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Version History

This section lists the change brought to the wrestling personals between versions.

Version 0.14

- Moved message count to full history (11:31 PM 08/10/2008)

- Remove amount of member hit count from profile because it was slowing down the loading of each profile (11:31 PM 08/10/2008)

- Message notifications now include the subject and timestamp of the last 10 pending unread messages (10:23 PM 18/10/2008)

- Improved image quality (11:09 PM 24/10/2008)

- Bug fix: Clicking the login link from your e-mail no longer returns you back on your e-mail. Instead, it logs you in to the profile's control panel. (9:54 AM 25/10/2008)

- Added "Wrestlers in my area" in the toolbar. This automatically looks for wrestlers that are in your area based on the state or country information of your profile. (11:42 AM 29/01/2009)

- Search by location made available. The difference here is that there's a drop-down menu that contains the list of states and provinces in USA and Canada. It is still possible to search by other countries by using the affected drop-down menu for countries. (2:53 PM 22/02/2009)

- The city, state and country of each profile can now be clicked to bring up the search results of that specific area (5:52 PM 3/21/2009)

- Image thumbnails are ALWAYS shown in search results (11:04 AM 16/04/2009)

- Image thumbnails are also always shown in list of admirers and favorites (5:58 PM 20/04/2009)

- Map links now provide direction links if the user is logged in. The source point is based on the user's city, state and country. (5:58 PM 20/04/2009).

- Implemented Advanced Country Demographics. (4:50 PM 22/04/2009)

- Added Country Flags for countries with at least 5 registered users. (4:50 PM 22/04/2009)

- Added a Message Reporting System to report abusive messages. (12:02 PM 11/05/2009)

- Full size images are automatically shown on Search Results, Newest/updated profile listings and on listings of admirers/favorites when the mouse is moved on a thumbnail. (Requires javascript) (7:12 PM 6/5/2009)

- Users can now report abusive users. (2:33 PM 08/06/2009)

- Users can now block other users if they do not wish to receive messages from them. (12:40 PM 29/06/2009)

- Added a "Most favorite wrestler" field that users can select when editing their preferences. (1:17 AM 03/07/2009)

- Pointing your mouse on envelope icons of your messages in your inbox, sent history or full history will reveal the content of the message without having to click it to read it. This is only available when expanded mode is not active (2:47 PM 9/19/2009).

- Added the "Wrestlers Fought" system. In order for a "Wrestler Fought" to appear on your profile, both parties must agree that they have fought each other. User A adds user B as a "Fought Wrestler". User B receives a message about it. After this, User B must add user A as a "Fought Wrestler" in order for both profiles to show that they have fought each other. (11:56 AM 22/09/2009).

- Added listing of pending, request and confirmed listings of wrestlers fought. (12:21 PM 22/09/2009)

- Changed "Previously fought" with "Previously wrestled". (7:27 PM 9/25/2009)

Version 0.13

- Basic search and advanced search will now accept profile IDs if entered in the name field.

- Added "View message history" when viewing profiles. This option is only available when logged in. It allows you to see what messages you have already sent to (or received from) this wrestler.

- Added "Allow thumbnails" setting. Users with profile can choose wether or not they want to enable or disable profile thumbnails in their search results. The setting is disabled by default. (1:38 AM 29/07/2008)

- Images shown in search results are now thumbnails. This will cause pages to to load faster. (9:57 PM 30/07/2008)

- Added a link to Google Maps on each profile. (10:49 PM 8/11/2008)

- Clearer profile creation forms with e-mail address confirmation. (11:44 PM 21/08/2008)

- Added language translation tools. Users can now convert to another language the description of any profile. (11:52 AM 23/08/2008)

- Link to upload or manage picture from the profile modification page. (11:35 AM 01/09/2008)

- The profile modification page now shows the current active image being shown on the profile. (11:35 AM 01/09/2008)

- Added current server time on control panel and message inbox. (11:34 PM 04/09/2008)

- Login http referrer now a lot more intelligent: for the user, it means that logging in from another page will return to that page once you logged in :') (5:30 PM 06/09/2008)

Version 0.12 (May 18 2008)

- Fixed a bug where incorrect page numbering were being displayed with profiles that have more than 10 additional pics.

- Implemented profile disabling.

- Increased login security and encryption.

- Added automatic age increase calculation depending on date of creation or modification of the profile.

- Can browse profiles by date added. See Control Panel.

- Amount of database entries, upload and link contributions now listed on profiles.

- Added gallery view of profiles that have images.

- Users can now delete messages in their sent history.

Version 0.11 (February 3 2008)

- Websites separation: when results shows a website link, a marker indicates if the site is generic or not. Generic sites are pre-made sites like or myspace, etc.

- "Previous" and "Next" buttons now available on the additional pics page for profiles that have more than 10 additional pics.

- Remove the menu and the logo from the "Additional Pics" page. This makes the page easier to browse and clears the layout.

- Added Google site search. This tool will show results for the site, including the personals.

- Fixed a bug that caused messages to be read if they are individually viewed in the sent history.

