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Video Review

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Johnny Bravo vs Specimen
ID:  127
Title:  Johnny Bravo vs Specimen
Company:  Thunders Arena
Category:  Bearhug, Muscle, Wrestling
Year:  2015
Ratings  8.00 | 8.50 | 8.37   [8.29]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

The two big boys from Thunders go after each other in a hug fight

From Bearhug Challenge 8

Review of Johnny Bravo vs Specimen
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This is a Bear Hug Battle, it's not a wrestling match. Total video time 10:41

My review is going to change a bit, normally I try giving a bit of sequential blow by blow but this is a hug fight.

I will show anything extraordinary, mention who did what and if they got a submission and keep a running tab on submissions.

Consider most of this video basically bearhugs back and forth. Bit of commentary, bit of other stuff (lock ups etc.) but mostly just hugs.

Not keeping a specific amount of time for the hugs, just going to use the full video time.

As an aside just by body language this is staged. By that I mean the conclusion is predetermined. I have an opinion that I'll share at the end of the review but until then, enjoy.

Please note: For the vast majority of the pictures you either have to be logged in or complete the review. I will intersperse a few freebies here or there but honestly you want the goods you need to be a member and membership is free so get off your butt.

Additional note: I prefer JB to Specimen. While I am doing my best to be impartial my preference may impact my review.

Video starts with Johnny Bravo flexing a bit and introducing himself and then introducing Specimen, tells him to flex and is complimentary saying he's got big guns and he's a big kid that looks like a young Johnny Bravo.

JB is taller by about 3 inches, other than that it looks pretty close. Specimen is tatted up and has bigger pecs and, to my eyes, less definition but that is a close thing.

This looks like JB "off season". Basically like he only bench presses empty passenger vans instead of filled stretch double decker busses.

He is still crazy strong but not fully hulked out.

Specimen has a confident look with a smirk on his face. He also seems to have the verbal skills of a mime.

We finally get a bit of a comment from Specimen saying he's "better looking".

First hug applied by Specimen, lifted frontal.

JB gets out of the first hug without submitting though he says "so you got one on me". I think that means Specimen got a hug on JB but, again no submissions. Close but no cigar so to speak.

JB picks up Specimen in a horizontal lift (like the precursor to a body slam) and Specimen says 'this isn't a bearhug, what are you doin?' (not doing, doin).

JB's reply is that 'everything I does turns into a Bearhug'

JB basically releases his hug and again picks Specimen up in a horizontal carry. No clue why. JB looks tired to me here. Just saying.

Look at the lack of definition on JB. Methinks he's off of the roids as well to give his liver a chance to recover. He just doesn't look like the JB we all know. Oh still huge but just not the hulk.

Specimen gives JB a reverse hug, lifted eventually but JB breaks it actually pretty easily

JB's turn for a reverse hug, doggie style.

Specimen breaks it eventually too (not as quickly as JB broke his but still fairly quickly).

Another lifted reverse hug by Specimen on JB again fairly quickly broken.

JB a reverse to side ground hug, Specimen has a bulge visible in this shot. JB releases the hug, btw notice the cord by Specimen's head, they have nearly gotten off of the mats, this may be why JB has let go.

We're a third of the way through the video and no submissions as of yet.

Lifted frontal Specimen on JB at the 3:55 mark gives us our first submission of the match.

JB's remark is 'God Damn what you feed this kid?' while holding his gut, 'f*** this, I'm JB'.

JB on Specimen, lifted frontal, fully cranked, 'You want a Bearhug, JB gives the hardest of the hard core Bearhugs'

'Not yet, I'm not going to make him give yet' says JB 'you want to know why, because JB provides Pain and Torture especially to people from Dallas'

The frontal hug goes against the wall and becomes a partial lifted side hug

Specimen has to give it up. We are currently tied up, one submission each. JB has hugged Specimen at this point longer but that can mean that Specimen is stronger and it doesn't take as long to get the submission.

Now it's Specimen that is holding his ribs and gut. JB may not be full Hulk but he's still plenty strong.

'Lets go again Big Man' says Specimen and then we get a video edit, no clue why.

Specimen is pushing against JB's head messing up his hair, this normally isn't recommended.

Specimen gets another lifted reverse bearhug on JB, higher up, diaphragm level by the looks of things

JB still breaks it, no submission.

JB lifted reverse hug. Please note the rookie camera glance by Specimen. I'm sensing someone off camera is holding up cue cards telling him yes or no to submission, he doesn't seem to be hurting, maybe they are trying to tell him to sell it or something.

JB takes him down and again basically releases the hug. Okay, other than the few reverse hugs that Specimen has broken every JB hug is either a submission (one) or JB breaks himself. Every hug by Specimen is either broken by JB or the one so far submission.

Sensing a pattern here (reasonably certain the sensory deprived could sense a pattern here but...)

Specimen rear ground hug easily broken by JB. You can actually see light through Specimen's arms around JB so really loose.

JB is still wrestling a lot with moves not just hugs, while this can be a time and energy waster it at least provides a touch of variety.

Specimen another reverse hug with JB on hands and knees basically doggie style again. JB's face shows disdain then we get an edit and now we see a continuation of Specimen's rear doggie style on JB where Specimen is cranking it and eventually it comes a rear lifted hug. I notice what looks like tape on JB's left (I think) knee. I think that may have been the reason for the edit.

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 641 seconds (10.7 minutes)

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Johnny Bravo vs Specimen
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