by Mike


In a grassy arena deep in the tropical forest, two athletic bodybuilders faced each other. They gazed one upon the other, saying nothing, but were obviously emotional and excited. One was a blond musclegod, with long flowing hair which hung free. Already well tanned, he was a European on an eco-holiday in the Brazilian rain forest. The other - his opponent in the coming combat - was a local warden at the eco-complex where he was staying. Descended from African slaves, the warden was chocolate brown in colour, and very well built. The two combatants had agreed on the names they would use in their battle; Tarzan for the visitor, Nubios for the warden.

Both musclemen were exceptionally well built, of about the same height and weight. The blond Tarzan was in his late twenties, and wore a tight fitting white T-shirt, which left no detail of his magnificent torso to the imagination. His huge chest, with massive bulging pecs, tapered to a slim tight waist. His pecs bulged and relaxed as he breathed deeply. His muscular thighs and buttocks were moulded into tight fitting jeans, cut away just above the knees; the jeans emphasised a well developed crotch. His calves were very well developed. Black Nubios - a spectacular muscleman in his early thirties - wore an equally tight fitting red T-shirt and white shorts, which showed his physical development to be at least the equal of his European opponent. Both bodybuilders were barefoot.

Why were these two musclegods squaring up to each other? The previous evening the blond had squeezed the black's biceps and asked him to his quarters for some extra 'room service'; the black, ever conscious of his descent from slaves had resented the implication that he could be bought so easily. 'Take me tomorrow in the forest if you are man enough!' he had said in challenge, and the European had agreed readily; 'but if I beat you tomorrow then you are mine for the rest of your time here!' The stakes were high!

Suddenly the musclemen crouched and began to circle each other, looking for an opening, taking in each other to the full. Now Nubios sprang, clashing his body against Tarzan's; the bodybuilders gripped each other's shoulders, forcing each other, trying to wrestle each other to the ground. They groaned and surged together, first one driving forward and then the other. 'Uuuuuhhhhhh......did you think I would be so easy?' grunted Nubios as he pressed Tarzan over backwards; he locked his left leg round Tarzan's right leg, their thighs pressing hard together. Tarzan felt Nubios' tight abs pressing against his ridged 6-pac as both wrestlers fought for breath; the powerful black was forcing him down! 'Huuruuuhh! Ruuuhhhh!!' he grunted in reply. He fell back onto the forest matting, locked tight with Nubios, their legs intertwined. 'I wanna see those big pecs of yours!' he gasped, gripping Nubios' shirt. Nubios gripped the blond's shirt in reply and they fought on, rolling and heaving on the forest matting as they ripped and twisted each other's shirts to shreds. Their grunts were mixed now with groans and cries. Suddenly, their shirts all but torn off, the muscle giants fell apart, to lie heaving and moaning on the matting. After a few seconds they glared at each other and stood up.

Gasping, Nubios ripped away the shreds of his shirt, revealing his massive bulging pecs and jutting erect nipples. 'Grohhhhh......hhrrrrrggghhhh!' he cried, flexing and bulging his pecs in challenge. Tarzan licked his lips in eager anticipation, ripping away the remnants of his own shirt; 'Raaagggghhhhh!' he bellowed, flexing his own massive bulging pecs in response; his jutting nips at least the equal of Nubios'.

Then Nubios grunted more quietly, almost sighing; he swayed his hips, his hands pressing against the tops of his thighs, and looked enquiringly at Tarzan. The European moaned and nodded, accepting the challenge. Nubios removed his shorts and revealed a light blue, narrow pouched lycra thong with a minimal waistband, which bulged erotically as it encased his manhood. He raised his arms above his head and stretched his body, swaying his hips and making his pouch bounce and jerk, groaning quietly. 'Aaaaaahhh!' grunted Tarzan appreciatively. Then the blond peeled away his cutaways; 'Nnuuuhhhh!' grunted Nubios in pleasure as an equally brief, suggestive light grey thong came into view, encasing a similar bulging endowment.

