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Thewriggler   This user is verified because he has previously wrestled with 68 other users. Verified (68)

An user gains "Verified" status when at least one other wrestler has confirmed that he has previously wrestled the user.
The amount in parantheses indicates the number of wrestlers who contributed to the verification process.

The following users have confirmed that they have previously wrestled Thewriggler:

Previously Wrestled: This user has previously wrestled with 68 other users.  

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1Merseywrestle 2ManhattanMauler 3Resurgam
4Oldscrapperderby 5Pitbullwarrior 6Fig4
7Ed 8MEGRAPPLE 9Marklondon71

10RobRoy 11Oilman 12AlbaD
13Scrapg 14Davwat 15Ricotewrestler
16Yungfighta 17Walsallgoodguy 18Taffy

19LeanMachine 20BRIT-PRO-HEEL 21Lord Tyrant
22Shane-Hannagan 23Getagrip 24Londonlatino
25Anthony 26Jobberboy 27Hardmatch

28Wrestlnfool 29Apeman 30Rusnak
31Friar 32Submissive50uk33KidTangler
34Lightwt4subs 35Markuk 36Matslam

37Christos 38Torrheel 39MikeWannaRoll
40Cymrofight 41EvilDark 42Loserboy
43Hugefan 44BoltonBomber 45Wrestlingchef

46JohnnyClutcher47RojoLion 48Enthusiast
49Warkscub 50Jamstu 51Wrestlerbear
52Wrassleboi 53Dadwrestle 54WrestlingCoachSF

55Castaldo29 56Brownbomber 57Hunk71fi
58Backhammerman59Steeleyes 60SteveShock
61Churd 62RedCloudStreet 63NickZ

64ProCrush 65AllenDenver 66Mr Nipps
67Wrestlertoo 68Squeezerian

Total: 68

The icon shown is based on the amount of previously wrestled users.

1 verified user
2 verified users
3-4 verified users
5-9 verified users
10-12 verified users
13-15 verified users
16-19 verified users
20-29 verified users
30+ verified users