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    B E A R H U G G E R . N E T       F E A T U R E D       P R O F I L E

5'10", 190 lbs
Masculine, Playfull ,Easy on the eyes, Fun guy , No Attitude and Nothing to Prove , I do it for shits and giggles , I was a freestyle wrestler and also trained in pro , box and spar as well

Location: Los Angeles , California, USA
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Poll #8

Which bearhug clip should be posted?

Orlando Jordan bearhugs Nunzio   21 votes (10.7%)
Chris Master bearhugs Benjamin Shelton   47 votes (23.9%)
Giant bearhugs Sabu   7 votes (3.5%)
Hercules Hernandez bearhugs Jim Duggan   7 votes (3.5%)
Mark Henry bearhugs Booker T   10 votes (5.1%)
Elijah Burke bearhugs CM Punk   3 votes (1.5%)
Rene Dupree Bearhugs Spike Dudley   56 votes (28.5%)
Chris Masters bearhugs Ric Flair   17 votes (8.6%)
Nah, post a different clip than those ones!   22 votes (11.2%)
* I propose a different clip:   6 votes (3%)

Total   196 votes (100%)

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