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Mutant vs Damien Rush
ID:  150
Title:  Mutant vs Damien Rush
Product name:  Fantasy Heels 8
Company:  Muscle Domination Wrestling
Category:  Bearhug, Wrestling
Year:  2016
Ratings  7.30 | 10.00 | 8.15   [8.48]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Muscle Domination Wrestling Mutant vs Damien Rush

Review of Mutant vs Damien Rush
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Giving another MDW bout a try. Last one was actually fairly good so I was hopeful for this one but there are relatively few holds. Many are repeated. There are knockout situations but I find myself disappointed.

Mutant seems to know few holds. He knows how to apply a type of sleeper or choke. He seems to know how to apply a full nelson really well. He can do scissors and he can bearhug but the hug is rarely used in this match. I think the hold he applied the most if you can call it that is kicking his opponent. I think he used the full nelson three or more times, all effectively and all really well applied but you see the problem. If all you do is kick a guy between applying the same hold things get stale.

Damien mostly just pretends to be out of it and say is that all you got though he does a really good I am being choked out here sound and look. While I think it is faked one never really knows.

I am giving this one a seven point three. The reason it is that high is at least it is wrestling with real holds. There is some biplay. There is some thought that goes into some of this. It is not accidental. Neither guy is a toothpick. Both have muscles.

It would be higher if Mutant would use the hug more or even Damien would and the holds had more variety. I do not care that Mutant has the verbal skills of a mime but a guy this big and strong should put in the effort to learn more than a few holds and should give us something new.

MDW bouts can be unusual, especially the start. Normally you get solo shots of the combatants in a video but in this one it just plain starts. Yes, Damien Rush is talking. He seems to do that a lot and yes, Mutant is not talking. That too tends to be the norm.

I know that our good friend Sarcasm will make a cameo or two but does not need to be with us all the time which speaks volumes about the video.

Video length: 20:30 so it is a shorter video and a lot of the preamble is really Damien Rush speaking. The early part of the video he is trying to educate Mutant about holds and with this you will submit only Mutant does not do that which is frustrating for Damien who seems displeased to not get his way.

Enter Damien Rush: He does want his entrance. He feels the universe owes him and should be subservient. He seems to have the opinion that everyone should assume the position behind him, kneeling, with a pucker to kiss his, well I think you get the point.

He is the wordsmith of the match. He is also the actor here. While Mutant plays more the silent heel Damien is our casualty in trunks.

He has manfur on his chest for those that care and in the picture flashes a double bi and a big smile while Mutant looks on.

Enter Mutant: Double bi shot while Damien looks on. Okay he has worked for Thunders and MDW. I know that humans have to have at least a single digit amount of bodyfat to live but well let us just say he is probably at the minimum and I challenge you to actually find it. He is known for not talking during matches very much but letting his actions speak for him and his actions invoke pain.

Dude is tatted and rugged. I doubt this guy has hit the desert aisle in his life and even knows what ice cream or cheesecake are conceptually.

On the Thunders site he is listed as five foot eleven and two hundred twenty-five pounds. Two twenty-five my posterior. He is at least two fourty and all muscle. I mean on the Thunders site in the Mutant vs Freak match they list one as two fourty and the other as two sixty and do not specify who weighs what. As a guess Mutant is the marine at 260 as he does not strike me as a male dancer but even the dancer is two fourty.

Side by side pose before they start with a bit of arm wrestling to see who is stronger. While normally ones eyes would be adequate to see this simply from a muscle perspective, well lets just say that Damien requires proof of concept.

Visuals seem to be correct as Damiens hand starts to go down.

Apparently that was not a good test, probably as he was about to loose it so Damien thinks they need to go for mercy. The finger lockup for a test of strength so he can show Mutant his true dominance.

Feel that strength, feel that power Damien says.

Have you ever heard someone utter self fulfilling prophecy but where they will be on the receiving end, not the giving?

Okay you are pretty strong there too Damien says.

I am not even trying Mutant replies.

Oh you are trying, I am really trying so you have to be trying Damien replies.

Mutant then decides to try a little.

Okay, okay this is not a good way to test our strength. I am thinking a bearhug competition. So I will go first and once you give up I will win says Damien.

Hug number one. Lifted frontal by Damien Rush on Mutant who probably out weighs Damien by a good fifty pounds as a guess all of it muscle.

Total hug time 23 seconds. I have included extra shots if you are logged in or vote.

Oh you are a big one. You did not give up says Damien who is now our Captain Obvious of the video.

This leads us to hug number two. Lifted frontal by Mutant on Damien. This is almost a double bearhug as Damiens bulge is showing. Now, having said that I will tell you that Damien is not a weakling but in this video he plays one. Mutant is a very strong man with well defined muscles but still there is a lot of show here.

Damien is flailing his arms as if something is broken. He is a good salesman.

I have included extra pictures including sets for all.

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