality queen, but I've done enough pictures throughout the years that I've become quite difficult and harsh about it.

I've increased the interval between shots to 5 seconds (instead of 2) because our matches were longer. Regardless of this change, we still produced a set of 938 images, not counting Marc's side of the pics. In any case, I'm estimating that probably only 30 will be usable, because I am restricted to images that do now show my opponent's face.

Just for fun: I made this calculation: 938 images x 5 seconds = 4,690 seconds = 78 minutes or 1 hour and 18 minutes of wrestling.

So that's it. That was my eventful week-end. I don't think I can handle huge week-end like these anymore, because I had the Gaymer zone in between with 3 hours of dancing and my back started to tell me that I need to slow down.... so slow down I shall. I usually try to listen to my body and keep it at a rate of one match per week if I am given more than one at a time. It just turned out this time around that I couldn't disperse the matches because they were commitments that I had already made and I do my best to keep them.

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Losing ring access soon... - Wednesday July 12th 2017Some news

Bella informed me not too long ago that she will be moving away. The last usage of the wrestling ring will be for mid-August and then I probably won't get ring access again until October or until she finds a new spot to settle down.

I guess I should do everything in my power to use the ring to the max before she leaves.

It's location was very convenient for me and it was extremely close to where I live. It really made it very easy for me to carry four pair of boots and all the wrestling gear required for the pro get up. It had a prime location in downtown Montreal so I'd imagine the rent was probably very steep. Oh well.. nothing lasts forever.

Looking back, I did use the ring multiples times and I helped several wrestlers have their first time experience. For many, it was their childhood dream come true. You see it all the time on TV, but many have never been inside a real wrestling ring.

Never lose hope, the owner did tell me that she's looking for something bigger and better! My access and continuous usage of it will obviously depend on it's new location. If it's far remote, I don't see myself carrying all my gear to it.

You will notice that the ceiling is low in the image above. Whenever I racked someone, I would tell them to stand on the second rope, but I'd have to tell them to be careful not to hit those huge concrete bars. Bella did tell me that this also prevents wrestlers from doing high flying moves like jumping from the top rope. One of the requirements of the new location will primarily solve these problems.

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HeadSqueezeKing - Monday July 3rd 2017Recent matches

HeadSqueezeKing (id 5553) was in town yesterday for a business trip and we've schedule a little meet late night.

I'd have to say that he's pretty strong and resistant. He definitely knows his stuff and he knows how to gauge his holds. As his nickname implies, he has a fondness for headlocks and headscissors. Our match revolved around give and take with a little bit of light sub or semi-sub. Long held holds and varying intensity around the tolerance threshold were the keywords for our match.

He suggested that we take pictures. I then realized that it's been a while I took pictures in a hotel room. Concerns about lighting and positioning of the camera were a bit of an issue, but I think we've managed to work around the problem. For starters, let's put in his cherished headlocks:

I have to admit that I had quite some trouble getting out of his headlock because he had a good 70 lbs leverage weight difference by putting his body on me, which makes escaping virtually impossible. If you put in a good amount of patience and perseverance, you might be able to eventually breakaway.

I took his example and locked my wrist tight, holding it in place firmly and putting my weight on him. I did manage to keep him down for a little bit. For the camera, I purposely did a few flexes and taunted him:

- "I can keep you down using just one arm."

Later on, he asked me what were my favorite holds. The rack was out of the question. Not everyone is willing to be lifted and bent backwards. Nonetheless, he was happy to cooperate and exchange a couple of full nelson body scissors.

Lastly, let's put in this little headscissor.

The only minor thing that did annoy me was that he'd often rub my hair/head with his hand while he locked me in his holds. I suppose it's part of the game though, but I should have felt more comfortable in voicing it. However, I did exploit a little weakness of his: he was a little bit ticklish on his feet. A soft tender flicking of the fingers should do the trick. This, of course, requires that, while you are in his holds, you have access to his feet.

