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Video Review

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Bulldog Barzini vs Mr. Joshua Goodman
ID:  106
Title:  Bulldog Barzini vs Mr. Joshua Goodman
Company:  BG East
Category:  Bearhug, Muscle, Wrestling
Year:  2011
Ratings  4.13 | 8.70 | 7.55   [6.79]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

BG East Demolition 12

Review of Bulldog Barzini vs Mr. Joshua Goodman
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Everything that follows, obviously, is my opinion. Needless to say sometimes my evil side comes out and my opinion can be a caustic. Take it with a grain of salt (that I rub in the wounds of those that deserve it)

Enter a burly Bulldog Barzini who warms up and works out on the machine

Over 8 and 1/2 minutes into the video we finally see Mr. Joshua Goodman

"This guy is going to feel it" says JG

After his workout we are now over 1/3rd of the way through the video before the guys even get to the ring.
The video is 36:57 seconds long and we're at 12:47 at this stage.

Twenty to Thirty seconds to introduce a wrestler and give us a bit of character is enough not over twelve agonizing minutes watching them use a cable type weight machine

Note to BG East: LEARN TO EDIT (and see #2 below)
Note to BG East Wrestlers: You doing exercises ISN'T WRESTLING and we're PAYING for WRESTLING

BB is in the ring flexing to be joined by JG who also flexes

"Let's see those little 14 inch arms" taunts the Bulldog.

JG is a lot taller and a lot more "defined" than Bulldog Barzini.

BB is a burly guy but Mr. Joshua Goodman does not look like a wimp (other than the soulpatch, if you can't grow facial hair in a decent amount (moustache, goatee or beard) don't bother a tiny strip under your lip looks pathetic not manly, it's right up there with doing a comb over, do the world a favour and go bald or go home, taking your ear hair and trying to fake it with the Donald Trump look makes me want to wretch).

"I got more veins on me than a roadmap" taunts JG.

"Come on look at this, how could you not be afraid of this" JG then ridicules Bulldog's definition though he admits that Bulldog is a big guy.

Okay it takes 16 minutes, SIXTEEN MINUTES before they actually start wrestling. Out of a nearly 37 minute match 16 of that is preamble.

Collar Elbow tieup and Bulldog throws JG off into the ropes and then flexes a bit

"It's okay, it's alright, what do you expect you're like 2 feet high" taunts JG.

Okay, someone who has just thrown you off like brushing off dandruff maybe you don't want to insult too much. There might be consequences (Oxymoronic R Us or what).

Another Collar Elbow tie up, JG tries forcing Bulldog back only to get thrown off (and down) yet again

Okay, the guys walk around the ring, JG stretches some on the ropes. I'll take "How can I waste more time and make the clients who pay for this dreck regret their decision even more for $1000 Alex"...

"It's allright, you got lucky, you got lucky" says JG. Okay once is luck, more than once not so much but apparently reality is subjective for JG

Another collar elbow, another throw down, this time JG tries to kip up (landing on his ass then standing)

right into a clothesline to the chest

Whip off the ropes, another clothesline to the chest

"How did that feel" taunts Bulldog "Get up"

Another whip, another clothesline

"Who's the Pillsberry Doughboy now HUH" says Bulldog

He tries for another clothesline and JG ducks it to give him a cross body taking him down

into a small package pin that gets him a 2 count (and a pissed off puppy)

A knuckle bump shows respect, respect from Bulldog to JG and respect from JG to Bulldog for getting out of the pin

"Not Bad, Not Bad Bulldog" says JG

"Little Fiesty" Bulldog Replies

"You got it in ya" says JG

We have a budding Bromance here that reminds me of a wolf and a chihuaua, my money is on the wolf (with the chihuaua becomming a snack)

"Like I said you're an Ankle Biter" says JG wrecking the moment

Another Collar Elbow tie up. This time Bulldog forces JG back into the corner

and smacks him with two knife edge chops to the chest

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 41 seconds (0.7 minute)

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Bulldog Barzini vs Mr. Joshua Goodman
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  Comment #3 written by Jaybee (id 5542) on 2012-11-09 15:39:35

I have seen another BG product with a JG who looks nothing like this JG,Curious

  Comment #2 written by Meanieau (id 5479) on 2012-09-03 00:51:02

I love the beef here on display. How about a review of when the two beefy gods of BGE meet? i.e. Joe Mazzeti vs Bulldog? I just wanna know if it's worth it?

  Comment #1 written by Bigsqueezer (id 743) on 2012-08-28 09:01:37

The BG series with big muscle had this idea that we wanted to see their guys work out for a 1/2 the video. Weak premise I think.

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