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Video Review

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Mark Muscle vs. Scrappy
ID:  140
Title:  Mark Muscle vs. Scrappy
Company:  Thunders Arena
Category:  Wrestling, Bodybuilder, Domination, Squash Job, Bearhug
Year:  2016
Ratings  9.04 | 8.71 | 9.00   [8.92]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Rob   (ID 1307)  

General description:

Huge bodybuilder Mark Muscle dominates Scrappy in Vegas Battles 7.

Review of Mark Muscle vs. Scrappy
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The video opens with some posing and flexing. At 6'4" and 275 pounds, Mark totally dwarfs his opponent. Scrappy's 5'9", 160-pound physique is certainly impressive though.

As the posing and flexing continues, Mark grabs Scrappy and presses him against his huge body, casually establishing his total dominance over Scrappy before the wrestling has even begun.

Scrappy struggles to break free, but Mark easily holds him in place as he continues flexing his muscles, even kissing and licking his biceps in an erotic display of self-worship.

Scrappy is finally able to break free and stands in front of Mark, flexing his biceps, until Mark grabs him from behind and clamps on a powerful reverse bearhug. Scrappy squirms and tries to escape, and is eventually successful, turning around to face Mark, who immediately puts him in a frontal bearhug as well. Scrappy grabs helplessly at Mark's massive arms as the huge bodybuilder continues to squeeze him mercilessly. Mark finally releases Scrappy, letting him fall to the floor.

We flash back to one hour earlier, with Mark being interviewed in the hotel room. He talks about bodybuilding, and why he got into wrestling. He continues flexing the whole time, and can't keep his hands off his body. (Who can blame him?) After a few minutes, Scrappy comes out of the bedroom, complaining that he's trying to sleep, so he can gain some muscle. Mark's response: "I don't know why you need to sleep so good. You're still gonna be small when you wake up."

Scrappy tries to get Mark to leave, grabbing him and offering to escort him out. Big mistake! Mark puts him in a rear bearhug, Scrappy's biceps bulging as he tries in vain to break free.

It definitely looks like Scrappy's not going to be getting back to sleep any time soon, unless of course, he passes out in Mark's crushing embrace. Be careful what you wish for, Scrappy!

Time for a frontal bearhug. Bearhugs certainly seem to be Mark's favorite hold. The video is about 28 minutes long, and almost seven minutes of that are bearhugs!

Next up, some scissors and backbreakers, Mark using his huge, powerful legs to finish off his opponent. He forces Scrappy to pose and flex with him, returning to the opening scene.

I can't recommend this video highly enough. If you're a fan of big vs. small matches, like I am, you'll love this one. Watching the ruggedly handsome, massively muscled Mark completely overpower his much smaller opponent, putting him in one extended wrestling hold after another, is a huge turn-on. Check this one out, you won't be disappointed!

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 412 seconds (6.9 minutes)

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Mark Muscle vs. Scrappy
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  Comment #2 written by Gury (id 11176) on 2017-01-09 05:03:02

Essas lutas são maravilhosas. Deve ser muito prazeroso estar no lugar de qualquer um dos dois. Sentir os músculos desses fisiculturistas deve ser muito prazeroso.

  Comment #1 written by Ringmuscle (id 389) on 2016-12-06 11:52:14

major musclemen here looks very hot

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