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Asskickg4u... - Tuesday May 2nd 2017Some news

A friend has informed me that Asskickg4u (id 244) passed away recently.

I personally never met him, but we spoke on several occasions and I have always wanted to wrestle him. He is one of the wrestlers that inspired me to do what I do today. About 10-15 years ago, he was one the few that would post his wrestling pictures online on his own site. I still remember that he had amazing torture racks. I considered myself a big fan of him and I wanted my racks to look as good as his.

Indirectly, he helped me get out of my cocoon and allowed me to be less shy and to share my own wrestling images and videos, just like he did way before me.

As you can see, he commonly used the "handle" in his racks.

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I <3 the Full Nelson Grapevine Combo + Sub holds ranking - Monday May 1st 2017Hold it!

The title reads: "I heart the Full Nelson Grapevine Combo"... or "I love the Full Nelson Grapevine Combo".

I'm going to cheat today and extract three pictures that are already available from my matches.

I've always loved being put into the Full Nelson Grapevine combo. The stretch is amazing and it's really what the body needs after a long day of work. This shot below came from my match against Rassle4Fun.

This one is from my regular opponent in Chapter 4 against EvilDark. You can see my bare feet pretty well in this shot and in the one above. I know someone who's going to be happy to see that...

This last one comes from my match against Bane. This behemoth nearly destroyed me... not that I mind it.

His hairy legs drives me nuts... (in a good sense), but not as much as his hairy chest. If you saw his face, you'd melt, but you can't have everything.

I know the socks are ridiculous. I should have told Bane to remove them... I would have removed mine as well.

If I have to classify my favorite holds in terms of ranking order to apply, to receive and in terms of reliability, this would be the ranking:

Favorite submission holds as a giver (in terms of putting someone into these holds):
#1 Torture Rack (I love putting my opponents into this)
#2 Full Nelson Body Scissors
#3 Bearhug
#4 Full Nelson Grapevine
#5 Reverse Indian Deathlock

Favorite submission holds as a victim (in terms of being put into these holds):
#1 Full Nelson Body Scissors (I love when my opponents put this on me)
#2 Full Nelson Grapevine
#3 Bearhug
#4 Torture Rack
#5 Reverse Indian Deathlock

Most reliable submission holds (in terms of successful taps):
#1 Ankle Lock (I get a lot of opponents who submit in these)
#2 Leg Scissors
#3 Body Scissors
#4 Reverse Indian Deathlock
#5 Torture Rack

Actually, let's add one more listing:

Most cost-effective holds (in terms of less energy spent to make someone tap):
#1 Reverse Indian Deathlock
#2 Ankle Lock
#3 Leg Scissors
...and I'll have to think about it for #4 and #5.

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Anonymous, part 3 this year - Thursday April 27th 2017Recent matches

I've wrestled Anonymous again yesterday. He had much improved his stamina and his strength. His scissors are getting pretty devastating and he knows very well how to defend himself, often holding my leg to prevent me from putting my own body scissors against him.

The end result however was that by trying to pull my leg out to break free, I received a nice cramp on the thigh of my right leg. Ouch. I usually get this on the left thigh though. Needless to say, I stopped putting on scissors for the rest of the night.

I'm writing a note to myself that I need to be a bit more passive against this opponent. I enjoy body scissors, so I really have no idea why I was avoiding them... There's really no shame to submit to such a fierce submission hold. He's at 240-250 lbs right now and that's still about 80 lbs above my own, so it's okay for me to relax and be less competitive.

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No harm done :) - Wednesday April 26th 2017Blog entry

So, apparently, one of the guys I've wrestled at the Clash got some trouble because of what I have posted about my bruises in my blog entry about the Clash of last year. I did not explicitly mentioned in that particular blog entry who gave me the bruises, but I suppose people that attended the event were able to deduce who it was.

So, let me rectify that in the heat of the moment, bruises happen in wrestling, they are accidents and they are NOT intentional. Whatever I had that day was very minor. I do not hold any grudges against the opponent that gave me those scars or bruises. In fact, I will certainly wrestle him again in the future. I've known him to be a formidable wrestler and I also know that it was not his intention to hurt me either.

The only reason I even talk about my bruises is to encourage you guys to take steps to be careful with your opponent. Safety first. In wrestling, we always do our best to protect our opponents from harm.

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Trust - Tuesday April 25th 2017Rant

The notion of trust is crucial when you wrestle someone. You can trust them on various grounds: a common first indicator is to agree on a "safe" word, especially when doing submission wrestling. The plea for a safe word like "Stop", 3 taps on the mats or a random word like "Red" or "Peanut Butter" are usually a good way to start.

