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Squeezerian   This user is verified because he has previously wrestled with 61 other users. Verified (61)

An user gains "Verified" status when at least one other wrestler has confirmed that he has previously wrestled the user.
The amount in parantheses indicates the number of wrestlers who contributed to the verification process.

The following users have confirmed that they have previously wrestled Squeezerian:

Previously Wrestled: This user has previously wrestled with 61 other users.  

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1Bellyman 2John 3Jason
4Rassle4Fun 5Wrassleboi 6ManhattanMauler
7Pinmeman 8Catchbear 9Wongalan2001

10Gentleman John Lovemuscle 11TheNatureboy 12Albeck
13Mr Nipps 14Baal 15Alan
16Buchi 17Geordie 18TheBoywonder

19Loserboy 20Lutte34 21Warkscub
22Tomahawk 23Buffnblack1 24Dynamite
25Anthany 26JdawgOH 27Thewriggler

28Davyboy 29Dudewrest 30Beaker
31FantasyFighter 32Jobberboy 33Rudybear251
34MizzouriGrizzly 35Joey67bc 36WelshOtter

37H0mbre 38Themelbournejobber 39Hardandy312
40Hardmatch 41NassauMark 42Leanmusclescle
43Crabtaker 44Harrier1UK 45Kenny D

46RedCloudStreet 47TXBULL 48Ed
49Chuck 50Matslam 51ProguyDC
52JOHN 53Ukrassler 54SpandexWrestler

55Fl dad 56Gilles 57Bluemask
58Oilwrestler 59PacNWBulldog 60Sylvain020

Total: 61

The icon shown is based on the amount of previously wrestled users.

1 verified user
2 verified users
3-4 verified users
5-9 verified users
10-12 verified users
13-15 verified users
16-19 verified users
20-29 verified users
30+ verified users