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5'8", 150 lbs
I dare any built/muscular guy 45 and under no matter how tall or what you weigh (as long as you are fit/built/muscular) to make me submit to a front bearhug (chest to chest), pec claw or the scissors.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Poll #18

Which wrestling hold should have its own gallery?

Tazmission   21 votes (5.1%)
More headlocks   25 votes (6.1%)
More boston crabs   41 votes (10%)
Low blows   36 votes (8.8%)
Piledriver   27 votes (6.6%)
Schoolboy pins   42 votes (10.3%)
Facepin   38 votes (9.3%)
Inverted chickenwing   9 votes (2.2%)
Nipple holds   117 votes (28.8%)
All these holds suck!   12 votes (2.9%)
* I propose a different hold:   38 votes (9.3%)

Total   406 votes (100%)

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