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Sampson vs Titan
ID:  69
Title:  Sampson vs Titan
Company:  Thunders Arena
Year:  2010
Ratings  9.50 | 8.67 | 8.47   [8.88]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Sampson vs the Giant Titan from Battlespace 8

Review of Sampson vs Titan
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Enter Sampson. Two Hundred Fifty pounds of "Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal". He's not one of the feather weights that Titan has been destroying. He's a real man, a powerful man.

I no longer see Sampson listed as a member of the Thunders Arena roster which is too bad. This is a well put together guy with good ring moves and presence.

I think the problem may be he is actually a hooker, someone who can hook you and actually wrestle. Many of the guys don't seem to have the same caliber of skills that Sampson has.

Enter Titan. He lets his actions speak louder than his words and he's not a midget himself. He's got height on Sampson but does he have more knowledge and more power. Only time (and this match) can tell.

Titan seems classically trained. He seems to know his stuff. Normally with the really big athletes they are required to depend strictly on their size and dominate the small fry. While it may sell it can be dull. This has the makings of a great match.

After multiple collar and elbow or amateur style tie ups and a quick takedown by Titan, Sampson gets a front facelock and adapts it to a rear chancery / bearhug.

Doesn't take long for the hugs to come out and there are several good ones including several fairly long ones in this video.

Start time at 1:33 for approximately 5 seconds until Titan sits out and breaks free.

Throughout the match Titan uses his superior reach to try and keep Sampson distant.

The rear chancerys coupled with multiple amateur take downs and lock ups dominate this video

Eventually Sampson works Titan into an almost Cobra Clutch type hold and has him immobile on the mat in pain.

That eventually becomes a rear choke style of hold and Titan is out.

Eventually Sampson releases it calling Titan "Tiny"

First fall, Sampson and our first true set of Flex Time Filler. Acceptable after the win of a fall, it's kept tastefully short.

Second fall begins with Sampson slapping on a well executed Boston Crab.

Titan works his way free only to be on the receiving end of multiple bodyslams and eventually an over the knee backbreaker.

It takes a strong man to heft someone the size of Titan and Sampson fits the bill.

Titan is NOT used to being on the receiving end of a bodyslam as the picture shows and it hurts (as does his back after the crab and slamfest)

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 113 seconds (1.9 minutes)

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Sampson vs Titan
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  Comment #1 written by an anonymous user on 2015-02-19 22:46:04

Awesome vid, wish there was website to watch other than TA

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