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No fest for me this year... - Tuesday January 16th 2018  Blog entry

I won't be attending the Wrestlefest of NYC this year. This is a decision I might regret because I've been contacted by quite a few wrestlers that I would like to tumble with again. I also received messages from new wrestlers that I would have wanted to wrestle.

A combination of work and family commitments are telling me that it would be a wiser decision to stay in Montreal for the month of February. However, things are looking very good for a possible travel in Atlanta for the 22nd Clash of the Titans in end of May/beginning of June 2018. I'll try to post more about this soon.

Meanwhile, for all attendees to the fest, I'll be missing you guys and I hope you guys will have lots of fun. Think of me by putting on those bearhugs, scissors and don't forget about those racks too!

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Look what I found: Retroactive - Thursday January 11th 2018  Archives

I misplaced this folder and I found it recently by doing my continual hard drive cleanup. If these files were my room, then my room would probably looks like it has been swept by a tornado or another severe disaster of some kind...

Anyway, these were taken back in September 2013. Now, from what my history files are telling me, Retroactive999 (id 6555) asked me to removed his profile and I cannot recall for what reason anymore. After seeing that his MeetFighters and Globalfight profiles were also removed, I can only think that he is taking a break (hopefully, temporary) from wrestling. I did however remember that he told me that I could post these images.

These are screenshots from a bearhug video we took. I don't think I was squeezing hard enough to have any effect, but he did sell it pretty well in my opinion.

Can you tell he is happy here?

And here's a cliché shot from the back. After all, I have to do my full 360 degrees view angle.

And you know that I have to finish him off with my typical rack, right? Someone the other day told me that he likes it when I rack much bigger guys in my matches. So maybe I should keep on doing that even if it feels or looks unrealistic that someone like me can somehow manage to catch a bigger guy off guard in such a hold?

I still wish I can wrestle Retroactive999. To be honest, I'm terrible at keeping in touch and I think I may offended a lot of people this way unknowingly. I tend to let people contact me first and if they don't follow up afterwards, I will probably forget about it while deep down, I do want to wrestle them again. That's definitely something I need to work on.

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Teachers and wrestlers - Tuesday January 9th 2018  Some thoughts

In my travels, I have met quite a few wrestlers that are teachers. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Quite the contrary, being a teacher has its perks. Most of them seem to use the summer term, the 2-3 months of vacation they have for free to go and travel off, meet new guys and wrestle.

There was this one particular teacher I met at one of the wrestling events that told me something that marked me still today. When I asked him if he enjoyed his career, he told me that his profession changed a lot within the years. This guy was teaching at the high school level. He told me that the blame has shifted from the student to the teacher. When a student fails a class, the parents used to say:

"What did the student do and what can he do to improve or to pass the course?"

Nowadays, the question they ask is:

"What did the teacher do and what can he do to help the student pass the course?"

He also told me that the kids are aware that a lot of laws are protecting them and many kids no longer show any respect to teachers. He would walk towards a student and that student would tell him out of the blue: "Get the hell out of my face." and there's absolutely nothing the teacher could do.

I felt really bad for him. I could see the progression and the shift and change in values, how time transformed a wonderful job into a crappy one because parents put so much love in their kids that they become completely spoiled. And mind you, so many different careers have been transformed over time. It reminds me of one of my exes who had his shining days in the travel agency industry about barely 2-3 decades ago. Nowadays, who uses travel agencies anymore when you have sites like Expedia that do all the work in a fraction of a second?

Back on the subject of kids, I'm not saying that these kids need to be slapped or anything, but a lot little less spoiling is a good start and that probably starts at home. One thing for sure, shifting the blame from student to teacher is definitely the wrong way to go. And sometimes, doing the right stuff will prep the kids and put them on the right track.

