A page dedicated for the bearhug submission hold in wrestling.

Video trade

I am currently looking for Pro Muscle Wrestling products. The company closed a while ago so their videos became extremely rare.

Here are my current PMW DVDs:

Brutal Muscle (PMW)
      - Jason Stryker vs Ricky Atlas
      - Jason Stryker vs Havoc
      - Jason Stryker vs Private Nuke

Bearhug (PMW)
      - The Trainer vs Private Nuke
      - Fred vs Brandon Young
      - Crank vs Hadrian
      - The Shield vs Tommy Trouble

Cheap Shot (PMW)
      - Tommy Gunz vs Brandon Young
      - Crank vs Fred
      - Jim Fury vs Private Nuke

David. vs Goliath (PMW)
      - Squat Mackenzie vs Shawn Donovan
      - Tommy Trouble vs Johnny Saturn
      - Sean Royal vs Jason Static

Rookies (PMW)
      - Max Diesel vs Fred
      - Shawn Donavan vs Rycky Atlas
      - Matt Savage vs Roman

Brutal Muscle 2: Wreaking Havoc (PMW)
      - Atlas vs Havoc
      - Roman vs Havoc
      - Matt Savage vs Havoc

Squash (PMW)
      - Havoc vs Brandon Young
      - Hadrian vs Roman
      - Tommy Gunz vs Jim Fury

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