- More menu options at the top of the screen in the Control Panel.

- Added "Looking for..." field information on each profile. It is possible to leave this field empty. This field is used for people who are looking for something specific (examples: bearhugging, wrestling, promission, give and take wrestling, etc.)

- Existing profiles can edit the "Looking for..." field information by modifying their profile.

- Advanced search can now search profiles based on the "Looking for..." criteria and results can now list this information, if selected properly in the advanced search.

- Quick search can find entries by checking the "Looking for..." field information. For example, typing "Wrestling" in quick searches will show profiles where either the field city, state, country or 'looking for' field information matches "Wrestling".

- Fixed a bug that caused queries to be broken when the "exactly" criteria is used.

- Clicking on the "Looking for" category of a profile will summon up the result listing of all wrestlers who selected that category.

- Implemented preferences (log in to edit your preferences).

- Implemented e-mail notifications. This is however capped to a maximum of one (1) notification per day. By default, this is turned off. So, if you wish to receive an e-mail notification when somebody sends a message on your wrestling profile, simply turn this setting on in your preferences (log in to edit your preferences).

- New preference setting: Added the possibility of publicly display video ratings of your profile. By default, this is turned off.

- New preference setting: Added the possibility of letting the webmaster manually search and add pictures for you. By default, this is turned off.

Version 0.10 (October 2 2007)

- More powerful Quick Searches: Quick search initially looked for profile by ID or by name. Now, it can look for profiles by id, name, city, state or country using a single word! Give it a try. For example, looking for NY will find names, cities, states and provinces containing 'NY'. It is also intelligent enough to convert state abbreviations and look for the corresponding states. You will have to pick preferrably just a single word for the quick search. The Quick Search can also be accessed from the main menu (left-side frame menu).

- E-mail upgrades:
      Maximum amount of messages increased from 50 to 200 messages.
      Maximum amount of sent messages increased from 10 to 20 messages per day.
      Maximum amount of characters per message increased from 1000 to 2000 characters.
      Maximum amount of sent message viewed in the history increased from 50 to 100 characters.

- A number displaying the total amount of pics on the current profile is displayed. Furthermore, 10 pics are displayed simultaneously on the profile as thumbnails: any additional pics can be accessed by clicking on "Show all favorites" on the profile.

- More information on Demographics has been made available.

- The menu can now be hidden by clicking on "Hide frame menu".

- The show or hide menu can be controlled from the Control Panel.

- New profiles created from September 19 2007 and onwards will have to be approved by the webmaster before they can send messages. This is to prevent spammers and scammers from immediately sending private messages to members. Pending profiles cannot view e-mail addresses that are shown to members only.

- A separate listings of favorites and admirers can now be accessed in each profile information. Furthermore, a cap of 30 favorites/admirers are displayed at a time on a profile: any additional favorites/admirers can still be accessed by clicking on "Show all favorites" or "Show all admirers".

- Previous and next page buttons now available on the results page generated from searches.

- Member hits are now displayed on profiles. Member hits are visits that are made by members when they are logged in and are visiting profiles. Member hits are unique. A member cannot generate more than one hit per profile visited.

- Implemented "Most visited profiles by members".

- Implemented "Least visited profiles by members".

- A "favored by (...)" message is sent to wrestlers who are added as a favorite.

- Removed message marking (nobody uses this). All messages marked as special are now all marked as normal.

- Added filtering to the message inbox: You can filter your messages to view only messages sent by a specific member.

- Can delete all messages sent by a given user by using filtering.

- Expand system improved (long version setting of messages is remembered until the end of your session).

- Can mark all messages as read in the inbox. This is useful if you are using the long version and you have multiple new messages. Instead of clicking each one of them to mark them as read, you can click on "Mark all messages as read" and this will automatically change all of the new unread messages to read messages.

- Implemented "Most admired profiles".

- Implemented "Has most favorites". These implementations are self-explanatory, but I added a little description anyway on the header of those pages in case people are wondering what they are for.

- The "Delete all messages" in the inbox now has a confirmation page to confirm deletion of all messages. I had people telling me they accidentally hit this button without really wanting to delete all of their messages, or they were just doing it for fun and they were expecting a confirmation before it actually happened... *sigh*

- The maximum amount of characters per description in profiles has been increased from 1500 to 3000 characters for profile modifications only. On profile creation, the limit is still at 1500 characters.

- Added full history of messages for people you have interacted with: You can view all the messages you sent to a wrestler and all the messages sent by that wrestler to you all in one page. However, messages that you deleted will not be shown in the full history. To access this feature, just view the message sent to you or the message you sent and click on "Full history".