A colleague of mine tells me that the first thing that they teach kids in kindergarten is that parents cannot hurt you in anyway. If they do, you can call the police and your parents will go behind bars. The kids go back to their parents and tell that in their face and the parents are scared and defenseless. My colleague enrolls his kids to take martial arts classes such as karate and the first thing these guys teach them is to respect their parents. On top of that, the kids learn not to use their self-defense skills on each other because they are lethal. They learn to use these skills sporadically and only when their lives are threatened.

When I was younger, my mom would use a wooden stick to slap my butt and I would get a couple of slaps with it depending on the severity of my actions. Today, I tell wrestlers not to slap my butt because I had my fair share already. I still have some trauma about it, but I felt that it somewhat shaped me and oriented me in the right direction. Then again, I'm not saying this is right either, there's something in the middle that is just right. You can't be too harsh with your kids, nor too easy.

Anyway, I just felt like ranting and mind you, this shouldn't be a thing I would ever need to worry about because I wouldn't want to have kids. I'd be a terrible daddy: always wandering off wrestling too many guys. I'd be to blame if my kids misbehave.

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Loserboy vs Jobberboy, chapter 3 - Sunday January 7th 2018  

I actually sent this match for approval to Jobberboy (id 482) since mid-December, but my guess is that he's very busy nowadays because I still didn't receive any response.

In any case, I felt that there was nothing in the match that prevents me from releasing it. Even if Jobberboy has any objections against the storyline or on how I used the images, I can always change the match afterwards. Jobberboy is someone that is really nice and enthusiastic about these photo matches, so I'm sure he won't mind.

This is actually the third chapter. Jobberboy wrote the first two and since he ... uh... spoiler alert... forcefully made me lose the first two chapters, I told him that I would take care of writing the third one. The only problem was that it took me nearly 5 years to write it. In contrast, a much more disciplined Jobberboy usually writes a story in a year or less. So yeah, the pics were taken during the NYC Wrestlefest of 2013.

Anyway, the result is in Match ID 341. If you need to read from Chapter 1, you can click here instead. Again, it is not a necessity. You won't get lost if you haven't read the previous chapters.

Here are a few sample pics from the match. Ranked second on holds I love being caught in, here's the Full Nelson Grapevine again!

Jobberboy's shows that he is no pushover. In fact, he's Heelboy here when he locks in his lethal triangle head scissors! Personally, I can never make those work properly on someone else. Triangle head scissors always hurt me more than they hurt my opponents, but Jobberboy has the right length of legs and he probably knows how to use this technique properly to get the most bang out of it.

Another grapevine festival, this reverse grapevine is actually very fun. It's slightly painful, but it's a good type of pain. It's actually better than the good pain that people talk about in the gym when you lift weights. This kind of pain usually makes me laugh... and when you make me laugh, it's because you're doing it the right way.

Lastly, this knee backbreaker is a bit funny. I think I was a bit too heavy for Jobberboy.

I just realized that my hair is so long in these pics. I could even have a Mohawk in some of these shots...

I guess I'm due for a Chapter 4, but I've decided to skip Wrestlefest this year again. Besides, it's a bit too late. When I make plans, I usually make them in November or December because the terrible Penn hotel always has a big promotional sale on December. I get my room at a discount and lock in that rate until February's fest. If I changed my mind and reserve now, I would probably pay 20-30% more, so I'll skip it again this year.

Update (2018-01-08): I just got Jobberboy's approval one day after posting this. I guess I was too impatient.

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The Secret to Ultimately Strong Scissors - Friday December 29th 2017  Off-topic

This is the secret of my scissors. During all these years, I managed to make people submit by squeezing them between my legs because of this. This is the perfect thing that will tell you how to beat all of your opponents:

It looks like a book, but nope, it's not. If it was a book, it would be a 500 pages book that would blabber nonsense or perhaps teach you the secret martial arts techniques of squeezing the life out of your adversaries. It can't be a DVD cover/holder because the dimensions are too thick and weird. It's actually a VHS tape... That last sentence just reminds me how old I am now.

