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mature but young at heart guy wanting to experience and learn the ropes of wrestling with other guys

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
5'10"130C: 2014-01-15
im from korea hello i cum at bear hug i lobe bear hug im looking for etc

Location: Korea, South
5'7"100C: 2013-10-28
I really like watching wrestling videos and photos.

Location: Poland
6'1"233C: 2013-09-14
love brit pro style submission matches, heel v jobber grunt n groan

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
6'0"190C: 2013-06-09
Picture if you will a cross between Chris Meloni (Elliot Stabler on Law & Order SVU) and Lance Armstrong (cyclist) and you have me. Ideally, I am looking for an extremely heavy man/men who enjoy using their weight to their advantage. Am willing to wrestle 2 or more very heavy/extremely obese men.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
6'0"170M: 2016-10-27
C: 2013-05-02
Novice wrestler looking to wrestle big beefy guys over 210 lbs.

Location: Ontario, Canada
5'8"200C: 2012-11-30

I am a 33yr old blk male looking to play around. Ive only wrestled one time with a guy and it was quite interesting I am curious to learn more light wrestling moves for i am an amateur at this. If anyone is interested, browse me.

Location: Houston, Texas, USA
5'9"280M: 2012-09-12
C: 2012-09-11
I wish I meet a good friend in here. I love to have Big Guy as a friend. They are so great.

Location: Illinois, USA
5'0"115C: 2011-07-07

I like to train hard and play harder. Shoot me a note if your up for it. Peace!

Location: Miami, Florida, USA
5'8"205C: 2010-07-03