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Head Scissors

Personal definition:

Wrap your legs around your opponent's head and squeeze. Wiki refers to Neck Scissors, which actually makes more sense.
Big Book of Wrestling Moves definition: Scissor Lock, Head
Description : The attacker locks their legs around the head of the victim and applies pressure.
Wiki definition: Also referred to as a head scissors, this hold sees a wrestler approach a fallen opponent and sit next to them before turning onto their side towards the opponent and placing their legs on either side of the opponent's head, crossing the top leg after its gone around the opponent's chin. The wrestler then tightens the grip to choke an opponent by compressing their throat.

Often, however, an opponent will simply place their hands under the knee of the attacking wrestler and push it up over their chin so they can escape. Another way to escape the hold will see the opponent raise themselves to their feet while still in the hold, forcing the attacking wrestler to a seated position. This in turn uncrosses their legs, allowing the opponent to simply lift their head out.

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Personal rating:

Ease of execution: 8.92
Required strength: 7.63
Required resistance: 7.11
Effectiveness: 8.04
Autonomy: 8.21

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