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Brute Baynard vs Kip Sorrell
ID:  149
Title:  Brute Baynard vs Kip Sorrell
Product name:  Bearhug Beatings 2
Company:  BG East
Category:  Bearhug, Wrestling, Muscle
Year:  2017
Ratings  8.51 | 9.25 | 8.44   [8.73]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Brute Baynard hugging and hurting Kip Sorrell

Review of Brute Baynard vs Kip Sorrell
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This is a total domination / squash match. Our good friend Sarcasm will be joining us for this review thanks to that so my humour and utter lack of tact will be in evidence.

I will note the total number of bearhugs and the total bearhug duration at the end of the video but not give a bearhug by bearhug breakdown.

This match was above average. It was not great. It was not bad. There were a lot of bearhugs and a lot of variety of bearhugs. Many of the hugs were a lot longer than the norm you see in a video. There were many submissions. Normally that would mean a video is very good but there is just something lacking here.

I guess I have grown beyond many domination style matches and I actually want it all. I want to be entertained by wrestling. I do not care for kicks or punches. I do not care for improper holds applies improperly which this video has few of, really just our victims one and only hold. While I like variety it seems effortless when one person is just so much bigger and stronger and skilled than the other. A match between equals is more enjoyable to me now.

The match is nearly thirty-three minutes long yet it felt in some ways like less than half of that had value and even that half did not feel as satisfying as I would have liked. I am going to give this video a solid 8.5 out of 10. While it is not something I regret it is also not something I enjoyed as much as I hoped.

Enter Kip Sorrell, our sacrifice of the match. For the purpose of this video I will call him SPAM because he is basically going to be crushed semi-protein paste after the squeezing he is going to get. He has some muscle. I want to comment on something that I noticed further in the match. The kid has some heart and he also has a stubborn streak. He knows he is clearly out muscled and out matched but he does not give up and he tends to get up quickly so the pacing of the video is actually good. In the first ten minutes of the match you do not see someone on the mat just lying there while the other guy stands and does nothing or flexes. This helps keep the bile and vitriol down.

Please note: In the first picture his hands are in the wrong position for prayer because only divine intervention would prevent what is going to happen to him in this match. He takes a couple of laps around the ring and does a bit of warm up. Kid, if you want to avoid the pain you should have run FROM the ring, not around it but, well, it is too late for that because...

Enter Mr. Brute Baynard. Now the reason I call him Mr. is that I would not want to piss off this walking nightmare by having him upset with me for presumed familiarity. For the purpose of this video I will hereafter respectfully refer to him as BB simply for the sake of brevity.

BB is a professional with formal training both muscular and in wrestling skills. He is not a rookie, not an amateur, he is a professional sadist er I mean wrestler so he realizes how much of a mismatch this is and suggests that SPAM leave before permanent damage or death occurs. SPAM chooses to not comply with the recommendation. At this stage one hopes that SPAMs major medical insurance is all paid up, EMTs are present with a shovel to pick up whatever is left, put it in a sack and deliver it to wherever it should go or compost it as appropriate.

A simple visual comparison between BB and SPAM illustrates the pending consequences that will illustrate why this video is called a Bearhug Beating.

They lock up and BB proceeds to hurl, not throw, hurl, SPAM to the mat and let the pain begin. SPAM comments that that hurt. BB says yes it seems like it did. BB has now been awarded the honour of the rank of Captain Obvious for this video and SPAM is now Corporal Obvious because he is not as big and frightening as BB.

The lockup, being thrown across the ring to the mat cycle with a few extra strong suggestions that SPAM leave occur several times and then BB gives SPAM a freebie. He literally says I will let you try something. SPAM thinks he can put BB to sleep. The second picture, where BB is actually shaking his head and thinking pitiful, should be an indicator as to how successful SPAM is with this.

BB decides to give SPAM a ride into a turnbuckle and the back beating besides the being hurled to the mat multiple times begins but we get some pro punishment in the form of a bionic elbow to the head, having the boot laces to the eyes, a clubbing blow to the back, knee to face stomp, a few skull to turnbuckle meetings, gut shots, kicks to the gut, well, I think you understand the scope of the error SPAM has made.

Our first bearhug, lifted with grip changes. A lower hug designed to hurt, not hibernate as it is not lifting the floating rib and forcing the internal organs up. A hibernation hug achieves the goal by effectively being a slow choke because of the pressure exerted lifting the organs up reducing lung capacity dramatically and exerting pressure in other spots. While it does hurt to be hibernated, I mean it is like a slow choke, a lower back hug tends to be more painful, especially when executed by someone as strong as BB.

Position changes including BB ducking his head back to the side to prevent SPAM from trying to go for the eyes or throat like that is going to happen.

As it is the first hug and it lasts an impressive 51 seconds I am including extra pictures that require login or voting.

After dumping him off like garbage surprisingly SPAM gets right back up and says come on. Really, really says BB and the fun continues including five kicks to the gut and a biel out of the corner into...

Bearhug number two, ground rear bearhug, multiple side and position changes, grip changes lasting, again, an impressive 80 seconds.

SPAM even uses his arm to try and elbow ram the forearm of BB to break the hold so he is not submitting. He even commented on how heavy BB is on top of him. That, too, warrants comment. Putting your weight on top of an opponent makes it both harder for them to escape and is a drain on them and their resources especially when you are also hugging the breath from them. You cannot breathe as well or as much when over two hundred fifty pounds of muscle is squeezing the life out of you and on top of you at the same time and while I know that puts me up for an Obvious ranking lets just say I decline the honour and the match continues.

Again, extra shots as it is a long hug with multiple positions and grips.

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 506 seconds (8.4 minutes)

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