When I start a match, I often start it defensively to let my opponent attack first. It gives me an idea of his strength and aggressivity. It allows to me to gauge my counter-attacks based on his style. Sometimes, I would let my opponent put a submission on me first to get his reaction when I tap out. How safe is he? How fast does he respond to a submission? Does he break immediately or does he keeps on the pressure?

I've spoken previously that some holds such as the Torture Rack requires the opponent's trust, because his insecurity could cause imbalance and consequently cause injuries. I like to call this one cooperative trust. Some moves can only be pulled off if both work together and both know what they are doing.

There are other holds like a simple Headscissors or a complex Reverse Indian Deathlock that could have other significant repercussions if say, the opponent doesn't release the hold when you ask him to do so. I mean I've known this through the Surfboard, where one of my opponents took a long time to release me and he would keep on the pressure after I asked and yelled at him to stop several times. That's usually a sign that you should never wrestle him ever again.

Taking pictures and videos requires a different form of trust. When you do this, you need to agree on the terms. Is it okay to distribute, to keep only for ourselves, should faces on the images be blurred? Should someone wear a mask to preserve his identity? Usually, your opponent is trusting you a lot when you ask him for pictures, so it's your duty to make sure that he is very comfortable with the idea and that every precaution is taken to protect him.

Unfortunately, I've seen a few cases where trust is one-sided. A particular opponent would ask me if it's okay to take pictures, but he tells me that he would be the only one to keep them... meaning that he would not provide me a copy. I suppose that in the least, he is telling me this in advance so I can determine if pictures should be taken or not. But really, trust usually has to go both ways. If you don't trust someone to have a copy of the pictures taken together and for them to keep a copy, then might as well not take any pictures at all. That way, you won't end up offending your opponent.

You can still be a good sport and tell him that it's okay, if it really doesn't bother you. Most people would accept this one side deal because they don't want to alter, affect or break the wrestling relationship between the two. And I have to admit, this is myself included. I would shut up and wrestle, let them take pictures which I know I will never get a copy.... and in the long run, there is this grudge that builds up, that digs it's way through me and creates a long-term silent rift between me and my opponent. Yeah, now that I look back, I probably should have said "no". It's unfair, but I suppose this is a minor trust issue compared to the other ones I've listed above. In between having an injured shoulder for life or not having pictures, I'll take the latter.

One of the worst case scenario I've seen is people promising me to send the pictures and then never do so in the end. So yeah, this is very deceptive and it's the worst kind of way you can show your trust (or mistrust) to someone. I've heard of common answers after the facts such as "I had to delete the whole content of the memory card because I had to take family pictures and I have to show my camera to my family." Then, when you tell them that there's software to un-delete files and to recover images, and that you're actually offering them to reverse the deletion on their memory card, they actually shut up and never talk to you again because they never wanted you to have a copy of the wrestling pictures in the first place. Wow. Selfishness at its best.

Anyway, if you do happen to take pictures, be punctual and be responsive, send your opponents the entirety of the content taken together as fast as you can. It's a gesture of courtesy, a way to express your appreciation of their cooperation with you. The first thing I do when I return home from a wrestling match is to plug my memory card on my computer, put the files on the Dropbox, MS OneDrive, or Google Drive and send a link to my opponent. If I do it now, I won't forget it and I won't risk pissing off my opponent and losing a wrestler. Also, do yourself a favor, let the person who is more comfortable with information technologies deal with this. While I don't mind getting multiple e-mails and individually download my pictures, e-mail has the same security guarantee than an online private file-sharing server that will allow your opponent to download them in one shot... or without even touching his computer.

In order to save space and reduce transfer time, I often resize my images before I share them. However, this is a detail that needs to be discussed with your opponent. Some wrestlers are very picky with photo quality and they would like to have the originals even if they are 5 MB each and even if they are at a 6000 x 4000 pixels resolution. Most people I've dealt with prefer their photos at 200-300 KB with a resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels (or 800 x 600).

By the way, the bad events I've listed happened more than five years ago (some more than 10). I'm just sharing them so that you guys are more cautious about it and hopefully don't share the same bitter experience that I've felt in some of my past matches.

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Home setup - Monday April 24th 2017Blog entry

This is my home setup. It consists of one desktop connected to two screens in extended mode and one laptop that I always take with me during my wrestling travels. When I come back from a trip, it goes back here and I re-sync up everything.

On the back, you'll see a couple of my trophies from the Clash. The mostly hidden Stormtrooper unit near my head is actually holding my Monica Lewinsky medal, which I am not ashamed at all to have or to show off (even though my shoulder is hiding it partially, not on purpose, I swear! You can still see the white, red and blue ribbon though). You can then spot the toys that uncovers my geeky video game side: there's Pikachu on the left, a fake Mario mushroom near the top and the T-shirt I am currently wearing is Ryu Hayabusa's eyes from the first Ninja Gaiden on the NES.

