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Mini-fest - Sunday February 19th 2017Recent matches

So I missed the Wrestlefest this year because I'm only going once every two years... still doesn't mean that I can't hold one back home.

We were a total of 4 wrestlers in the ring yesterday: NdRassle, CanWrestle (id 9693) and Marty (id 6169). I again didn't expect Marty to show up... and that's twice in a row he does, so I should stop having doubts about him.

We rotated our time in the ring and we even did a tag team match. Fun times.

Pics were taken for the match between Marty and CanWrestle. The guys inspired me so much that I was able to write a scenario for them on the same day. You can view their match under Match ID 325.

The invitation to join us in the ring was sent out to four other wrestlers, but as with the usual ratio with wrestling nowadays, half of the total invitees couldn't make it.

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Vicious vs Loserboy - Thursday February 16th 2017Scenarios

Vicious (id 5128) already posted a couple of days ago on his Meetfighters profile part of the photosets from our last shoot. This prompted me to write the story quickly, so you can now view it under Match ID 324.

With around 180 pictures taken by the camera automatically on a 2-second timer, I don't need to mention really that a large portion of the shots ended up being un-used. The more I take pictures with this new camera, the more I'm happy with it. The only thing I'm dissatisfied about is the freaking video that can't focus properly, for some obscur reason...

Anyway, here's three of those un-used shots:

This reverse bearhug just didn't fit in the story because I was smiling.

I can hold racks for a little while. I kept Vicious there for about 30 seconds so we had about 12 usable shots, but only 2-3 were sufficient for the scenario. Vicious weighed himself at 210 lbs. Usually, I kneel down when I rack anyone greater than 200 lbs, but Vicious was comfortable with the hold. Like I say to many of my opponents, when you trust me, you actually will weight much lighter and you'll end up making my life as a racker that much easier and simpler...

I was just fooling around in this last pic. It's just one way to say that I can make Vicious tap without using any hands. Look, ma. No hands. I bet Vicious didn't originally use this shot in his photoset because I look way too arrogant. Ha ha ha.

By the way, Vicious (id 5128) wants to create a rematch, so please forward your ideas to him, but beforehand, read the story on Match ID 324 to understand the context of the rematch.

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Vicious and Kolter - Saturday February 11th 2017Recent matches

Vicious (id 5128) is one of those wrestlers that is very often misunderstood. With a nickname like that and a description underlying that he likes dirty tactics (on top of adopting a mean persona when he talks to people), he is often shunned away. Ironically, he tells me that many guys refuse to fight him because he is either... too big... or too small. Like many other wrestlers, the key to wrestle Vicious is communication and establish what holds are legal and what holds are not.

I've had a rematch today with him.. I have to admit I haven't wrestled him since maybe 5 years ago, but I had quite a good time this time around. He did apply to me a couple of his dirty holds where he was pushing his fingers deep inside my armpits. Over the years, I've built a resistance to it, so I didn't mind... but he did flick me at one point near my chin and I told him: "No." and he diligently respected my wishes and never re-applied the hold. So yes, I told him what moves are okay and what moves are not.

We rented the ring for 2 hours and we mainly did sub, then switched to give and take. He was cool enough to take a few pictures provided that he wears a mask. I think next time however I'll ask him to wear different trunks, because in some of our other shots, it looks like a skirt. They are are supposed to be boxing shorts.

Vicious is seen here applying the traditional bearhug.

But what's a bearhug without one my dreadful revenge torture rack of vengeance? My second favorite hold.

I booked back-to-back the ring with another wrestler afterwards: Kolter was my opponent for the 3rd hour. You can see that Kolter here is a bit more technical due to his past wrestling experience. After all, he did get wrestling lessons given by a real professional wrestler, so he definitely knows his way around the ring. I don't even know the name of this hold, but it seems like a reverse arm bar with a knee lift.

I would apply the rack on him too, but Kolter prefers by far the Fireman's carry:

We had about 300 other pics in our sessions because the camera was set to take a shot every 2 seconds. I'll be able to re-use them for a match some time in the future.

I just realized one of the reasons I hate these orange trunks is because of the thin fabric it is made with. You can see my crotch on many of those pictures, and on top of that, I was wearing another underwear underneath it, and yet, the crotch is still visible! I think I'll go back to the blue one... sigh.

On a side note, Bella increased the rental price of the ring from 40$ to 60$ an hour. It's still cheap considering that it's the only non-commercial individually-owned ring in the region of Montreal that doesn't require private insurance to use. My guess is that there has been an increase of people asking for the ring and maybe some people cancelling their appointments as well... which could be frustrating because it is quite some work to maintain a ring, to be there to receive the people to use it and then to clean up their mess. Other wrestlers have been telling me that the best way to reach her for the first time is through Facebook. She replies apparently promptly. If you gain her trust, I'm sure she'll give you her cell phone number for easier and faster communication. If you flake out of a rental, then good luck finding another ring in Montreal.

