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There are many variants of surfboards. The easiest one is to have your opponent facing down on the mats. Put one foot on his back and hold both his hands and pull backwards.
Big Book of Wrestling Moves definition: Surfboard
Description : The victim is on their stomach. The attacker grabs both the victim's arms and stands with on foot in the middle of the victim's shoulderblades. The attacker pulls back on the victim's arms.
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The surfboard hold first sees a wrestler stand behind a fallen opponent, who is lying stomach first to the floor. The wrestler places one foot down just above each of the opponent's knees and bends his or her legs up, hooking them around his or her own knees; at this point the wrestler grasps both of his opponent's wrists (usually slapping the opponent's back in an attempt to bring the arms in reach), and falls backwards while compressing the opponent's shoulder-blades and lifting him or her off the ground. This can see the wrestler fall to a seated position or go onto his or her own back, lifting the opponent skyward, which will increase pressure on the opponent but put the wrestler in risk of pinning his or her own shoulders to the mat.

Another version of a surfboard which is most often applied by a standing wrestler against a prone opponent -- but may also be applied by a seated wrestler or against a seated or kneeling opponent—sees the wrestler grasp both of his opponent's wrists, while placing his or her foot or knee on the opponent's upper back, pulling back on the arms to compress the opponent's shoulder blades.

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Ease of execution: 8.34
Required strength: 4.52
Required resistance: 8.21
Effectiveness: 8.55
Autonomy: 3.21

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