Advertisers is currently offering advertising space on its wrestling personals module to keep up with the maintenance, upgrade and hosting costs of the site.

If your website is gay or wrestling-related, you will find an audience here on that will be interested by your products or services.

Advertising space on is at a very low and affordable price.

The current algorithm for advertising control will display a banner on each profile of the site about 50% of the time. In that 50%, the banners are randomly picked between existing advertisers with equal proportion. Banners are however not shown for users who have donated at least one time for their profile. This currently affects only less than 1% of existing members.

Please note that the size of banners currently accepted on are of 468px x 60px ideally. However, if you need more space, we can accept up to 500px x 100px.

For more information, please contact the webmaster at the following e-mail address: