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Iím a small-ish man with no experience in wrestling. Interested in finding out if wrestling with other men is as hot in reality as it seems in theory, but not exactly sure where to start with that. I have some skill with massage.

Location: Minnesota, USA
5'2"110M: 2014-08-30
C: 2014-06-19
I am joining this just to look around right now. Message me if you like, Iíll get around to replying eventually.

Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
5'7"123M: 2015-09-04
C: 2013-11-23
Interested in light rough housing/horseplay wrestling. Bearhugs, lift/carry, light submission is hot, but have very little experience. Hope to hear back from you.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
5'9"150M: 2015-09-01
C: 2013-10-18
Just a young stud looking for a wrestling match. Message me if you think you can take me.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
5'9"150C: 2013-06-10
Hot muscular wrestler looking for hot matches. Into bear hugs, scissors, facesit pins, winner take all.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
5'10"210C: 2013-06-04
Me Young and hung btm black guy] looking for muscle and rough contact

Location: Paris, France
6'1"165C: 2012-12-16
i am a very kinky wrestler. i love to give and take dominant holds and love to squash with my thighs. i have an amazing ass... if you want to chat ill let you know what my finisher is

Location: Las vegas, Nevada, USA
5'11"150C: 2009-03-20
Hot stud looking for some hot and hard body contact

Location: New South Wales, Australia
5'10"170C: 2008-03-24

Hot, Hansome Man in Arkansas attracted to anything wrestling like play. Not into getting hurt, just enjoying rolling around and learning more about the game, I have a great cock that might get in the way, it's always been a turn on, hope to hear from you guys, thanks , RANDY

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
6'0"170C: 2006-07-08