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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ last updated on: January 26 2011 13:19:09.

Q1. Where is my upload?

Check the status of your uploads to see what has become of it. It may still be pending approval or it may have been rejected. If it is the latter, a reason is normally given as to why it was refused.

Here are common reasons for image rejection:
- Low quality images
- Images saved with a low compression ratio
- Too many images from the same set
- Image not being a bearhug
- Image altered from its original
- Image truncated to leave out a company's watermark
- A larger version of the image is available elsewhere
- etc.

If an image is still pending, then please wait a few more days and the status will probably change.

Note that you can only access your status of your uploads if you are logged in. Also, if you have previously submitted a bearhug without being logged in, you will never be able to access it status.

Q2. I tried to upload an image, but it keeps telling me it's a duplicate. What am I doing wrong?

This simply means that somebody else has already uploaded that image. There is no need to post twice the same image if it already exists elsewhere on the site. Try uploading a different image.

Q3. One of my uploads got rejected, but the only information I have is the ID and I don't know to which image it corresponds. What do I do?

Next time you upload images, simply identify them better. Give them a title, a category, a description or any information that will help you remember which image you posted.

Q4. I uploaded several images of the same set. Why were some of them rejected? has limited web space and bandwidth. The amount of images allowed per set varies depending on its overall rating, on the amount of web space available and on the demand for it. For example, bearhugs from companies, personal bearhugs and related bearhugs have a higher demand than bearhugs in cartoons and comic books. I need to be selective to leave space for other bearhugs that are of higher demand.

Q5. Other sets of bearhugs have more images than my own set. Why didn't they get rejected as well?

Simply point out to me which set has too many images and I'll gladly remove the pictures in excess, hence, freeing additional web space for other unique uploads.

Q6. This image is not a bearhug or that image is not supposed to be there. Why were those images not rejected?

Simply point out to me which image does not belong to the bearhug uploads section and I'll gladly remove the pictures, hence, freeing additional web space for other unique uploads.

Q7. This image is of lower quality than mine. Why wasn't it rejected?

Simply point out to me which image is of lower quality than yours and I'll gladly remove the pictures, hence, freeing additional space... do I need to repeat this again?

Q8. I thought this site was free. Why are some uploads locked and how do I unlock them?

It is free, but it also relies on user participation to get new content. People are invited to share the content they find from other sites and communities and, in exchange, they get to unlock other uploads.

Some uploads can be unlocked by voting, others by posting bearhug content and others by exchanging bearhug points. For more information on accumulating bearhug points to exchange them for uploads, click here.

Q9. Why aren't there more female bearhugs?

Because there are sites that exists exclusively for female bearhugs. keeps a low ratio of female bearhugs (the rate is around 1:100). You can simply check out this listing and submit your female bearhugs to them instead.

Q10. Why is my upload only accessible from the database section?

Since August 2010, there have been changes brought to most of the comic and cartoon-based bearhugs:

In an attempt to separate real bearhugs from cartoon and comic-based bearhugs, the latter ones will be segregated and put into the bearhug database.

The thing is that the majority of users prefer real bearhugs, so in order to avoid polluting the uploads section with low rated cartoon and comic bearhugs, they will simply not be listed there. Illustrations that are CGI drawing or hand-drawn by bearhug drawing artists are an exception and they will still remain in the bearhug uploads.

Hence, most cartoon and comic-based bearhugs will be viewable in the bearhug database only and you'll already notice that some of these images have already started their migration.

There will of course always be a few other exceptions depending on the quality and the type of bearhug being submitted.

Q99. What if I have a *whine* *whine* *whine* question that is not listed here?

If you do not like the way how bearhugs are managed on this site, you have the option of creating your own website or your own Yahoo group to acquire the privileges of having thousands of users whine back at you for the way you decide to manage your own images.

Also, this is a free service, so if you don't like it, you can go pay a subscription to any of those paying sites and threaten them to drop your subscription if they do not manage the pictures the way you like it.

Q100. What if I don't find the answer to my question?

Simply contact me and ask ahead.