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Hi there. I’m, looking for bearhugs from very big muscular men. See ya!

Location: Spain
5'7"150M: 2014-01-09
C: 2011-11-11
i love bear wrestler so i love watch him when they are lose on fighting thin wrestler

Location: Kaok, Jordan
6'7"170C: 2011-09-07

i get into stakes matches in submission wrestling...willing to do most stakes and willing to take on guys within 20 lbs of me onthe upside ..lighter weight guys are very cool and will show you whose boss of the mats when we meet up... name your match and your stakes and lets runble

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
5'7"185M: 2013-10-27
C: 2011-02-06
conocer luchadores donde pueda aprender acerca de la lucha libre y compartir y practicar

Location: MAYAGUEZ/SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, USA
5'10"215C: 2010-08-04

Interested in dirty, pro-style heel vs jobber matches

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
5'0"210M: 2014-05-31
C: 2010-06-20
Im a guy from UK. I will add something here soon....

Location: United Kingdom
5'11"180M: 2012-10-16
C: 2010-06-19

Thanks for checking my profile here. More photos and videos on my website listed here in links. I am a gym guy into pro and submission wrestling. There is nothing more hot than a challenge from a smaller, feisty and cocky jobber who think he can take down a muscle guy.. little do they know what is expecting them! I have a mat room at home with professional wrestling mats and mat cover. Check my locations for travel dates or come for a visit. I can accommodate a wrestling weekend with training holds and matches. Check out my recommendations or ask for more from my past opponents. Bottom line is both guys enjoy the man vs man action and nobody gets hurt or injured. I have alot of wrestling gear and I wrestle mostly in a singlet, bodybuilder posing briefs and jockstraps. I also have pro wrestling boots and Greco-Roman wrestling shoes.

Location: Turku, Finland
6'2"220M: 2015-08-16
C: 2010-02-28
I like wrestling and bearhugs a lot. Since I was a small boy I enjoyed watching fights in cartoons and in proper films on TV.

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
6'1"180C: 2009-02-03
Short, cocky man who is looking to push the limits of roughness. Safe/sane. I expect -- and respect -- limits. But want to mix it up as much as possible. Prefer short, lightweight guys. I'm not looking for a jobber or anyone who wants to be dominated. Nothing but alpha fights with other short men. And don't let my age fool you. My leg power alone is like a 20 year old. Though I am NOT a built jockstud if that is what you're looking for.

Location: New York, New York, USA
5'5"142M: 2010-09-19
C: 2008-12-11