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Hi looking for fun submission match either competitive or give and take also love scissor holds. Into Toronto this Friday and Saturday July 21-23 if anyone wants to wrestle

Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
5'8"175M: 2017-07-20
C: 2015-01-22
I love to watch real male submmissions. In special head sccisors, Boston crabs and figure 4 sleeper.

Location: Guatemala, Guatemala
6'0"200C: 2013-02-15
5í5 short muscle guy seeking, bearhugs, gear, pro n submission wrestling. lets rumble

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
5'5"165C: 2012-08-25
I love a slow boston crab, followed by you pressing your feet to my face.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
6'0"180C: 2011-08-15

I like applying wrestling holds while wearing speedos or wrestling trunks and wrestling boots. I also like taking photos of wrestlers wearing simular wrestling attire and applying holds. I think itís so cool mathcing different colored trunks like White vs Black or Red vs Royal blue. Itís fun just to apply wrestling holds to each other and that makes for a good work out.

Location: California, USA
5'7"210M: 2016-04-03
C: 2010-08-08
love reading stories of holds love pictures of holds

Location: Malaysia
6'0"140C: 2010-06-14

looking for some wrestling fun, into pro fantasy, pro, roughhousing, erotic, light sub, give and take, trading holds, cock fighting, frottage fights, role play etc etc.. gear. shorts, trunks, jocks, and nothing at all.... looking for guys who are 18 to 50 who are in ok shape... smooth +++ hairy is fine too.. just be clean is all I ask please... Email me lets chat and see what we can do .. new pics coming soon. also into 2 on 1 or tag matches .. and I like to ref matches as well ...

Location: Franklin square, New York, USA
5'6"200M: 2017-03-11
C: 2010-02-22
Hi, I am Martijn from the Netherlands and I love to see wrestlers.

Location: The Hague, Netherlands
5'11"145C: 2010-02-01

Looking for sane wrestling, exchanging holds please respect my limits.

Location: Passaic, New Jersey, USA
6'2"200M: 2015-12-18
C: 2008-11-08