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Batched sessions - Monday February 6th 2017Recent matches

I was able to do two sessions of two wrestlers each this past week-end.

I had Lumber_Jack_G and Vinny (id 3382) together on the Saturday. On Sunday, I had Headscissorsguy (id 9989) and Marty (id 6169) together.

I usually try to wrestle people one-on-one, but these wrestlers agreed to try something different.

On Saturday, I tackled Lumber_Jack_G with our regular sub match and I still had a hard time making him tap. For some reason, he didn't really want to be in my scissors. Once Vinny arrived, we switched to pro, because Vinny is solely a pro guy. Vinny also took the opportunity to teach us a couple of new holds.. many of which I have already forgot... unfortunately. Overall, we had an excellent session and we did switch back and forth from pro to sub and sub to pro during our session. We also rotated, me against Vinny, Vinny against Lumber_Jack_G and me against Lumber_Jack_G, with occasional 2 versus 1. It went pretty well.

On Sunday, I started my match with HeadscissorGuy with the usual.. head scissors. A few moments later, Marty arrived... Yes.. Marty, I haven't wrestled him, *I think*, since at least 2-3 years. His schedule is pretty busy, but I've learned in that session that the best way to reach him is to send him a message asking him if he's available now. It seems that I cannot plan with him days or a week in advance because he doesn't really know if he will be free.

In any case, we also made a few rotations here and some occasional two versus one. It was the first time I see HeadScissorGuy doing a bit of sub, usually I just stick to give and take with him.

Marty is a bit the reverse of HeadScissorGuy in terms of scissor preferences. HeadScissorGuy loves head scissors, but hates body scissors, whereas Marty prefers body scissors, but doesn't really like head scissors. Marty tells me he doesn't usually submit to body scissors... except to mine, heheheh. I was happy to remind Marty of my scissors, which I absolutely love to lock on him.

From now on, I will try to wrestle Marty more often considering his non-schedule-type. I suppose I need to be a bit more spontaneous. He does want to do a ring match and he also said that he wants to do more photos and videos. Woohoo!

If you don't remember who Marty is, you can review our previous Match ID 152. Here is from that previous archived match one shot where I had him in a bearhug and body scissors combo that he just loves to sell...

..or maybe he was in pain. With Marty, I tend to put a little bit more pressure than the usual.

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Kolter - Sunday January 29th 2017Recent matches

Had a match with Kolter recently from MeetFighters. We focused our session on a recap of pro moves that are submission based since it has been a while he hasn't wrestled. Kolter was previously part of a wrestling group trained by a famous pro wrestler, so he's simply looking for sparring partners to catch up the history of his training.

With limited space, we couldn't do much, so we will try to get access to the ring for our next session.

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Archives: MarcWrestler - Monday January 23rd 2017Archives

This is now an archive because MarcWrestler and I took this about 7 months ago.

I don't think a scenario will be possible, because face blurring would be required, but also because I'm not really happy with how these images turn out. The lighting is wrong, the angle is a bit awkward and many of the pics have terrible gold or red-eyes. While MarcWrestler's camera set-up is ideal because it takes a shot every 30 seconds, the overall quality of the camera leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.

Anyway, here's a tightly gripped bearhug.

The least I can do is salvage the images that are okay and put them here.

Next time, I'm also using my camera!

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Regular and seasonal - Sunday January 22nd 2017Recent matches

I had another match lately with Sylvain (id 2636) although I have to admit we didn't wrestle much. *shrug* Sometimes, it's nice just to catch up, talk a bit and stay in touch.

I consider Sylvain now a regular now that he's back in Montreal. We'll probably wrestle about once every two months.

In contrast, I just came back from another wrestling week-end with EvilDark (id 1077) whom I visit once a season (so once every 4 months).

Our matches are still limited to give and take because we can't wrestle sub anymore without hating each other and being very aggressive about it. We're both bad losers.

I almost would have moved to Quebec city about 7 years ago when I lost my job. EvilDark is very compatible with me and shares most of my interests. He's one of the few who told me that he did not mind me wrestling around at all. Open-minded, nice guy, terrific wrestler, if it wasn't about staying close to my family in Montreal, I would probably have made the move.

None of the above sessions had any photos taken, but since I'm on the topic of Sylvain and EvilDark, I've looked into my external hard drive and brought back the shots we took in our mini-rumble about 3 months ago.