Version 0.09 (September 1st 2007)

- Sent History made available. This will display the last 50 messages that you sent.
- Visit History made available. This will display the last 50 profiles that you visited.
- Visitor History made available. This will display the last 50 members that visited your profile. This only takes into account members that logged in before viewing your profile.
- The Sent History has a filter feature that allows you to view only messages that you sent to a specific profile (up to 50 messages). If you don't use any filter, then all the sent messages are shown (up to 50).
- Sent History can also be expanded to a long version format so you can see all messages in one shot rather than having to click each of the messages individually to view its content.
- The filter and expand feature of the Sent History work together and will remember each other's settings. Believe me, this is harder than you think to code without having to use cookies. (Which makes me think I should probably code this with cookies in the future.)
- Sent History also shows which message is marked special by the recipient.
- Fixed the results page to prevent displaying "This page has expired." when hitting 'Back'.
- E-mail settings has now been merged to profile creation and profile modification. To change e-mail settings (say you want to hide or show your e-mail address), just modify your profile and an option will be given.
- Favorite wrestlers can now be removed directly from your list of favorites.
- Favorite/admirer status are now listed directly on the favorites fields of profiles when you are logged in.
- New e-mail address display option in profile modification: Wrestlers can now choose to show e-mail address only to their favorites.

Version 0.08 (August 5 2007)

- Better presentation for favorites and admirers listing in individual profiles.
- Converted Password Reset Page to Password Request Page. I received a few comments about this page and it seems that the majority of users want their same identical password e-mailed to them rather than having a new one created for them when they forget it. Users that never received a password (this applies to profiles created before February 2007) will still obtain a new random password if they request it from the Password Request Page.
- Line carriages in description no longer required the [br] tag. If you pressed an "Enter" in your description, it will properly space out your text in your profile's description.
- Better picture management: Users that are uploading pictures can see their own pictures before they get approved. They can also delete them before approval. Modified user interface to make it easier to manage pictures.
- Frame menu modified to include links to messages, favorites and admirers.
- Implementation of messages:
      Users can send messages to each other. (You need to be logged in)
      Users can view messages. Messages include profile information of the sender.
      Each user has a message inbox that can hold up to 50 messages.
      Users can delete received messages to make space for new ones.
      For security reasons, a maximum of 10 messages can be sent per day.
      Messages are capped at a maximum of 1000 characters.
      Gauge bars on the inbox shows the remaining message space and remaining messages that can be sent.
      Messages can be sent directly by visiting profiles when logged in or by replying to a message in the inbox.
      The toolbar on top of each page always shows the status of messages (new messages or no new messages).
      The messages can be expanded in a long version format or kept collapsed in a short version format.
      Users can mark messages to serve as a reminder for important messages.

Version 0.07 (May 1st 2007)

- Totals for favorites/admirers: A total count of favorites and admirers are now displayed on profiles who have some.
- E-mail settings: Users can choose to show their e-mail address to everyone, to make it private (viewable only to other users that have a profile) or to hide it completely.
- Last login information now posted on profiles.
- Simplified the basic search and added search tips to help people make efficient search queries.
- The Control Panel now has a random profile toolbar. It also has basic random profile features attached to it.
- Profile memory: Logging in from a profile will return to that user profile rather than going back to the control panel. That way, if you were logging in to add someone as your favorite, you don't lose track of him. (This feature sounds simple, but I had a lot of trouble implementing this!)
- Watermark color changes: Colors of the watermarks are randomized for profile pictures. There are 3 possible colors.
- Gauge indicators:
These gauges are now available for last login activity, amount of hits and amount of pictures.

Version 0.06 (March 30 2007)

- Spam bot prevention: Better e-mail security. E-mails are now displayed as images instead of plain text. This prevents spam bots from harvesting e-mails.
- Image watermark: All original images are now tagged with a link that points back to the profile of the wrestler.
- Favorite management: You can now add, remove and view your favorites. Right now, you can add as many favorites as you want. However, favorite management requires a profile.
- View Admirers: You can view who has made you one of their favorites.
- Favorite display: All profiles will now display their related favorites and admirers.

Version 0.05 (Feb 17 2007)

- Support for search by two-character state/province abbreviation (in other words, you can now enter "NY" to designate "New York" as your search query).
- Added listing by profiles with most pictures and profiles by last login.
- Conversion of pounds (lb) to kilograms (kg) and feet/inches to centimeters (cm) on individual profiles.
- Started tracking revision numbers and release this version history to the public.
- Added information about uploading and managing pictures in the help file.

Version 0.04 (Feb 11 2007)

- Support for more than one pic per profile.
- Implemented system to view additional pics.
- First letter uppercase enforcement on names, cities, states, countries and favorite holds.

Version 0.03 (Feb 10 2007)

- Quick search: From the main panel, you can search a profile by id or by name.
- Public Random profiles and Demographics (moved for public viewing).
- Favorite hold listing: Added nelson, camel, crab, backbreaker, piledriver, pin fans listing and more.
- Added Most Visited Profiles and Least Visited Profiles.
- Yahoo! integration. If you use a Yahoo e-mail, the system detects it and display an image to indicate if you are online with Yahoo Messenger.

Version 0.02 (Feb 6 2007)

- Added listing by bearhug fans and scissor fans.
- Added demographics.

Version 0.01 (Feb 3 2007)

Initial version:
- Make a basic search
- Make an advanced search
- View newest profiles
- View latest profiles
- Create a profile
- Modify a profile
- Upload a picture
- Remove a picture
- Change password
- Delete a profile