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Wrestling Matches images by category

Rank Category Amount % -
1-- Uncategorized --913 images13.707%
2Other637 images9.563%
3Bearhug628 images9.428%
4Victory pose286 images4.294%
5Head scissors207 images3.108%
6Full nelson201 images3.018%
7Sleeper188 images2.822%
8Pin183 images2.747%
9Torture rack176 images2.642%
10Gut punch175 images2.627%
11Body scissors158 images2.372%
12Headlock152 images2.282%
13Camel clutch146 images2.192%
14Combo: Full nelson body scissors107 images1.606%
15Profile picture103 images1.546%
16Knee backbreaker98 images1.471%
17Boston crab97 images1.456%
18Punch91 images1.366%
19Surfboard81 images1.216%
20Reverse bearhug80 images1.201%
21Test of strength71 images1.066%
22Choke63 images0.946%
23Arm bar60 images0.901%
24Lock up51 images0.766%
25Groin claw43 images0.646%
26Combo: Bearhug and body scissors43 images0.646%
27Elbow drop43 images0.646%
28Inverted bearhug41 images0.616%
29Arm lock40 images0.601%
30Schoolboy pin38 images0.570%
31Dragon sleeper38 images0.570%
32Knocked out36 images0.540%
33Reverse indian deathlock36 images0.540%
34Nipple claw35 images0.525%
35Combo: Sleeper with body scissors33 images0.495%
36Face-off32 images0.480%
37Ground bearhug31 images0.465%
38Reverse chinlock29 images0.435%
39Abdominal stretch29 images0.435%
40Chinlock29 images0.435%
41Figure-four head scissors29 images0.435%
42Combo: Full nelson with grapevine28 images0.420%
43Reverse headlock27 images0.405%
44Fireman carry26 images0.390%
45Reverse sleeper25 images0.375%
46Abs claw24 images0.360%
47Combo: Camel clutch with full nelson23 images0.345%
48Leg lock23 images0.345%
49Tree of woe23 images0.345%
50Body slam23 images0.345%
51Combo: Body scissors with nipple torture22 images0.330%
52Kick22 images0.330%
53Cradle20 images0.300%
54Leg split19 images0.285%
55Figure-four leglock19 images0.285%
56Grapevine19 images0.285%
57Spadle19 images0.285%
58Rollover pin18 images0.270%
59Hammerlock17 images0.255%
60Irish whip17 images0.255%
61Suspended surfboard16 images0.240%
62Combo: Body scissors with arm lock16 images0.240%
63Recovering16 images0.240%
64Chickenwing15 images0.225%
65Groin attack15 images0.225%
66Arm wrestling15 images0.225%
67Takedown15 images0.225%
68Bow and arrow13 images0.195%
69Half crab13 images0.195%
70Triangle head scissors12 images0.180%
71Combo: Groin and nipple claw12 images0.180%
72Combo: Camel clutch with sleeper12 images0.180%
73Indian deathlock11 images0.165%
74Hanging backbreaker11 images0.165%
75Face claw11 images0.165%
76Reverse-inverted bearhug11 images0.165%
77Stomp11 images0.165%
78Knee lift11 images0.165%
79Gut stomp10 images0.150%
80Cobra clutch10 images0.150%
81Leg nelson10 images0.150%
82Piledriver9 images0.135%
83Claw9 images0.135%
84Knee drop9 images0.135%
85Clothesline9 images0.135%
86Ankle lock9 images0.135%
87Elbow strike8 images0.120%
88Combo: Headlock with body scissors8 images0.120%
89Combo: Bearhug and nipple torture8 images0.120%
90Measuring8 images0.120%
91Combo: Knee backbreaker with groin claw7 images0.105%
92Arm scissors7 images0.105%
93Leg scissors7 images0.105%
94Sharpshooter7 images0.105%
95Crossface6 images0.090%
96Low blow6 images0.090%
97Combo: Bearhug with grapevine6 images0.090%
98Splash6 images0.090%
99Single shoulder backbreaker6 images0.090%
100Crucifix armbar6 images0.090%
101Rope choke6 images0.090%
102Shoulder claw6 images0.090%
103Wrist lock6 images0.090%
104Combo: Inverted bearhug with groin claw6 images0.090%
105Lift and carry6 images0.090%
106Combo: Armlock with body scissors6 images0.090%
107Corner slam5 images0.075%
