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Kid Brock vs Eric Moreira
ID:  105
Title:  Kid Brock vs Eric Moreira
Company:  BG East
Category:  Bearhug, Muscle, Wrestling
Year:  2004
Ratings  9.03 | 9.00 | 8.55   [8.86]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

BG East Fantasy Men 26

Review of Kid Brock vs Eric Moreira
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Word of warning about this review.

While I appreciate skills (and power) I have little patience left with huge blocks of inactivity between moves especially on an injured opponent.

The video is not bad but this type of pattern has appeared in many video's that I've reviewed lately and I find it frustrating.

It is my hope that many of you are as fed up as I am when you see things like that and can appreciate my sense of humour (Canadian, we spell it that way) about these lenghty and unnecessary transitions.

On paper this is a David vs Goliath match with Eric as David and Kid Brock as Goliath

Normally the much bigger, stronger guy will destroy the smaller man but skill and mean can go a long way over power

This is a lower resolution video so blowing things up you get pixelation. That doesn't mean the video is bad it just means that the version I'm reviewing is lower resolution.

Enter Kid Brock working out on a cable/weight machine

After a variety of exercises Kid Brock does some flexing of him impressive physique

The first over four minutes and fifty seconds are all Kid Brock exercising or flexing

We now see Eric Moreira in the ring loosening up including some boxing moves

Eric is a lot smaller size wise than Kid Brock but still a well put together athlete

KB says "I expected a lot better competition than this" to which Eric just snorts.

KB enters the ring and flexes while Eric continues loosening up.

KB taunts Eric to which he replies "You talk too much"

"It's all about technique" says Eric "You going to flex all day?"

Eric is not concerned at all by the size mismatch

He lunges for KB's legs and misses by a wide margin and KB, rookie that he is doesn't pounce on him but goes back to his corner

A second lunge and a second clear miss

A collar/elbow tie up and KB shows his power by throwing Eric down
Eric kips up in a show of skill

He then rushes KB for another collar/elbow to again be thrown down all the way to the other corner

Trying to match KB on power is pretty useless

KB is again just pacing back in his corner and not attacking his opponent

KB taunts "what do you got?"

Eric replies "you want to see what I got" and delivers and amazing jumping head scissor flip over, tons of skill, agility, and balance here

KB has power but Eric has speed, agility and skill

With the much taller KB on the mat Eric clamps on a full nelson behind him.

Normally a smaller, shorter man with less power trying to full nelson a much bigger man is a recipe of disaster

Eric is working the full nelson (laced fingers not masterlock type) quite well. KB tries to get to his feet and Eric keeps him on his knees.

KB eventually makes it to his feet and Eric continues to work the full nelson

KB powers out of the full nelson and Eric pushes him off to the ropes.

KB shoulder blocks Eric down.

KB comes up on a prone Eric and whips him to the far ropes and tries to deliver a vicious clothesline that Eric ducks

During the prep for the clothesline KB claps his hand and indicates the clothesline is coming up. This is done by professional wrestlers to help choreograph moves so that they don't seriously damage their opponents, it lets them know what is coming up

You don't tend to see that a lot in BG East or Thunders Arena video's.

The height KB is throwing the clothesline at is about eye level for Eric, high enough so he can easily miss it while still looking real

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 95 seconds (1.6 minutes)

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