The pile of DVD spindles, covers and envelopes you see is very old school, I know. The binders actually contain a lot more DVDs. I need to convert all this crap into content I can access from external hard drives. Most of these DVDs contains data I almost no longer use. This was at the time where I ordered entire WCW/WWF seasons just to access two or three shows that actually have bearhugs in it. There's also near the mushroom one of my few remaining VHS tape. I just looked into it and it's JPWA's February Fallout. It's worth nothing now, not to mention that my last videotape player is now broken so I can no longer read what's on that tape anymore. If you see the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary book on the right hand side, underneath it is that broken videotape player (it's actually a VHS tape to DVD converter), plus two DVD players (who uses those anymore?). Yes, I guess I'm due for a cleanup, but these old clunky devices are great to hold my monitors in place.

In case you're wondering, the red thing on the left is a safe that contains... Mars mini-chocolate bars. To make a long story short, I hide these chocolate because my roommate Be-Bear (id 2910) is diabetic and he'd often go in my room to steal chocolates.... Sounds like a lame excuse, I know.

On the middle screen that has characters that look like it came from a Matrix movie, it is simply running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10. The right screen is currently on my blog and the left screen is on the main page of bearhugger.net - it is currently showing the Top 30 vote ranking contender stats... nothing important, really. Near my elbow, you'll see another DVD spindle, but under it is three external hard drives of 4 TB (Terabyte) each. They contain both personal and site backups, backups of backups, software, shitty games, multimedia content (video, music, photos) and a lot more junk. Not shown in this photo under the desk is two more external hard drives of 4 TB. You can never have too many of those... Plus, memory is so cheap nowadays that I got one for free when I opened a box of Frosted Flakes cereal ... Just kidding.

The books holding the screens make my setup very ghetto and unstable. A friend asked me if I would be afraid of earthquakes making my screens fall... I actually never been through one yet with this current setup, so I can't tell. Beneath the screens, keyboard and mouse is more books and plastic containers that elevate my setup. Yes, this is a standing setup. I already sit about 40 hours a week, so I prefer to stand up when I use a computer at home. I also like to think that standing makes my body scissors (and consequently, my head and leg scissors) stronger.

When I actually do work on the site, I would usually only do it with my desktop and invest about 30 minutes a day, mostly on the main sections of the site which consists of approving profiles, entries and images, replying to mail and occasionally adding new content. On week-ends, I could spend anywhere between two to six hours depending on what I do, but it is not uncommon that I would take a break and not touch the site for a couple of days, or a whole week-end.

On my blog, for example, I spent a hour today updating the title animations you currently see at the top of this page and on the other ones (pics, clips, matches, bearhugs, etc.). It seems like a lot of time for something minor, but for me, every detail counts. It's what makes the site different and not taken from a template like every Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram account.

You'd think after 18 years, I'd put this away, but no, I've already put so much into it and it represents a lot of my time and sweat, my life and my passion so I'm not ready to let it go. I'll stick to it for quite a long while and I know I still have a long road ahead.

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It's Racking Time! - Saturday April 22nd 2017Racks

Actually, I'm just consolidating all my torture racks in my Hall of Racks. I've even added to it a shiny new animating logo! Now, I can look back and remember who I racked, how heavy I was able to rack through standing or kneeling and the last day I've racked them. By the way, the images are sorted by date with the latest racks on top and the oldest racks at the bottom.

Some of the racks below were in my matches, but they were never listed in my Hall of Racks. For example, this one is from Match ID 283 with HeadlockMeHard (id 2511) in March 2015. In this particular match, I really went overboard with Photoshop lighting, flare, fireworks and special silly effects. I took the non-modified version for the shot below, but if you're curious, you can go read the match.

This one with DCBearWrestler (id 2843) dates as far back as in February 2011 during Wrestlefest.

And this last one is fairly recent: it was taken in May 2016 with the very handsome Swiss wrestler: Versus (id 5004). You can find more of his unfortunate torture in Match ID 317.

If you're wondering why... (spoilers)... he lost that particular match, Versus told me that he usually heels for most guys, so he asked me if I can specifically be the heel so he can experience being the jobber for once. Hey, I can't complain. I'll certainly heel him anytime!

Who wouldn't?

So how did I win this match? Well.. by... (spoilers).. using chloroform, shackles and ropes. Foreign objects of course, any items that would give me some random advantage!

