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Kid Brock vs J-Rock
ID:  128
Title:  Kid Brock vs J-Rock
Company:  BG East
Category:  Gut Bash, Bearhugs, Claws
Year:  2015
Ratings  9.05 | 9.33 | 8.63   [9.00]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Kid Brocks first match at BG East and they put him up against someone who just defines the word mean. I mean J-Rock put Mike Columbo out of commission for 3 months after his match.

Can knowledge and experience in a smaller but extremely well build package (J-Rock) overcome size and youth monster muscle (Kid Brock)?

My money is on knowledgeable mean with muscles ANY DAY over an inexperienced nipple ringed bodybuilder rookie.

Review of Kid Brock vs J-Rock
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The video starts in a fairly unusual way, we see and older gentleman in a suit and tie who tells us about an up and coming rookie wrestling sensation named Kid Brock (hereafter called KB).
After being prompted (and muffing it a bit in some places) KB tells us he's been a competitive bodybuilder in several competitions for four years but has only been wrestling for three months.
KB thinks he's ready for J-Rock (hereafter called JR). He's 6'2", weighs 225 pounds, he can bench over 400 and can squat over 700 pounds he has 20 inch biceps, he can go.
The interviewer asks him if he's not even just a little bit afraid.
"Afraid" says KB (who slowly takes off his shirt revealing his upper body) "not really".
Interviewer's pretty impressed by what he sees and say "I guess he's made his point".

KB does a bit of an ab crunching workout and the video continues.

Narcisist in the mirror time a bit while the kid removes his shirt (the one he just removed before his ab crunching workout that he just came from (yeah, I know the magic of video making), removes he training pants showing off his white trunks replete with bulge as he goes through his pre-match ritual.

He even puts on a fancy robe complete with hood. Having seen many other BG East matches I can say that they were either trying to move uptown with this one or KB has done too many steroids and has no clue what the franchise is really about.

As KB goes to enter the ring we get our first shot of J-Rock in his usual leopard skin trunks and arm bands and as always with no wrestling boots.

KB enters and we have our first faceoff with JR in the ring bouncing a pec and KB looking unimpressed (and yet impressive) on the outside in his shiny robe.

KB is smart enough to remove the robe outside the ring

He goes to enter the ring and JR attacks him while he's coming in (Pearl Harbors).

Okay from this stage I'll hit the highlights of the match. It won't be blow by blow or whatever but you will more than get the idea.

Knee lifts and OTK gut busters, double sledges to the abs, knee to the abs, etc. all by JR on KB.

JR tries a clothesline that KB ducks (know that KB is a good 5 or so inches taller than JR so if he can duck it JR had it arm way way too high and they were both moving slowly). KB comes off the ropes and hits JR with an arm to the chest type Clothesline.

Match continue for awhile until JR makes a boo boo, KB capitalized and starts working his back in the corner.

After some of this KB throws JR off the ropes into the Big Brock Bearhug at the 10:50 mark in the video.

Okay, in slo-mo I took 300 pictures of the three bearhugs KB applies on JR before JR submits.

I'm going to show you the two pics between this text plus 18 pics afterward (of which 3 will be free, 9 will require login and 6 will require voting on the review).

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 151 seconds (2.5 minutes)

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