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Big Max vs Vic Scorp
ID:  147
Title:   Big Max vs Vic Scorp
Product name:  Muscle Battle
Company:  Mission 4 Muscle Please visit our sponsor
Category:  Bearhug, Wrestling, Muscle
Year:  2014
Ratings  6.10 | 9.00 | 7.88   [7.66]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Big Max who pretty much defines the word BIG vs Vic Scorp.

Review of Big Max vs Vic Scorp
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Reviews, by their vary nature, are personal opinions. I have edited my initial responses and tried to remove as much of the vitriol as I could. This video pissed me off for several reasons and the frustration I had injected itself into this review and elevated my responses in several areas so I edited them to make them more fair and representative of the overall production. That is politically correct speak for I did not really like this video a lot and I have edited that too.

The production value of this, shot in a one car garage with piss poor lighting that reflects off of the closed door, is bad. The camera is actually shaking as the camera person is moving around. Better equipment tends to eliminate that but again, production value is lower than say a Thunders Arena, BG East, or Wrestler4Hire videos.

I mean we see the side small garage door is open and there is a shelf near the circuit breaker on one side. I gather the door is open to keep the temperature manageable and let some air in though it messes up lighting a bit.

Now, does that mean that the video had absolutely no redeeming features? Actually that is not true. There were a few moments that were okay.

This is the first M4M video I have ever seen. I have no idea if other videos from this company are this limited in production quality. I know that Frank The Tank, who has wrestled for Thunders Arena among others works primarily for M4M and I know that he has wrestling skills plus the snapshots on the website show better wrestling spaces so it cannot all be this caliber.

From what I have seen of the website there are a lot of videos that are more sexually oriented and a lot of muscle worship and shower videos. In short this is not primarily a wrestling site. It is a muscle site and a site that caters to a different primary audience that also has some wrestling videos on it both clothed like this one and naked.

There is not a lot here for me to actually post. I mean of the 26 minute video the first over 11 minutes had zero wrestling in it and a lot of the rest was filler so, from me, this will be a short one.

Big Max is a very big boy, very muscular. Great legs and huge arms. Bit of scruff and a nub of a soul patch though that may just be him not shaving today and that is where it grows more or the shadow and production issues.

Vic Scorpio is a lot smaller than Max. His body, while fit, is not nearly as muscular or defined but there is a look of street mean and I have beaten people up before to him. Also of note is the long stocking at the front of Vics trunks to hold what is inside.

And, at the eight minute thirty seven second mark we finally get our first side by side. Max is quite a bit taller and more muscled than Vic.

And a side by side most muscular. Max takes this one in most areas, the sock not withstanding.

I am not going to show the pec bouncing, both individual by both men and in tandom.

In this nominally wrestling video we have had over eleven and a half minutes of flexing so far and zero wrestling. As noted earlier M4M has a different mission statement than wrestling productions so we take what we can get.

At the twelve minute and seven second mark of this twenty six minute video we get our first lockup and strength test. Max has the height and the muscle.

And Vic learns about this first on one knee then two before the muscle giant.

Max goes behind Vic and we get, well I guess we will call it a bearhug though it looks more like Max is trying to have his muscluar arms be a beauty pagent sash or something.

Max actually makes Vic cry out a few times so he has to be constricting something.

Total hug time of this rear standing whatever it is comes to 28 seconds.

Max picks up Vic and does some squats for the camera.

Before letting him go and going for the Full Nelson including three sets of lifted before Vic gets to his fingers and makes him let go.

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 51 seconds (0.9 minute)

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