Webmaster Programs

Bearhugger.net currently does not have any webmaster referral program at the moment since it is a non-profit website.

Revenues generated by sponsors or donations offered by its members cover a small fraction of the cost of maintenance, upgrade and hosting of the site.

Bearhugger.net can however vouch for the following external referral programs since they are already in use on-site and at least one payment has been processed by these sponsors to bearhugger.net. Feel free to visit these external referral sites and learn about their revenue sharing programs by clicking the banners below.


SwNude is a newcomer to the wrestling industry. I haven't had much experience with this one, so I can't comment much. Their revenue is sharing seems generous enough: 50% on join and 30% on rebills.

Kinky Dollars

Kinky Dollars is part of the Naked Kombat and Bound Gods websites among many others available from their network. From a revenue perspective, this is one of the most reliable webmaster referral programs bearhugger.net has worked with. If you have an audience interested by their products, you can easily get a good amount of revenue share from the Kink network of sites. This however depends on the nature of your site. Mine is wrestling-related and they had wrestling content available. Of course, they also offer other type of content, not just wrestling :)

Buddy Profits

Buddy Profits also has a large network of interesting sites, but Bearhugger.net currently advertises only the Colt Studio Group portion of it because it is of interest to a large proportion of users on bearhugger.net. Colt has developped over the years a good amount of popularity because of their selection of models.

Gunz Blazing

Gunz Blazing is another large network with multiple sites and lots of content. Unfortunately, the content offered by this particular network is of low to medium interest to the users of bearhugger.net, so the overall experience of this site with this advertiser is limited.

Money Tree
Money Tree

Money Tree is more of a wild card. It offers gay web cams. It's one of those banners you can hope that maybe some people would click on when a model suddenly sparks their interest. With a high rotation of models, there is a chance to attract some clientele.