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Ring Giants: The Battle Begins
ID:  131
Title:  Ring Giants: The Battle Begins
Company:  Rasslin and Muscle
Category:  Bearhug, Muscle, Wrestling
Year:  2012
Ratings  9.03 | 8.50 | 8.03   [8.52]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

This company has been around for awhile but to the best of my knowledge have only two DVD's out.

This is one of the three matches (the first) from the first DVD. All three of the matches feature Tank Toland.

It's nice to see some production quality in a video. This one has lights, sound track, and a full ring.
They rented it from another company but still it's nice that this is in place.

Tank Toland vs Kris Taylor

Review of Ring Giants: The Battle Begins
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Enter Kris Taylor with the tale of the tape athletic and acrobatic with a big personality

Enter Tank Toland with the tale of the tape six packed and jacked with attitude to spare

I'm going to hit the high points of the match and not give a blow by blow.

After a few collar and elbow tie-ups where the more powerful Tank forces Kris back to the corner and Kris climbs the ropes and catapults off Tank just muscle throws Kris like a sack of garbage

Okay, Tank is a powerhouse. He's a 5 foot 9 powerhouse who would be mashed potato's if he faced someone like say Ryback or Mark Henry but he's a powerhouse.

Kris ducks a lunge by Tank and gets a go-behind rear hug on Tank starting at around 3:35, duration 15 seconds mostly as Tank says Kris has to be kidding and then taunting him asking him if he's actually going to try a few times.

Tank Toland is the 21st Century Wrecking Machine (according to Tank). Kris seems pretty over matched (seems is polite).

Side headlock by Kris on Tank and eventually we get a pickup and chuck. Kris went about 3/4 of the way across the ring courtesy of Air Tank.

Tank gives Kris credit by saying he's quick but also tells him that Quick means nothing compared to his power.

Kris has some good fundamentals. He puts on an armbar only to get picked up and body slammed for his efforts.

Tank wants to show us some military press action. He's got Kris in a Celtic Cross / Razor's Edge type hold.
And for shits and giggles he actually presses Kris in this hold several times.

Kris is listed at 195 pounds. This is being pressed, with ease, by a man listed as only 30 pounds heavier. You do the math.

Tank gets bored with the presses and asks Kris if he likes rides. Kris looks like he is going to soil himself at this stage shaking his head no with vigor.

Tank takes him for a spin then dumps him off on his back yet again.

Humn, lets see, lets damage the back a few times. I wonder what that could be a precursor for (and welcome to the party Captain Obvious).

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 58 seconds (1.0 minute)

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Ring Giants: The Battle Begins
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