Both musclemen now flexed for each other's enjoyment, peaking their biceps, ridging their abs,quivering their bubble glutes, stretching their lats. After a few minutes of posturing, their pouches were semi-erect; now they stood on their toes, face to face, pecs and abs boring into each other. ' are strong, Tarzan, but I am stronger! You will be mine!' boasted Nubios. 'Rruuuhhhhh..never!' came the response 'Before our fight is over, I'll have you creaming inside that blue pouch in submission!' Nubios' reply was immediate - instantly he locked Tarzan in a cruel bearhug, pulling his clasped hands into the small of Tarzan's back, causing the blond to gasp in pain -'Aaiiggghhhhh!' - and pleasure. But the pain was less than Nubios had hoped for, as Tarzan had flexed his intercostals and was able to resist the squeeze. Eagerly, Tarzan reached round Nubios to inflict the same hold on the black; now the bodybuilders were locked together, each straining to wrestle the other down to their knees, their naked muscleglutes quivering and straining. 'Grruuuuuh....ggggrrrraaaahhhh.....hhhhrrrrgggghh!!' The animal-like grunts and gasps echoed in the empty forest.

Suddenly Tarzan locked his lips on Nubios', wrestling the black's tongue with his own; the mutual bearhug continued. The forced kiss muffled their grunts and groans of pain and pleasure. Bulging pec-nipple against bulging pec-nipple, belly against belly, thigh against thigh, and pouch against pouch, each fought to overpower the other; their musclebuns quivered and jerked as their pouches wrestled together. Their tight gripped hands pressed into each other's straining backs; their bulging pecs flexed into each other. Once or twice their heads separated as they fought for breath, the strain and exertion showing in their bright eyes and their flushed, excited faces; 'GRAAAAHHHH!! OOUFF!! OUFF!! OUFFF!!' Deep masculine groans of pain and pleasure as their pouches ground together. Then their heads would close again, locking lips and tongues together. Their heaving, muscular bodies shone and gleamed with sweat, moulding into each other as each fought to force the other backwards. Neither gained more than a slight advantage, and then only for a moment; eventually, realising that neither could win this way,they separated and circled each other, looking for an opening.

Now their pouches were darkening and becoming shiny and distended, betraying their extreme emotions and excitement. Pouches bulging, understraps disappearing between heaving, flexing muscleglutes of steel! Suddenly Tarzan sprang forward, gripped Nubios' shoulders, spun him round and full-nelsoned him! Pouuring on the pressure with his huge arms, he ground his pouch against Nubios' glutes of steel. 'You like that, slave?' he grunted. 'Ohhhhhhh!' gasped Nubios in reply. Tarzan jerked harder, now forcing his bulging pouch between Nubios' quivering glutes; with each jerk Nubios' own blue pouch, now hard and shining, heaved and swayed! 'Uuhh!! Uuhh!! Uuhh!! Uuhh!!' grunted Tarzan fiercely with each power-jerk of his loins, thinking that his was the victory. But Nubios had other ideas. 'Ruuhh!! Rruuuhhhh!! RRUUUUHHHHH!!!!!!' he bellowed. Slowly his huge arms, at first in a horizontal crucifix position level with his shoulders, began to power downwards in an effort to break the nelson. His hips jerked convulsively as the huge arms flexed and biceps peaked! 'Having fun, muscleboy?' he gasped. Tarzan felt his grip loosening! 'NOOOOOHHHH!!' he screamed. But now Nubios revealed his power and the hold was broken! Grinning, Nubios turned to face the quivering, amazed blond. 'You see what you deal with?' Now his manhood was fully erect inside the now dark blue, shining pouch. He swayed his sexuality at Tarzan. 'Soon we both shall cream inside our pouches!'

Tarzan felt his own erection bulging inside his tight grey pouch; the tightness excited him further, knowing that he was arousing his opponent. 'You'll cream first, slave! Then you're mine!' he cried. Not finished yet, he dived for Nubios' muscular calves, and pulled them forwards; the black bodybuilder fell back with a crash. Tarzan flung himself on top of the quivering black, but Nubios broke loose; he wrapped one arm round Tarzan's slim tight waist, pulling him in, and fastened his lips and teeth on the blond's huge erect right nipple as he bore him down. Tarzan bodyscissored Nubios, wrapping his huge thighs round the black's muscular waist, but the black chewed and sucked on the bulging nipple, his free hand gripping and squeezing the blond's flexed muscleglutes. 'Aaaaaiiyaaaahhhh!' screamed Tarzan, heaving in sexual agony. Nubios drove his huge bulging pouch against the base of Tarzan's grey-clad member. All Tarzan could do was to tighten the scissors, gripping the black's wildly flexing glutes.

