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The Mountain vs Frey
ID:  151
Title:  The Mountain vs Frey
Product name:  No Holds Barred 90
Company:  Thunders Arena
Category:  Bearhug, Wrestling, Muscle
Year:  2017
Ratings  9.00 | 9.25 | 8.78   [9.01]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

The Mountain vs Frey in a no holds barred match. There will be eye gouging, there will be nose crushing, there will be low blows and there will be retribution and pain but the most important thing that is here is innovation and variety from both men especially with a bearhug each. Sorry this is a book.

Review of The Mountain vs Frey
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This is my first match seeing the new rising star of Thunders Arena called The Mountain. I bought this one not just to see what he can do but because I like Frey. He has skills and is a proven worker. He also works hard to get the body he has and he strikes me as a young man with a sound work ethic though one who is willing to chuck the rules when the rules get in the way. The former is admirable, the latter not as much but we will see if it matters against someone who out weighs him by one hundred fourty pounds and is not a weakling.

The video length is 18:14 and the action actually starts at the 1:28 mark so 16:46 of action which is not bad.

This is a no holds barred match. That means that anything goes.

Now this could be a factor that may help Frey plus his skills and knowledge prevail against the Mountain. It also may just piss the big guy off and result in Frey being a smear on the mat that has to be removed by spatula and a bucket.

I have to admit that when I saw the trailer for this match I also saw bearhugs by both men and that helped in me making my decision to purchase.

I have owned this video for a bit but wanted to try and get some of my prior reviews done before tackling it.

I decided before I made my purchase that I would try to limit the detail of this review. Please note the try part. Epic Failure on my part. This will be a book, possibly my longest may God have mercy on you all if you are a person of faith. If not, well, tough luck.

Now this video is being shot in a garage. While not optimal at least there is a non-reflective drop sheet covering the main wall which helps with lighting a great deal. Unfortunately there is also the obvious background humm of a fan blowing to keep the air circulating and the temperature manageable.

I would have preferred a ring match or a backyard match but who knows what the weather is like or for that matter if this is day or night outside and rings cost money to rent. Until someone is a proven, bankable star getting a ring is a financial risk that may prove to be unwarranted.

Unfortunately the setting and sound issue lowers my score a bit as the environment is not as conducive to a good match but it is not a large deduction.

I will be giving this video a solid 9. The reason I am doing that is because I liked it. It was wrestling for the most part. It was not boring to me very much, yes there were spots that were but the good was very good in many places so the bad got a bit of a pass. While there was domination here it was the wrestling that is prompting the score.

Now this is a mismatch. As such sarcasm will inject something that can pass for humour into this review.

Enter Frey. Five foot nine, one hundred eighty pounds of knowledgable badass. He has a proven track record in several franchises including Thunders. He has diverse knowledge both amateur and pro moves. He understands pacing and he will be the match runner.

He has muscle. It is not shredded lean incredibly defined muscle though you do see a six pack there.

Enter The Mountain. Okay WOOF. His height is not listed on the site but he weighs in at three hundred twenty pounds. When you look at the side by side it looks like The Mountain is at least five inches taller than Frey making him about six two or six three as a guess. While he is not a defined muscleman I think he must be a power lifter. If he has any knowledge at all this may not bode well for Frey. Okay, lets be candid, it will not bode well for Frey if this mass gets ahold of him and as the preview and pictures for this match that are in the link show, he does.

One more comment here, while you do not see as much development as Frey on him he is not thirty years pregnant and holding either and when he flexes there is a LOT of muscle there. I also think some bowling lanes may be shorter than his broad shoulders but honestly it is hard to say.

Now the Game of Thrones moniker is tacky but who knows it could actually be a name he is known by back home. He has a British accent so is not from the North American side of the pond as a guess.

For the purpose of brevity I will call him TM for the remainder of this review.

Now Frey thought he was going to wrestle a skinny guy as TM walks in. He seems a tad upset with Big Mike about this match and wants to renegotiate on this.

Frey jumps TM and applies a rear choke and the action starts.

Frey the beautiful, try Frey the weak says TM as he just flips Frey off.

Frey looks at him with a Oh Crap, I Am So Dead look that I think must be something he sees often.

TM then puts Freys head between the tree trunks he calls legs in a standing, well others may call this a standing head scissors. I think in TMs case it is more a standing skull crusher.

TM then decides to give Frey a ride in an inverted rear bearhug. Our first hug of the match. As such I will be including extra pictures.

Hug includes inverted rag dolling which is so rarely seen I have to comment on it. He is literally throwing Frey around in his arms like he is weightless or a string. His arms are low to Freys abdomen not higher near his chest. This is actually the right placement to maximize effect.

You can also see the muscles in TMs forearms as he looks between Freys spread legs above his crotch. The dude is huge. You know that as this is a no holds barred match he could headbutt said crotch which would make things all the worse for our red haired victim but, so far, that has not happened in this video. I think TM plays it fairly straight as he does not have to avoid the rules. That does not bode well for Frey.

Frey says he is going to get Big Mike for setting him up like this.

Okay, an inverted one armed bearhug. Yeah, TM is such a weakling. I am sure that bicep is just a photoshop, right? Unfortunately for Frey it is not a photoshop.

TM lets Frey go though you get the distinct impression this could have gone on for for the balance of Freys life or not very long all things considered.

Total hug time for this is 15 seconds.

Now this next shot is kind of an illustration. TM grabs an ankle and lifts and turns Frey, with one arm to turn him around so he is facing the right direction for the camera. DAMN SKIPPY. Okay the fact that he is turning Frey for a hold for the camera, doing it with one hand and picking him up, well, gee, I do not think he is a 98 pound weakling and he has knowledge of viewing angles so he has experience.

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 65 seconds (1.1 minutes)

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