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5'8", 150 lbs
I dare any built/muscular guy 45 and under no matter how tall or what you weigh (as long as you are fit/built/muscular) to make me submit to a front bearhug (chest to chest), pec claw or the scissors.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Poll #10

Which wrestling clip should be posted?

Chavo camels John Cena   22 votes (26.5%)
A-Train with a knee backbreaker on Jericho   10 votes (12%)
Steven Richards ab stretches Maven   4 votes (4.8%)
Brock sleeper-body-scissors Holly   16 votes (19.2%)
Umaga bearhugs Bobby Lashley   11 votes (13.2%)
Luger racks Nikita Koloff   10 votes (12%)
Shelton Benjamin sleepers Batista   6 votes (7.2%)
* I propose a different clip:   4 votes (4.8%)

Total   83 votes (100%)

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