Now Nubios kneeled up, still in the scissors; Tarzan's body, close to climax, heaved and arched before him. Both wrestlers' pecs were so pumped now that the skin was drawn tight over their rippling muscle, their nips jutting out like small mountain peaks. 'Nearly there now, Tarzan!' gloated Nubios as he forced the blond's legs apart. He moved up the struggling European, bodyscissored him in his turn, forcing the younger wrestler to eat his huge left nipple while he tightened his thighs round the blond's waist. Now Nubios ground his huge pouch against Tarzan's ridged abs, harder and harder; 'OHH!! OHH!! HHAARRAAGGHHH!!!' Then he released the blond's head, and gripped his pecs. Pulling him up level with himself, he locked lips with Tarzan, overpowering him in tongue-wrestle and grinding their pouches together violently; muffled high-pitched grunts and groans indicated their closeness to climax.

Now Nubios released the quivering blond and jumped to his feet, flexing and posing; bulging his massive pecs in excitement, ridging his abs in triumph, jerking his huge shiny bulging blue pouch in dominance over the near-defeated Tarzan - who lay quivering at his feet, crying out, bridging, jerking his hips in excitement. Nubios allowed his conquest to struggle to his feet,and quickly full-nelsoned him. 'Now feel my power, Tarzan!' he groaned, pouring on the pressure and grinding his pouch against Tarzan's muscleglutes. 'UUHH!! UUHH!! UUHH!! UUHH!!' he bellowed as he ground and jerked against the defeated blond. 'AAARRRGGGGHHH!' screamed Tarzan, increasingly excited in his defeat; his dark grey pouch jerked in near climax. Now Nubios released the European muscleman, only to grip his long blond hair and pull him back into a backbreaker over the knee. Roughly he worked the blond's heaving pecs with his free hand, gradually moving down to his jerking, swaying grey pouch. As he squeezed the pouch 'AAAAWWWWWW!!' Tarzan roared his pleasure.

Now Nubios quickly trapped Tarzan in a final bearhug, both bodybuilders kneeling face to face. Tarzan found the energy to bearhug in response. Their lips locked again, Nubios forced Tarzan to arch back, slamming his pouch into Tarzan's. The pouches fought wildly, as the bodybuilders locked together. Nubios flexed faster and faster, and their lips parted. 'HHAAAAHHHH!! UUUHHHHH!!!! AAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!' Tarzan gripped the black's flexing bubble-glutes, his eyes glazed over. Nubios grinned in triumph, victory was his!

A final paroxysm of violent thrusting!! Tarzan was forced over the edge of control!! 'AAAIIGGHHH!!!' he screamed as his pouch exploded in orgasm! Nubios locked his lips on Tarzan's, intertwining their tongues together as he rode Tarzan's spurting pouch. Then their lips parted 'HHHOORRGGHH!!! GGRRUUUHHHH!!! GGRRRUUHHH!!! AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!' Nubios screamed as his own self-control gave way. The black's mighty, violent climax began inside his bulging blue pouch, even as Tarzan's continued inside his bulging grey pouch! The shooting spurting pouches locked together in wrestling embrace as the two musclemen ground together in violent ecstasy!! Pec bulged against pec, abs ridged together, locked in their wrestling embrace the two bodybuilders ground their bulging, dripping thongpouches together in a final shuddering bearhugging climax - their frenzied tongue-wrestling muffling their grunts and screams of ecstasy!

Finally, their passion was spent, Tarzan still arching under Nubios, still trapped in the black musclegod's bearhug. Then Nubios rose, hauling Tarzan up by the hair. He force-kissed the blond savagely. 'Your promise?' he demanded. 'Yes, I shall keep it' groaned the blond. 'Yes, what - slave?' questioned the black, letting the blond sink to his knees. 'Yes, Master!' gasped the blond, reaching to fondle the black's muscleglutes and cleaning his creamed abs and pouch with his lips and tongue. Nubios grinned again; Tarzan still had a week at the eco-complex, so he was assured of his fill of sex-wrestling dominance!

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