I actually just edited that match to change the line of text where I used the chloroform cloth:

- "Yes, breathe this. It's called CHCl3 and it's also known as "Trichloromethane", or "Chloroform". It has a molecular mass of 119.38 g/mol and a boiling point of 61.2C. But all you really need to know is that it's good for you and helps you sleep better at night."

The end result is an even campier match... and you guys know how I like my matches campy!

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Loserboy vs Elrac: Part 3 - Friday April 21st 2017Scenarios

I have to admit that I am not too happy how this one turned out. There are just days where I am lacking the inspiration to write up a scenario. It's also because the sets I do with Elrac (id 692) are often identical. In any case, I need to take the initiative to suggest him different moves and a different scenario. I'm thinking some ring action will probably help. I am due for a match with him and we've been in contact recently to make that happen.

The match was held back in April 2012, so I am to blame for not following up for almost 5 years. You can see the final outcome in Match ID 328.

The pic below was unused because I couldn't fit it anywhere in the story.

In the least, you can see the progress starting from Chapter 1 with Elrac and onwards. That particular one was held in 2008 where I was still camera shy and I was still wearing those wrestling masks.

In my queue, here is the order I've pre-determined for my next scenario write-ups. The photos are ready, I just need to edit them, place them and write something (...and hopefully, I do this when I have better inspiration). Priority goes to wrestlers where I haven't written up any chapters yet between me and them.

- Loserboy vs BeastMtl (id 10067)
- Loserboy vs CanWrestle (id 9693)
- Loserboy vs Fun4Us (id 8822)
- Loserboy vs Marty (id 6169) (Chapter 2)
- Loserboy vs JobberBoy (id 482) (Chapter 3) [JobberBoy wrote chapters 1 and 2]
- Loserboy vs Vicious (id 5128) (Chapter 2)
- Loserboy vs EvilDark (id 1077) (Chapter 5)

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SamuraiWrestler, round 4 - Wednesday April 19th 2017Recent matches

SamuraiWrestler (id 10716) was in town again today, mostly for business, but we managed to slip in a match.

I had forgotten to take a look at my previous encounters with him, so I couldn't really pinpoint and shape him in my head. He doesn't put a face pic online so my recollections of him are always fuzzy... until he opened the door of his hotel room. Then, all the missing pieces of the puzzles were there. Everything came back and my head sort of immediately brought back to the front my previous experience with him through some sort of automatic wrestler scan.

Having the above in memory, I didn't hesitate to exploit it to the maximum, being the evil Terminator that I am. SamuraiWrestler was however in an advantageous position because I was at 70% of my strength. I caught a cold since Monday, but he has accepted to wrestle me anyway. He told me it's been a long while he has caught a cold, he takes preventive measures to protect himself: an apple a day, daily yogurt, daily run and many other good habits that I should also follow, since he's a pretty good example compared to me.

This is what I needed though.. at this weakened state, I needed an easier match and SamuraiWrestler was overall nicer. With now our fourth encounter, we pretty much know each other well enough. He hasn't forgotten to use his elbows to break away from my scissors, which still did not completely prevent him from tapping one or two times anyway.

We've developed this complicity and this is when you know that you've wrestled long enough someone to be comfortable with them, to talk with them with ease and laugh and to cuddle them afterwards.

My time with him was short. I kept it to two hours so I can get back home and get the rest and sleep I need to contain my cold.

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Selfies - Sunday April 16th 2017Something silly

Today is my last day of daily blogging... after that, I'll go back to my usual pace of either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly... or whenever I have a match. Having 3 matches last week, I've decided to take a little bit of rest this long Easter week-end.

When I have to go through my archives to look for superficial selfies, it's because I really ran out of things to post.

I am very fond of dogs, but I unfortunately don't own one. I'm too irresponsible for that. Pets require attention and daily care and I'm bad at that, really. But whenever I approach a dog or a cat, my IQ suddenly drops to near 0 and I start doing those "Ooooooh! Here kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty! Come here you cute little doggie..." The dog below is a cute female husky that belongs to my older sister.

For the particular pic above, someone told me that it looks like the dog is eating something else...

I don't know how my sis does it, but this dog sheds so much fur. Your t-shirt and pants would literally be white if you dared approaching or touching this dog.

The pictures were taken with my Nintendo DSi in 2011. You could edit the picture with the device to add silly icons and all sort of things to make you look funny or ridiculous. I used to play Pokemon with this device. I played it night and day, wasting several months of my life, until I suddenly lost my DSi somewhere... After that, I felt so freed! I've told myself I would never play Pokemon again because I am so horrible that I can't control my addiction for silly video games. I still had a nice time with it, though.

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