Sylvain shows a bit how to grab a really tight and efficient hold of his opponents by using a headlock with body scissors combo. Technically, if you are ever caught in this, chances are that you will end up tapping.

I'm quite happy how this bearhug turns out. Sylvain is selling it simply pretty well by pushing me away. Sometimes, small gestures create a big impact. His facial expressions really helps, because I'm quite sure that my bearhug had really no effect whatsoever on him.

This one is blurry, but it's right in the middle of the action when EvilDark is cranking up that pressure on the sleeper. Yeah, I'm really struggling here.. a little bit of help, please?

Many of our shots from that past session came out pretty blurry because I'm still a newbie on using that overly-complicated camera. Everyone laughs at me because I work in the IT industry and I'm supposed to know everything about all these knobs, bolts, menus and buttons on the camera... Unfortunately, being good with a computer doesn't necessarily mean that I will automatically be a good photographer or that I will understand every technical term of a camera.

Now that I think of it, I'm probably due for a match with Phil_74 (id 5843).

Yeah, this year is the one I am reserving for my family, meaning that I won't be attending Clash or Wrestlefest. That will have to wait for next year (2018).

Usually, I go one year for wrestling travels and one year for family travels.

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Trent1978 - Monday January 16th 2017Recent matches

I had a match with Trent1978 today late at night. We apparently wrestled back in perhaps June of 2014, but Trent is telling me that it may have been more than 5 years ago.

I feel like a complete idiot, because I did not recognize him at all. I don't remember wrestling him, but I did write a nice recommendation. I don't have any pictures and I don't think he would have wanted any though, and his profile doesn't show his face pic, so that does make it harder to try to bring up memories that I lost. To make matters worse, he sent me a couple of face pics in private and I still couldn't recognize him from any previous encounters... Now I really feel awful!

In any case, we wrestled sub. He had very good leg techniques, splitting my legs apart and bringing me near submission. He has firm scissors and he was able to hold me down very often, preventing me from applying any holds My scissors fortunately worked well on him, while I was able to withstand his own scissors. I did on a couple of occasions toy with him in my scissors, but in revenge, he did make me tap in two holds. Note to self: don't let him sit on top of me.

He has a bit of a hairy chest and a little beard... two of my weaknesses.

I should remember him this time around. We had a great time, we connected well, we were moderately even-matched, although I did try to give him a few chances in my scissors. I showed him that he can use his elbows to break out of body scissors, something which I later regret a bit ha ha ha...

By the way, Trent1978 looks way better in person than in his pictures... and he told me that I looked better now than a couple of years ago.. Awww, he's very sweet.

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The Great Dane: GrappleFight - Sunday January 15th 2017Profile focus

During my time at my first Clash in 2013, I met a wrestler which I grew very fond. He registered as "The Great Dane" as a pun on the dog breed, but he went on wrestling sites under the pseudonym "GrappleFight".

In my opinion, he was a very nice and handsome wrestler.

I was shy back then and he helped me participate in the tournament by being my tag team partner. He showed me the ropes, taught me all about pro and really was my mentor when I felt I was intimidated by everyone there because I knew nobody. He helped me break the ice. He was a role model for me and I told myself, when I grow older, I want to be just like him.

He also had an affinity for submission/competitive wrestling, and he actually wouldn't wrestle me in sub because he knew I'd probably be too much of an easy match against him.

I saw him participate in both single and tag-team pro tournaments. He had to retract himself from both tournaments at one point because he got injured. This is where he abandoned me and left me alone against the tag-team champions StumpyStew (id 6633) and Timnbama, not that I was complaining.

In the last day of the event, GrappleFight and I talked a lot about our lives and careers, wrestled some more and exchanged a big hug before we left.

Today, it seems that his profile is nowhere to be found anymore. He seems to have disappeared and I lost contact with him. We exchanged e-mail addresses, but I no longer get any replies. That being said, don't ever hesitate when you go to events like these. Go out, reach to people, wrestle them, have a lot of fun because you might not see them again for whatsoever reason.

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Happy Holidays! - Thursday December 29th 2016Some pictures

After spending a couple of days with friends and family, I'm having a day or two of rest at home... but it's been a while since I last took a few shots, so I took the camera out and cleared out the living room.

Yeah... yeah.. I'm very full of myself in those last two, but everybody knows that I'm just a jobber who thinks who can beat big guys just to be taught a lesson and eventually submit in the end, right?

I have to admit that I did gain a bit of weight down there... in the belly. I'll try to work it out for the new year, but everyone knows that resolutions aren't worth crap.

It's been 2 years now I've been holding this blog. Thank you all for visiting it. I wish to all of you a happy holiday season. I'll do everything I can to provide many more matches, pictures and blog entries for the coming year.

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