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    B E A R H U G G E R . N E T       F E A T U R E D       P R O F I L E

5'8", 144 lbs
Hi, I want to be CRUSHED in Bearhugs - by Big Men/Guys - and I like bearhug-illustrations! I am working on becoming an Artist. So if you want a Bearhug drawing, let me know! I REALLY Like BIG Guys - Big Muscled Arms, Big-Bellied, or Taller. B [...] (Click for more)

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Poll #11

What is your favorite type of bearhug?

Regular bearhug with opponent's feet on the ground
Lifted bearhug with opponent's feet in the airs
Bearhug from behind
Inverted bearhug
Reverse-inverted bearhug
Bearhug over the shoulder
Ground bearhug
Gatorhug (Bearhug in water)
All of the above
None of the above

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