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Video Review

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Devin's Revenge
ID:  63
Title:  Devin's Revenge
Company:  Thunders Arena
Category:  Wrestling, Muscle
Year:  2009
Ratings  8.50 | 0.00 | 7.48   [7.99]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Fabian   (ID 1404)  

General description:

Devin gets revenge and a chance to team up against a punk.

Review of Devin's Revenge
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Devin and Batar are sparring and Devin gets a chance to show off his great abs and pecs. They box for a few minutes until Devin blanks out and throws Batar, apparently having a flash back. (I haven't seen the vid in which the flash back occurs.)
Devin seems distracted and Batar gets back up.

Devin has a great body, and a very masculine attitude. It would be nice to see him with a beard or some chest hair.

The object of Devin's anger arrives, and he and Batar both get pumped knowing that the brat is gonna get a beating.
Yes, they intend to double team the guy!

Batar steps outside to chat the guy up. His name is Romeo.
They appear to be friends, and Romeo is planning to watch the game tonight. But unfortunately for him, Batar is just setting him up for a back attack from Devin.
Devin rushes Romeo and grabs him in a choke, while Batar helps him haul the smaller guy inside.

Devin and Batar beat Romeo down, then Devin jumps on top of him locking in a vicious arm bar.
Romeo curses him and tries to get away, but Devin holds on.

Batar wants a piece of the action too and clamps his own hold on, letting Devin teach him how to apply the hold the right way.

Devin strips down to his trunks and tells Batar not to let Romeo up.
They taunt him since he's supposed to be a tough guy from NY.

Devin flexes some muscle for the viewers.

Devin locks in a crab and taunts Romeo while Batar gets his shots in too.
After hurting him they insult him and the Yankees!

Devin and Batar take turns making Romeo scream in ankle locks.
These two guys are sadistic, but maybe they have a reason for wanting revenge?

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Devin's Revenge
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