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    B E A R H U G G E R . N E T       F E A T U R E D       P R O F I L E

5'8", 145 lbs
jobber here, looking for heels (& other jobbers my size) that can host for a fun / erotic wrestling match, put me in long exposing holds, punish my bulge/bottom, toss me around like im your toy. Not looking for anything competitive. I drive up and [...] (Click for more)

Location: Boynton beach, Florida, USA
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Poll #1

Which wrestler do you want to see performing a bearhug?

Ted Arcidi   81 votes (14.9%)
Bill Kazmaier   48 votes (8.8%)
Billy Haynes   48 votes (8.8%)
Superstar Billy Graham   29 votes (5.3%)
Brock Lesnar   99 votes (18.2%)
Batista   84 votes (15.4%)
The Giant   34 votes (6.2%)
Ken Patera   20 votes (3.6%)
Hercules Hernandez   54 votes (9.9%)
A woman!   46 votes (8.4%)

Total   543 votes (100%)

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