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Johnny Bravo vs Slash
ID:  70
Title:  Johnny Bravo vs Slash
Company:  Thunders Arena
Category:  Bearhug, Muscle, Wrestling
Year:  2010
Ratings  7.50 | 8.00 | 8.30   [7.93]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Johnny Bravo (JB) Squash Job on the new kid Slash from Bodybuilder Battle 13

Review of Johnny Bravo vs Slash
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This is a squash job. For those that may not know this is when a much bigger man (Enter Johnny Bravo stage left)

Destroys a much smaller man (Enter Slash Stage Right)

Basically Johnny (or JB as he tends to call himself) is pissed with these little kids that think they're going to come into his house so he's going to take them down, HARD CORE STYLE

The hugs start almost immediately (rear chancery style) at the 1:12 mark of the video for about 10 seconds

Back and forth and then Fillertime Flexing by JB. JB taunts Slash with his "Big Muscle" saying he thought they were going to bring in someone who could wrestle.
Then he tries to get Slash to go for the leg a third time. He eventually tries and almost succeeds but JB is just too big and has great balance.

Submission Move Pain Time by Johnny Bravo on Slash. A Half Nelson while he tries to fold Slash in half.

Eventually JB releases it and they continue their dance. JB on Slash applying various holds.

I have to be honest. It's refresing to see wrestling. Not just the occasional "big" move but the steps to get there. Thunders Arena video's are normally good for this.

You come to appreciate that some of these guys are skilled with more than just their mouths. They train, not just their bodies, but to learn moves, to grow.
Thank-you to those that make the effort because it makes watching more enjoyable.

After a short while JB's education on Slash continues. He's actually encouraging and Slash is taking cue's and working like a good "jobber" should.
Slash and JB have a bit of banter going back and forth and they're both smiling and laughing. They are enjoying this (though I'm sure JB more than Slash who has been on the bottom a lot more).

JB's height, weight, reach, and power are a lot more than Slash's and he uses it well.

One comment. There have been multiple camera jumps where the action is edited out (aka camera stopped or paused until the match gets going again).

This is obviously being shot in a small room (like a 10 by 12 foot room). The single camera handled by someone at the far end of that room. Johnny and Slash are in a fairly small space.

The space itself makes this match not as enjoyable as a larger space where they could properly apply throws without concern for hitting the walls and more than one camera angle would be nice.

JB decides it's time for some Thunders Arena JB Power in the form of a standing lifted choke. This is where the "Squash" job begins.

After not one but two lifted chokes JB decides to haul Slash over his mighty shoulders and try and break him.
Slash says "You ain't got nothing" (while still held in place and being tortured).

Word of wisdome here, maybe when someone has you imobile and is trying to break you in half and has a ton of power etc. on you saying things like this aren't a good idea.

JB decides he needs to do some squats with Slash still in place eventually turning around to haul a groggy Slash to the camera wanting him to look at the camera while JB addresses his fans and then slams Slash down.

After a bit of gut bashing by JB and a straight choke we see the JB Full Nelson.
Slash's face is red with chin on chest and JB inches taller behind him.

JB uses his incredible power to lift Slash while still in the Full Nelson.

Johnny Bravo isn't the "sculpted muscle god" he normally is. He seems to have a lot of "water weight" and not a lot of definition. Johnny is a bodybuilder and this must be an "off" period when they pack on the pounds so they can diet it down to trim away what they don't want prior to competition.

He also doesn't seem to have his full power (or at least be using it). In other video's we've seen him lift a man in a lifted fullnelson, hold them above the ground for a long time bouncing them without them touching the mat. That didn't happen here.

Slash looks out of it but what is the fun in that. JB Slams him down.

"This sweaty little pig comes into my ring and sweats all over me" he rants.
"Wipe your pathetic sweat off" he says and throws Slash a towel.

To my eyes it's really JB that is sweating a lot but we'll call that "camera angle" or "lighting" (mostly as we wouldn't want to piss JB off)

"You're so slimy you can't even get on a hold" says Johnny. Slash gets another leg takedown and now we get Johnny taunting "Line it up, come on, line it up" like a teacher. Earlier on it was great. The guys seemed to be having fun. Now it's taunting, bullying.

Both guys are sweating a lot. JB is frustrated with the "sweaty little pig, can't even get a grip on you"

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 92 seconds (1.5 minutes)

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