We had a few wrestlers in common: he spoke about Timnbama, HeadlockMeHard (id 2511) and Rassle4Fun (id 1084) whom we've both wrestled previously. The wrestling community is small so it is not uncommon to see that some of our past wrestlers are shared.

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BeastMtl vs Loserboy - Sunday July 2nd 2017Scenarios

I took opportunity of our three day Canada day week-end to write down a scenario/story for one of my previous matches. As I mentioned in a past blog entry, my match with BeastMtl (id 10067) was the one I wanted to write next.

I got the approval pretty quickly from BeastMtl, so you can now access it under Match ID 330.

Here are two images that I couldn't include in the story. This one below is a full nelson camel clutch combination, one of my favorite combo holds to be caught in. It has to be done properly though because you can easily burn or pinch the skin due to friction between your arms and the opponent's shoulders. Needless to say, BeastMtl applied it like a pro. I didn't put this pic because I felt that I already had a good set of camels included in the match.

This hold below is very technical. It's that professional armbar submission you often see in UFC. The angle was just inappropriate. I either should have placed the camera differently or I should have asked for a photographer to take this picture. We were only us two, so my friend the tripod was the only unresponsive and immobile photographer...

To finalize the set, here's a nice sleeper that *is* included in the match. I selected this one because I like my struggling expression... hehehe.

Believe it or not, despite all the moves being placed on me, I do get to put a couple of holds on BeastMtl for about a little bit less than half the match. In any case, you probably know the drill by now. In the matches I invent nowadays, I most often get to throw in a few attacks before I get completely overthrown and overpowered. I need to change this format, but sometimes I lack the inspiration. It's also because I enjoy this style. I have to respect my nickname after all..

In any case, I hope you guys will enjoy the match as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Next up in my queue is the match against CanWrestle (id 9693). I need to sit down for a couple of hours and write it down.

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MustangCowboy - Tuesday June 27th 2017Recent matches

I've been talking to MustangCowboy from MeetFighters since quite a while now. I am usually not an instant messaging guy, but I made an exception for him after reading his recommendations. So, we had a lot of back and forth ourselves and when we finally met, we've decided to put our words into action in the ring. It was time to show who's the real boss.

MustangCowboy's signature and favorite hold is the figure four leg lock. He however asked me not to put any of his face pics online, so all you'll get instead are these 3 bearhugs... where you don't see his face. Honestly though, you don't need to see his face to see how studly this guy really is!

He is more pro-oriented, but he also showed good capabilities in sub. Our match was certainly pro, leaning towards promission and then a bit of sub. You know it becomes sub when a pro move is being applied and one of us is holding it tight and won't let the other get out. I did respect as much as possible the ring rope rule where the submission must be released and he did pretty much the same.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with MustangCowboy. He is an exceptional wrestler, he's in great shape, he's very cute, versatile and very knowledgeable. He'll do both heel or jobber, but I've mostly let him be the heel since he was a pretty good leader. He applied on me this variant of an Indian Deathlock where he puts his back on mine, reaches for my arms and then flips me over. MustangCowboy himself doesn't know what is the name of this hold. Why bother with technical terms when you're having fun?

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Loserboy vs Tycoon - Saturday June 24th 2017Scenarios

I apologize for the prolonged absence. I have been quite a bit busy lately. Life throws a few unexpected and tumultuous punches and curves, but it's nothing I can't handle...

On the bright side, The Tycoon (id 2690) has recently approved the match I wrote with him. It's all under Match ID 304.

Here a few images of interest: we'll start with our traditional bearhug.

Followed by one of my favorite holds, a double constriction or double squeeze using a combination of a bearhug and a body scissors. This is how I hold all cute bears and as you can see, my opponent seems to enjoy it.

This one below is one of Tycoon's specialty and favored submission. It's called a Spadle. As you may have guessed, I have seldom being caught into this one... and it does hurt. I've never been able to roll this much. Chances are that I will submit pretty easily if you catch me in this.

