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Video Review

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Brad Barnes vs Bryce Barrigan
ID:  146
Title:  Brad Barnes vs Bryce Barrigan
Product name:  Big Bearhugs 4
Company:  Muscle Domination Wrestling
Year:  2017
Ratings  9.47 | 9.00 | 8.40   [8.96]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Brad Barnes vs Bryce Barrigan

From Big Bearhugs 4

Review of Brad Barnes vs Bryce Barrigan
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Okay the title says it all. This is really a Bearhugs video. That is the hold that is used the most. Is there more than just Bearhugs? Yes, some. A lot of it is really filler so that the Hugger in the form of Brad Barnes can catch his breath from squeezing the crap out of twig or the Huggee in the form of Bryce Barrigan who also needs a bit of time to recover his breath and maybe let the pain subside.

The Video is twenty minutes and thirty-five seconds and most of it is bearhugs or rest and there is a lot of rest which is the good thing and a bad thing. A good thing is that this video shows a lot of variety of the hold including some I do not think I have ever seen before such as hugging a man who is on top of you with your back to the mat and a rare one that is almost a coxyx hug that almost never gets used and in this video I think it was accidental and basically Brad having his arms in the wrong position than intentional.

We get rear bearhugs, front bearhugs, lifted hugs, mat hugs both top and bottom. Ring Corner assisted hugs. Rope assisted hugs. Other variations are also on display.

Some of the bearhugs were very short. Remember, it takes a lot of power to do this and keep it up without taking a break and this is also entertainment so Brad is not trying to injure Bryce. Oh he has to make it look like he is but he really is not.

Now for the first disclaimer, there are more to come but we will start with this one. Be prepared for some colour commentary and I am from part of the world where U after O happens way too much and the last letter of the English alphabet is pronounced zed not zee. By this I mean my sense of humour is in effect. It is my hope you enjoy it. If not skip over the text and just look at the pictures you knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, self rightous prigs er I mean those who are not into that.

Enter Bryce Barrigan: Okay this toothpick with curly hair and no razor to shave the goatee, I mean really it is more just hair under his chin like a fat soul patch and Who The Hell wears those but, for the sake of the video we will call this display of ruggedness, one sec, the bile was getting to me there, a goatee comes in and gives us a show. While I think the show is mostly so that the video hits the twenty minute mark or to give us a reason to develop sympathy or compassion for the slaughter that is to come I mean who really knows what is going through the towering intellect that is Bryce Barrigan. There is that bile again.

I guess being a suicidal toothpick must pay pretty well because you do not normally see any of the victims more than once in these things from MDW. Now while a case can be made for permanent injury resulting in a minor maiming or crippling I think it is more likely that they are so well compensated that they never feel compelled to work like this again or to experience the sequel to the WTF WERE YOU THINKING moment that occurred along their one and only journey.

Enter Brad Barnes: Okay he has a good body and a nice face. He kind of has that useless as snot I want to work for the government as an Economist or practice Tax Law look about him. You know, the Scum of the Earth kind of thing. Now for the sake of a disclaimer, our second so far of this review, I am not stereotyping these professions I am simply commenting that he has an appearance that makes these jobs come to mind and he is not ugly so if you did decide to mate below your species you could leave the lights on.

Okay folks, the previous paragraph was mostly for the sake of humour. To be honest I like the way he looks. He obviously puts in the work in the gym though he seems quite short. I get the impression that a lot of the people who wrestle for organizations like this that are younger are doing it to pay off that student loan so they can move on to their real job and not have to pay it off over the next twenty years.

I know Frey is a student per Thunders website and I am sure others do the same thing. Supplemental Income is a good thing when trying to survive and reduce debt. I mean you sell a kidney and that almost pays for a semester. Add a lung to that and you do not have to get the meal plan where the term Edible Oil byproduct takes on new meaning especially when used to describe fruit or vegetables or where Meat is not considered Protein. Remember folks, Hooves from a cow are 100% Beef. I mean insert name of fast food restaurant that serves burgers here knows that and when you fry it and it ends up being gray you can always blame it on the condiments or seasoning and no one will know plus red food dye covers up a lot before you fry it.

Because this is supposed to be a wrestling video we have to start out with some banter, I mean it is required. Welcome to sarcasm, your journey to the end of the video has hit a speed bump of reality and your suspension of disbelief will have to be adjusted.

And, after ah, psyching, yeah, lets go with that, Bryce into flexing in front of him with his back to Brad because, I mean the stronger guy behind you that you cannot see while you have your arms up and you are totally defenceless will do absolutely nothing, until reality sets in and we get our first bearhug. A rear, standing and lifted. The hug itself is high not low so it is around the chest not in the abs.

Now, for those of you who actually want to learn something here is a big tip. If you hurt an opponents abs they are screwed. You cannot lift things with no ab muscles. You cannot stand or sit or do anything but be a lump if your abs are really hurt without either a lot of pain or help.

Now is bearhugging someone high not low a bad thing in a rear bearhug? No, not necessarily. I mean most people get their backs cracked with a high hug though normally that is a desirable thing. A high hug can hurt the ribs if it is done by someone strong enough, AKA Brad Barnes in this case, and can be disruptive to breathing because it is like a steel band wrapped around your lungs.

While I think a low hug does more damage and cuts off the wind more a case can be made for either though I think that really depends on if you have recently enjoyed a large bottle of insert high level of alcohol here or possibly used other recreationals that may or may not be legal where you live but probably are not.

Now we come to disclaimer number three. There are a LOT of bearhugs in this video. I am not going to show you pretty pictures of them all. I will try to show a sequence from each type. If there is a variation that I find interesting I will show it. I will tell you how many bearhugs we have in this video and I will tell you the total length of all of the bearhugs at the end of this review but honestly showing pictures there would be little reason to buy the video and if you like seeing a buff guy repeatedly hug a toothpick including submissions then this is something you should buy.

If you are not into that then might I suggest you are really not on the right website.

I am not going to list the hug time of each individual bearhug we hit.

One thing I will mention. The sequence that is ground with Brad on top of Bryce, while the position may be envious for some, Brad repeatedly rams his chest into Bryce while reaming on the hug. The added weight of that muscle pounding down drives the air out of the victim. The sequence where Bryce is on top of Brad I put down to a Brain Fart moment.

I will show some pictures following this paragraph and a closing paragraph with appropriate details. I am doing this because, well, it is my review and I do not want to give you another book at this time. Besides, if I gave you a blow by blow, or hug by hug with filler breakdown I would inflict, er subject, er, bludgeon, humn, how about include more of my humour and too much of a good thing may take you to your happy place which is probably where your toilet is.

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 453 seconds (7.6 minutes)

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