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Video Review

Review of Mike Columbo vs Joe Mazetti
Reviewed by Epiphany   (ID 1458)  
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Mike works his way to his feet and whips Joe off the ropes only to get shoulder blocked down.

Joe comes off of the ropes to plow Mike down again and Mike bends down to have Joe jump over him.

Joe turns around only to get a gut shot and some clubbing blows to the back and neck and a body slam

Joe's back is smarting a bit

"What do you think about that" taunts Mike flexing over a prone Joe

Joe gets up only to get a double sledge to the back again followed by an over the knee backbreaker and a couple of stomps that actually looks like a stomps to the back

Mike picks up a single leg and turns Joe over into a half boston crab

Mike is literally kneeling on Joe's back trying to rip his leg off

Joe finally has to give it up, his back and leg and in agony. First fall, by submission, Mike Columbo

"One down, one to go" taunts Mike "you're lucky you're still livin"

Mike is standing back in the corner with a prone Joe on the mat. Okay, blond moment here, you have an opponent who has just submitted to an attack and you let them rest? What's wrong with this picture. Do you get them a blankey and kiss their boo boo better?

To paraphrase an episode in the new TV Show 'Baby Daddy' (Season 1, episode 3 'The Nurse and the Curse') "come on this is wrestling, not cuddling"

Obligatory flexing of Mike over Joe happens next, quelle surprise (big surprise for those that don't know French).

Okay, we're over 10 minutes into the video at this point, we've seen some decent, if mostly repetitive holds, a rear bearhug (37 seconds long so decent length and quality actually) and a submission and now we have an intermission without BG East having the decency to call it one.

Mike is back in the corner waiting for a prone Joe to get to his feet (and possibly writing a novel because of the length of recovery time here)

I think our cameraman has become bored (as has Mike by the looks of things for him back in the corner still waiting) as we get a slow pan down Mike's torso with the obligatory crotch shot

After over one and a half minutes Joe is finally able to turn over onto his back, sorry, have to pause the video (or not), my left arm fell asleep waiting for some action here (or I slipped into a coma, not sure which yet)...

I think Mike has woken from his nap by the time Joe makes it to the corner and slowly starts to get up.

While many would be tempted to stop the video in disgust at the lengthy pause (BG East there is a process called 'Editing', you may want to figure it out) I'm a glutton for punishment (or mashochistic though that tends to require pleasure in pain and this is just painful)

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Average rating: [8.62]

Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 125 seconds (2.1 minutes)

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  Comment #1 written by Mike (id 6046) on 2012-08-27 15:05:27

This is a great review by Epiphany. My only disagreement is with his being annoyed with the time between falls. I have no problem with that. I'm glad you rated it an 8; the bearhugs are excellent as noted in the review. This is one of the earliest matches each did foir BG East. Columbo went on to become one of the best under 5"10" wrestlers in BG East.

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