Yes, I wrote this back in February 2016, but The Tycoon needed a bit of time before he can release these images. As such, he changed the access setting on the online match about 10 days ago. You'll notice that this story holds an alternate ending, so you will be able to pick who wins and who loses. The Tycoon wanted this match to be special and different. It was also inspired from my match with Be-Bear.

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Clips: Reverse indian deathlock - Saturday May 27th 2017Video clips

RBWrestle (id 395) made me realize that I didn't put any videos of this submission hold.

Since I use it often and it's one of the few holds that has maximum impact for minimum effort, and also a move that is really not obvious to apply, I felt that a video would best describe what this hold is about.

Check out the video clips section for all the details.

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Asskickg4u... - Tuesday May 2nd 2017Some news

A friend has informed me that Asskickg4u (id 244) passed away recently.

I personally never met him, but we spoke on several occasions and I have always wanted to wrestle him. He is one of the wrestlers that inspired me to do what I do today. About 10-15 years ago, he was one the few that would post his wrestling pictures online on his own site. I still remember that he had amazing torture racks. I considered myself a big fan of him and I wanted my racks to look as good as his.

Indirectly, he helped me get out of my cocoon and allowed me to be less shy and to share my own wrestling images and videos, just like he did way before me.

As you can see, he commonly used the "handle" in his racks.

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I <3 the Full Nelson Grapevine Combo + Sub holds ranking - Monday May 1st 2017Hold it!

The title reads: "I heart the Full Nelson Grapevine Combo"... or "I love the Full Nelson Grapevine Combo".

I'm going to cheat today and extract three pictures that are already available from my matches.

I've always loved being put into the Full Nelson Grapevine combo. The stretch is amazing and it's really what the body needs after a long day of work. This shot below came from my match against Rassle4Fun.

This one is from my regular opponent in Chapter 4 against EvilDark. You can see my bare feet pretty well in this shot and in the one above. I know someone who's going to be happy to see that...

This last one comes from my match against Bane. This behemoth nearly destroyed me... not that I mind it.

His hairy legs drives me nuts... (in a good sense), but not as much as his hairy chest. If you saw his face, you'd melt, but you can't have everything.

I know the socks are ridiculous. I should have told Bane to remove them... I would have removed mine as well.

If I have to classify my favorite holds in terms of ranking order to apply, to receive and in terms of reliability, this would be the ranking:

Favorite submission holds as a giver (in terms of putting someone into these holds):
#1 Torture Rack (I love putting my opponents into this)
#2 Full Nelson Body Scissors
#3 Bearhug
#4 Full Nelson Grapevine
#5 Reverse Indian Deathlock

Favorite submission holds as a victim (in terms of being put into these holds):
#1 Full Nelson Body Scissors (I love when my opponents put this on me)
#2 Full Nelson Grapevine
#3 Bearhug
#4 Torture Rack
#5 Reverse Indian Deathlock

Most reliable submission holds (in terms of successful taps):
#1 Ankle Lock (I get a lot of opponents who submit in these)
#2 Leg Scissors
#3 Body Scissors
#4 Reverse Indian Deathlock
#5 Torture Rack

Actually, let's add one more listing:

Most cost-effective holds (in terms of less energy spent to make someone tap):
#1 Reverse Indian Deathlock
#2 Ankle Lock
#3 Leg Scissors
...and I'll have to think about it for #4 and #5.

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Anonymous, part 3 this year - Thursday April 27th 2017Recent matches

I've wrestled Anonymous again yesterday. He had much improved his stamina and his strength. His scissors are getting pretty devastating and he knows very well how to defend himself, often holding my leg to prevent me from putting my own body scissors against him.

The end result however was that by trying to pull my leg out to break free, I received a nice cramp on the thigh of my right leg. Ouch. I usually get this on the left thigh though. Needless to say, I stopped putting on scissors for the rest of the night.

I'm writing a note to myself that I need to be a bit more passive against this opponent. I enjoy body scissors, so I really have no idea why I was avoiding them... There's really no shame to submit to such a fierce submission hold. He's at 240-250 lbs right now and that's still about 80 lbs above my own, so it's okay for me to relax and be less competitive.

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