And I'm really just kidding. I found this the other day while cleaning up some old junk from my friend's apartment and I felt like taking a picture and sharing it for the heck of it. I'm sure many people out there really use this to build up their legs... well, not the VHS variant. Nowadays, it would rather be through clips on YouTube.

Nah, my scissors comes from rollerblading.... I think. And truth be told, I haven't rollerbladed since a while now. Last summer was so shitty that I didn't even think of getting my skates out of the box.

So yeah, this VHS tape clunker is a worthless antiquity that now belongs to a landfill because I'm sure that even the local non-profit organization has no use for this. I still remember that we used to have a huge library of tapes just about 2 decades ago. A 2 hours tape meant high quality play, 4 hours was medium quality, but we had everything recorded under 6 hours so we can cram as many shows or movies as we can since these tapes were already taking so much space... Not to mention that the price of 3$ per tape was steep for me back then. Nowadays, you get blank DVDs at a rate of approximately 50 cents per disc, but who wants obsolete discs when you can cram a gigantic load of junk in USB keys and external hard drives that holds 1,000 times more than what DVDs can hold?

For some reason, I thought the bottom of the box reads: "For men's things, butt and calves". I was wondering what "things" this tape is referring to... It took me quite a while to finally realize that this tape was referring to thighs. But hey, I'm sure that by working on your thighs, it will make the things between your legs better.... and harder.

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Luchador - Tuesday December 26th 2017  Recent matches

I wrestled Luchador (id 7894) last Friday (December 22). He came all the way from Mexico city and he was in Montreal for business. I took an Uber to get all the way to Pointe-Claire which is a district slightly west of downtown Montreal. It is otherwise pretty much hardly accessible by public transportation, but that's because these far and remote hotels usually costs much less than those at the heart of the city.

Luchador impressed me a lot with his wrestling skills. I did had an advantage early on simply by sticking to my body scissors, but that all went in smokes once he knew how to avoid them. He then used his extensive experience to put me in strategic and complicated holds with his arms and body that made me tap twice. Smothering me with his chest was one way to push me to give up. He's also pretty agile and quick on his feet. He knows how to properly leverage his body and my own to tip the battle in his favor. I look forward for a rematch.

He travels with this black fabric that is very ideal for wrestling. It's about 6 x 4 meters wide. I really ought to buy one of those because it's so practical and portable. It's not the typical blue polyethylene tarpaulin that you see in gardens. It's something more resistant to movements and that will stay flat and adhere to the carpet. It does move a bit anyway with all the force we are exercising on it, but not as much as it would move a tarpaulin. I'll have to do some research to determine exactly what he's using. You can see that he has been wrestling quite a while, because he knew his way around the hotel room, how to move the furniture around to get the appropriate amount of space for submission wrestling. Also, if you carry around the right materials, it's because you've endured in the past the irritation from carpet burns and you know not to rely on hotel mattresses and bed sheets as a stable (or unreliable) arena for submission wrestling. I used to travel with stretchable or elastic clips that stick the bed sheets to the bed, but this is the minor leagues compared to what Luchador is using.

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Socks removal... and 2 bearhugs - Tuesday December 26th 2017  Video clips

Wilson (id 5398) requested this from me a very long time ago. I created the clip, but I had forgotten to upload it. It was originally produced in 2015.

If you are curious what this is about, just check out Clip ID 323 which features EvilDark (id 1077) doing my request.

If you rather see me stick to the usual stuff, you can check out instead the bearhugs I've added under Clip ID 324 and Clip ID 325 (or just jump to the listing of newest clips). On the first bearhug, I'm giving the bearhug (for a change) and it's Chinlock (id 7994) who is "struggling" to get out. On the second one, it's Sylvain (id 2636) that grabbed me upside down.

He later "grabbed" me differently and fake punched me down there. I was not expecting that and panicked a bit... so I gave up. What else is new?

By the way, happy holidays to each and everyone of you. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.

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Dromedary clutches! - Wednesday December 13th 2017  Hold it!

