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Brook Stetson vs Skrapper
ID:  126
Title:  Brook Stetson vs Skrapper
Company:  BG East
Category:  Bearhug, Wrestling
Year:  2015
Ratings  9.50 | 0.00 | 9.02   [9.26]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Big Hairy Bodybuilder Brook Stetson vs twiggy roadkill Skrapper.

David and Goliath match. Multiple bearhug submissions in a continuous 3:45 second hug.

Review of Brook Stetson vs Skrapper
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Skrapper (hereafter called the kid) is 145 pounds, most of it mouth.

Brook Stetson is 230 and oh, yeah, he's a former body builder (though former is relative)

On paper the kid is a deadman er I mean he's unlikely to survive er win

This video has a TON of wrestling, mostly amateur moves, grapevines, stretches, lockups, etc.

It does have bearhugs as well.

Okay as our video starts we get a better idea of exactly how much trouble the kid is in.

The scene starts with a single body shot that slowly pans out showing our victim er the kid and then both guys on their knees going toward each other.

Okay Brook's arms and legs alone are at least double what the kids are. While skill can make up for a lot lets just say NGH (Not Gonna Happen)

After some amateur wrestling type lockups Brook tells the kid to punch his gut. The kid hits high more at the diaphragm area a couple of times, the shots pretty much just bounce off with no effect

This shot shows the disparage between our two combatants. the kids Neck is about the size of Brook's Biceps.

Brook has a fairly long body scissor on but it's not "firm", it's more a matter of holding on to the kid.

Everything so far has been "wrestling" amature style.

Brook is basically toying with the kid, squashing him a bit (I mean we're talking an 85 pound difference, that is 70% of the kids weight

Have you ever watched Bambi vs Godzilla. You know this isn't going to end well if you are Bambi (aka the kid)

Okay look, the kid has some amateur wrestling skills, in this shot he has a head scissor and an arm pull on Brook

Brook's escape is basically to get on one knee which forces the scissors apart and just put his weight on the kid almost folding him in half

Next shot is the obligatory crotch bulge and ass shot for those that are into it, enjoy

Brook even says "not bad" to the kid who has him tied up a bit

Armlock. Okay if Brook cranked it the kids arm would be kindling.

Ah this shot originally had me a tad concerned but you can see the kids hand underneath Brook so his arm and hand aren't where your dirty minds think they are

Hairpull armbar here, okay I think Brook is starting to get mean on principle, he holds it for awhile and then head slaps the kid, yep, the mean is coming out

ooo, ooo, I know, lets put a ton of weight and pressure on this pencil neck and see if it snaps...

Brook, being a good father figure, stretches out the kids left leg (by folding it in half between his legs he lifts up and SNAP but noooo, that would be too quick and then the mean comes out and we get some slaps, (gut, face, etc.) by Brook on the kid

Our first bearhug of the video occurs at the 7 minute 56 second mark, a reverse hug by the kid on Brook, duration about 4 seconds (lol)

The kid gets a lockup and scissors it and then punches the chest again (the definition of stupid is doing the same thing and expecting a different result), Brook gets out of it, easily

At this stage I'll just hit the high points, a lot of the video is More of the Same

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 229 seconds (3.8 minutes)

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