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Video Review

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Leo Largo vs Powergunz
ID:  103
Title:  Leo Largo vs Powergunz
Company:  BG East
Category:  Bearhug, Muscle, Wrestling
Year:  2010
Ratings  7.53 | 8.80 | 8.10   [8.14]   Rate this video
Reviewer:    Epiphany   (ID 1458)  

General description:

Leo Largo vs Powergunz from Fantasymen 29

Review of Leo Largo vs Powergunz
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Our battle of the big boys of BG East opens with Powergunz in the corner stretching it out and getting ready.

The bell rings and enter Leo Largo (aka Eddy Muscle aka Leo Perrine).

Not many men can rock the "ponytail / long back hair" look. In my opinion Leo falls into the category of "can't rock".

Our two combatants, hands on hips, have a stare down from opposing corners

Powergunz show off his physique with a bit of flexing

so Leo responds in kind

After a few minutes of this (approximately 1/6th of the video, yes, the first 1/6th of the video is simply flexing)

they finally lock up

Powergunz is slowly forcing Leo back but Leo throws him off with a show of strength.

Another lockup, another throw off and Leo does a bit of flexing

The next lockup Powergunz takes advantage of the ponytail for a bit of leverage forcing Leo back to the ropes where is "kind of" connects with a forearm to the chest for Leo to reply in kind knocking Powergunz down

Time for a headlock by Powergunz on Leo.

Leo eventually gets out of the headlock by throwing Powergunz into the ropes only to have him reapply the headlock

On the third throw off Leo catches Powergunz and gives him an over the knee backbreaker (kind of, he almost missed) and slam

Now it's Leo's turn to crank on a headlock. We are about 1/3rd of the way through the video at this point.

PG goes for the ponytail again eventually pulling Leo into a head scissors.

Leo tries a few bridges to relieve the pressure only to get his abs hit by PG and eventually works his way around to escape the hold.

While kneeling on a guys shoulders and flexing can be considered a hold having your privates right next to a guy's mouth (with teeth) when that guy has grabbed your hair is asking for it in my opinion but PG doesn't take a mouthful and Leo eventually wraps him in his massive bodybuilder legs around his head and reams on his head while squeezing his head like an overripe melon.

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Estimated cumulative bearhug time in this video: 69 seconds (1.2 minutes)

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Leo Largo vs Powergunz
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  Comment #3 written by RoughTerrainVA (id 2233) on 2014-12-25 20:14:25

Leo has an awesome physique and uses it well with his massive bearhugs on PG. Lots of trash talking is really just distracting and often poorly delivered, so this video was a nice change. There is just wrestling and not a lot of filler. A nice "retirement" video for PG, who gave quite a few good squeezes in his day.

  Comment #2 written by Mrdirtybear (id 3984) on 2012-09-01 07:27:00

I remember there used to be about six 90 second clips of this video on youtube, and they were available for a long time, alas they are gone now. The wrestlers were quite noisy and their grunts and groans added a lot to the moves of which there are stills above, half the power of films of wrestling matches is in the grunts and groans and one person hitting the mat with force. It was frustrating that there was no sequence to the clips and that each of them was good, but the fact that the rest seems to have been posing/avoiding contact makes sense of what was put up.

  Comment #1 written by Ringmuscle (id 389) on 2012-08-10 08:48:55

These 2 make good looking rasslers but the video is boring as hell POWERGUNZ has very little ability either as a heel or a jobber. Very nice to look at though.

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