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Video Review

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Mike Columbo vs Joe Mazetti
ID:  104
Title:  Mike Columbo vs Joe Mazetti
Company:  BG East
Category:  Bearhug, Muscle, Wrestling
Year:  2002
Ratings  7.94 | 9.67 | 8.25   [8.62]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Fantasy Men 16 from BG East

Review of Mike Columbo vs Joe Mazetti
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More just be aware, this video is low resolution.

By that I mean the original video is small and when blown up to full screen there is pixelation.

The content, as you will see, is there but it's video quality is limited.

As the video starts we see young well built Joe Mazetta on a couch looking intently forward

Joe gets up and does some effortless pushups and stretches to get ready for the match

Enter Mike Columbo who asks Joe if he's lost a little weight trying to psych him out

"Ah you can say whatever you want" replies Joe uncaringly

Mike taunts Joe back then does some flexing

Joe fires back "listen, you want to pose or you want to get this done"

"I just wanted to show you something you can't get" replies Mike

"please, I want no part of that but come get some" replies Joe "let's see what you got"

After a bit more verbal jabbing the match begins with Mike having a rear bearhug on Joe

Joe powers out of the bearhug after 37 seconds and locks Mike in a wrenching headlock

Mike eventually gets out and pulls Joe into a head scissors cutting off Joe's breath. Mike asks him if he wants to give, Joe replies "neva"

Joe escapes (actually the right way, both of these guys have "skills") and puts Mike back in the headlock

"I don't think so, not this time" says Joe working the headlock

only to have Mike get him back in the head scissors

Mike is cranking it on HARD like he's trying to snap Joe's head off of his neck

Joe again works his way free and back to the headlock

Okay, we're nearing the 1/3rd way mark of the video and have seen one reverse bearhug followed by headlock headscissor tradeoffs. Getting kind of dull here with much the same muchness but hopefully things get better. Both guys seem to actually be competent wrestlers and this is the early stage of the match.

Our cameraman shows an extended show of Mike's ass. For those that enjoy that kind of thing the ass shots and bulge shots seem to happen a lot in BG East video's from the several I've viewed so far, that doesn't mean the video is bad it just means that the company is trying to target a large audience including those that like wrestling (me) and those that prefer other aspects.

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 125 seconds (2.1 minutes)

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Mike Columbo vs Joe Mazetti
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  Comment #1 written by Mike (id 6046) on 2012-08-27 15:05:27

This is a great review by Epiphany. My only disagreement is with his being annoyed with the time between falls. I have no problem with that. I'm glad you rated it an 8; the bearhugs are excellent as noted in the review. This is one of the earliest matches each did foir BG East. Columbo went on to become one of the best under 5"10" wrestlers in BG East.

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