You know what? I never understood why they specifically chose the camel instead of any other animal for this hold. Anyway, I posted the other day a set of boston crabs, so it is only fair that I post a series of camel clutches, right?

We'll start with one against RBWrestle (id 395). Usually I am the prey who falls victim to this hold, but this fellow likes this hold, so what gives?

This one below is from Fightdure (id 1591). This guy disappeared from the wrestling scene after he found his soulmate. I wish I could still wrestle him, but I'm very happy for him either ways. He's a sweet and generous guy that wouldn't hurt a fly, really. One of my past encounters with him is still available under Match ID 128, the shots that were taken in that scenario were however before his loss of weight.

I like how EvilDark (id 1077) is holding the camel in this one. That's one good way of doing it. It's almost a sleeper/headlock.

Last, but not least, this camel is applied by the mighty CT_Bodyslams (id 6931) who isn't afraid to show off and flex his muscles.

Next time I do this, I checked out the distribution charts and I apparently need to put up more full nelsons.

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Just Dance! - Monday December 11th 2017  Something silly

This is a good way for me to let it all out... or to get some good cardio and make sure those legs stay good and healthy so I can squeeze the s*** out of my opponents. For the records, when this is recorded by the XBox entertainment system, it purposely increases the speed by two times fold to make you look like an idiot. You also can technically play the Benny Hill theme song on all videos generated by the Just Dance game to make it even sillier. But why be concerned about it? The goal is to have fun and to catch some good old exercise on the way while playing.


Hey, I could get myself a membership at the gym instead and procrastinate about running endlessly on a boring treadmill or I can have a bit more fun while doing it at home with my XBox. On top of it, because you're dancing and the moves aren't always the same movements (different songs offer different choreographies and dance moves), you're really stretching and working out all those muscles on the body rather than focusing on the specific ones a machine would make you work on.

If you're wondering what I'm holding, it's actually the base of a toy lightsaber. The plastic tube that represents the sword was removed because I didn't want to accidentally hit myself with it... plus it's also pretty heavy. The song being played in this clip is Groove from JD2017. You'd think this is easy stuff, but songs usually last 3 minutes so imagine following a choreography for 3 consecutive minutes and you'll see how much of a wear down that gives you. I try to do this an average of 60-90 minutes whenever I start a session.

By the way, if you are a good researcher, you might be able to dig up the channel hosting most of the videos I've posted from my personal profile on the JDTV Community. You'll see a couple of friends of mine having fun as well. Good luck though, in mid 2017, Ubisoft disabled the JDTV network and its functionalities for most countries, but Google is your friend and nothing is impossible to find nowadays if you know how to dig.

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Jobberboy: Reverse sleeper - Sunday December 10th 2017  Video clips

Jobberboy (id 482) is a very sweet guy I've wrestled since my first year at the Wrestlefest and I recall wrestling him again almost every year I went back. He does not have any hiccups on age, size, ethnicity and he's nice enough to wrestle just about anybody.

Jobberboy's name, like mine, is a bit of a contradiction. He enjoys being jobbered and he definitely enjoys being bearhugged (!). However, if you fight him in a sub match, he will go all out and he won't hesitate to use his dangerous sleeper. Very lethal. In the file I attached today under Clip ID 319, he's using a reverse sleeper and I'm trying to counter-attack with my usual ankle lock, but he knows better than to avoid it. Once he put his hand on my mouth, I started panicking because I needed to breathe...

Definitely don't underestimate Jobberboy and don't you ever let your guard down, even if his name implies the contrary. I usually don't let him put too many sleepers for me. After all, too many of them means big trouble. The only exception is if he combines his sleeper with scissors... because you all know I love scissors. This below kinda guarantees a win for him.

You can see his tactics often used back in 2010 in my first match against him. (Or just check out the chapters.)

You know... now that I think about it. He defines himself as a jobber, but yet, he went and marked himself as the winner in both matches we had. Something tells me that deep down, he enjoys winning.

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