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Steel vs Dolf
ID:  148
Title:  Steel vs Dolf
Product name:  Ring Wars 29
Company:  Thunders Arena
Category:  Bearhug, Wrestling, Muscle
Year:  2017
Ratings  9.44 | 9.00 | 9.04   [9.16]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Steel vs Dolf in the Thunders Ring.

Review of Steel vs Dolf
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I really liked this video so the review is not exactly short. These two guys actually worked. There were holds applied, broken, exchanged. This is a wrestling video. It is not a bearhug challenge though there are a lot of bearhugs in it. It is a Ring War.

This is not a domination video but more a match between almost equals. One has youth and a bit of height plus perhaps staminia and speed the other has more experience and muscle.

I believe this to be a worthy purchase. Is it perfect, no. It is a bit short at under seventeen minutes over two minutes of which was warmups and animation so really a fourteen minute twenty-two second match but there was less filler in this match than most so it just seemed longer but in a good way.

In this match a lot happened and I enjoyed the proficiency and diversity of the holds that were used. Seeing two buff guys go at it not to beat the other senseless probably with their own limb but to cleanly win was enjoyable. I have seen too many videos where there are indescriminate low blows, eye goughes, and environmental abuses lately so seeing a wrestling match is refreshing.

You will find that our friend SARCASM does not actually make an appearance in this review because it is not necessary. Sarcasm is used normally when things are either just bad or so mismatched as to be a joke. This video has none of that. This should tell you something.

Enter Steel in a loose white polo type shirt. This is a muscular young man who has legs that look like they can smear you all over the mat if they hit a leg drop on you. Listed at five foot nine two hundred pounds this kid looks a lot bigger than that weight wise. All of it muscle. The kid does some stretching and warming up and he is flexible.

Enter Dolf, listed at five foot six two hundred twenty pounds of pretty much straight muscle. He may not be the tallest person but he has muscle to spare and he has flexibility as the second shot shows. He too does some warm ups.

Both men choose to not wear ring boots or shoes and go barefoot Both of these guys are bodybuilders or close enough to not make a difference. From previous videos these two both have wrestling skill so this match will probably not piss me off like some of the earlier reviews. Both guys typically apply bearhugs in their matches so this should be a good one.

From prior matches I believe Dolf has superior experience to Steel but the kid is no slouch and, again we will see.

What I found quite unusual is that we do not actually get a start to the action until the two minute twenty second mark of this sixteen minute fourty-two second video.

All of the prior time was either Thunders animation or the guys stretching and warming up. At least it was not flexing.

Thunders does not normally do this. Normally they tend to get right to the point and the wrestling starts but this is also a shorter match so who knows.

After a lockup we get a bearhug, rear by Steel on Dolf. Okay mix it up I guess, Steel tends to prefer frontal bearhugs but whatever. Multiple standing to lifted transitions.
I have included some pics you have to be logged in to see and further down there will be things you have to vote to see plus some freebies. Nineteen seconds of hug here.

This is an example of the quality and diversity of holds I was talking about. Dolf, after quickly getting up from the bearhug applies a hip toss to Steel and then applies a combination hold of Arm bar plus positioning and kneeling on the kids six pack rock hard abs.

If you could not tell I am smiling as I type this. It is not filler filled crap and the guys look like pro wrestlers who take the time to try and get stronger and actually learn the craft not wing it and per prior information Dolf and Steel both have flexibility. Their movements look graceful.

The smiling continues with another variation that lets Dolf grab a leg and start stretching that too. He still has the arm bar and he is still kneeling on the abs.

You knew it was too good to last but as Steel nurses a very sore arm, leg and abs Dolf gives us a bit of flexing though the duration of flexing is short.

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 160 seconds (2.7 minutes)

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Steel vs Dolf
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  Comment #1 written by Bigsqueezer (id 743) on 2017-09-08 00:34:57

These guys have beautiful muscle - I love this one

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