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Version History

This section lists the change brought to the bearhug uploads system between versions.

Version 0.02

- Added next and previous buttons on uploads

- Rearranged results and display on upload listing

- Can view uploads sorted by highest or lowest amount of hits and ratings

- Added sub categories

- Added a duplicate checker that automatically rejects pictures that have already been uploaded previously.

- Updated Uploads Panel with pre-defined searches (i.e. Uploads by highest rating, uploads with no locks, etc.)

- Introduced Upload Locks: Some uploads can be unlocked by uploading pictures and others can be unlocked by voting on existing uploads. Some uploads require different amount of uploads or votes.

- Implemented commenting system

- Capped the amount of uploads to 25 pictures per page. Any excess uploads can be accessed using the "Next Page" or "Previous Page" buttons.

- Added Gallery View which shows images in grouped compact thumbnail format.

- Added "My Uploads". The section shows the uploads that the current logged in user has uploaded.

- Added "My Votes". The section shows the list of all uploads that the current logged in user has voted on.

- Implemented "Status of My Uploads". This will show, for the current logged in user, if uploads are rejected, duplicate, pending, approved or are in another status.

- Implement "Search Uploads". You can now search by ID, title of upload, company, category, sub category or by uploader.

- Added "Uploads by date" to view uploads sorted by the date they were added to the site.

- Added "Top uploaders" to designate users that have contributed the most uploads.

- Added "Unrated uploads" to indicate which uploads have not being rated yet.

- Added "Top voters".

- Added icons on search results and upload viewing. Icons can point to user profile or to a list of pics that the user has submitted.

- Added "Ordered Gallery" for people who are used to surf the site using a sequential gallery number that never changes.

- Disabled commenting on locked pics and hidden thumbnail images.

- Added in the Uploads Panel a link that lists "Upload that you did not rate yet". This will help people finding out which uploads they did not vote on yet to help them increase their voting level. (This obviously requires logging in first)

- Added Most Voted Uploads

- Added Awards System for Top #100 Highest Rated Uploads

- Added Identification System to identify the bearhugger and the victim. Uploads marked with a checkmark means that they have been identified.

- Integrated video clips with the database.

- Added to the panel two new categories: Uploads with database entries and uploads with video clips

- Sub-categories in search results are now clickable: they will bring up only uploads belonging in that sub-category (9:57 AM 28/08/2008)

- Categories are clickable, yielding results having only the clicked category (6:01 PM 12/25/2008)

- Companies now have a [ More ] link to show all other pictures from the same company (6:01 PM 12/25/2008)

- Bearhuggers and victims are clickable on each upload if they are identified. This will show all images featuring the bearhugger or the victim. (12:38 AM 09/01/2009)

- Bearhuggers and victims can now be separately searched. (7:24 PM 01/04/2009)

- It is possible to search by Uploader's profile ID, bearhugger's profile ID and victim's profile ID by entering the ID of the wrestler in the Uploader, Bearhugger or Victim field in the search.

- Added "Newest uploads by points lock" link in the Uploads Panel. (2:28 PM 07/04/2009)

Version 0.01 (February 24 2008)

Implemented the following:
- Bearhug file upload
- Newest uploads
- Updated uploads
- Random uploads
- Upload control panel
- View uploads