108Single leg boston crab5 images0.075%
109Cornered5 images0.075%
110Hangman5 images0.075%
111Knee strike5 images0.075%
112Pec chop4 images0.060%
113Knee to groin4 images0.060%
114Groin hit4 images0.060%
115Pec claw4 images0.060%
116Face stomp4 images0.060%
117Combo: Dragon sleeper with groin claw4 images0.060%
118Head slam4 images0.060%
119Suplex4 images0.060%
120Gas pedal4 images0.060%
121Double teaming4 images0.060%
122Stinker4 images0.060%
123Foreign object4 images0.060%
124Tag-team: Spread-eagle4 images0.060%
125Knee lock4 images0.060%
126Headbutt4 images0.060%
127Combo: Knee backbreaker with gut claw4 images0.060%
128Gut kick3 images0.045%
129Tied in the ropes3 images0.045%
130Head twist3 images0.045%
131Tag-team: Full nelson and gut punch3 images0.045%
132Gut claw3 images0.045%
133Cradle rack3 images0.045%
134Tag-team: Boston crab and camel clutch3 images0.045%
135Rear mount3 images0.045%
136Hair pull3 images0.045%
137Combo: Abdominal stretch with groin claw3 images0.045%
138Jacknife3 images0.045%
139Groin strike3 images0.045%
140Combo: Knee backbreaker with gut punch3 images0.045%
141Combo: Torture rack with groin claw3 images0.045%
142Bite3 images0.045%
143Reversal2 images0.030%
144Leg drop2 images0.030%
145Octopus hold2 images0.030%
146Combo: Groin and nipple torture2 images0.030%
147Eye rake2 images0.030%
148Combo: Scissor double toe hold2 images0.030%
149Tag-team: Double bearhug2 images0.030%
150Half nelson2 images0.030%
151Combo: Body scissors with groin claw2 images0.030%
152Combo: Arm bar with head scissors2 images0.030%
153Small package2 images0.030%
154Combo: Abdominal stretch with gut claw2 images0.030%
155Whip into corner2 images0.030%
156Rear naked choke2 images0.030%
157Reverse grapevine2 images0.030%
158Combo: Twisting knee lock and arm lock2 images0.030%
159Combo: Reverse indian deathlock with full nelson2 images0.030%
160Boot choke2 images0.030%
161Toe hold kneelock2 images0.030%
162Lariat2 images0.030%
163Reverse surfboard2 images0.030%
164Slap2 images0.030%
165Combo: Knee backbreaker with elbow drop2 images0.030%
166Reverse chinlock with knee in back2 images0.030%
167Tag-team: Bearhug and gut punch2 images0.030%
168Crucifix2 images0.030%
169Neck crank2 images0.030%
170Pedigree2 images0.030%
171Head claw2 images0.030%
172Tag-team: Full nelson and groin punch2 images0.030%
173Pick up2 images0.030%
174Toe hold2 images0.030%
175Forearm smash to the chest2 images0.030%
176Combo: Reverse indian deathlock with camel clutch1 image0.015%
177Tag-team: Body scissors and head scissors1 image0.015%
178Leg drop rope choke1 image0.015%
179Combo: Knee backbreaker with groin punch1 image0.015%
180Combo: Headlock with groin claw1 image0.015%
181Flying headscissors1 image0.015%
182Combo: Knee backbreaker with dragon sleeper1 image0.015%
183Combo: Figure-four leg lock with surfboard1 image0.015%
184Combo: Figure-four leg lock with camel clutch1 image0.015%
185Combo: Toe hold with crossface1 image0.015%
186Combo: Reverse indian deathlock with bearhug1 image0.015%
187Gorilla press1 image0.015%
188Combo: Armlock with pec claw1 image0.015%
189Shoulder ram1 image0.015%
190Tag-team: Torture rack with gut punch1 image0.015%
191Combo: Dragon sleeper with gut claw1 image0.015%
192Trunk lift1 image0.015%
193Combo: Knee backbreaker with choke1 image0.015%
194Forearm smash1 image0.015%
195Back drop1 image0.015%
196Combo: Figure-four leg lock with chinlock1 image0.015%
197Trrampling1 image0.015%
198Gut spear1 image0.015%
199Tag-team: Torture rack with elbow hit1 image0.015%
200Guillotine choke1 image0.015%
201Combo: Sleeper with grapevine1 image0.015%
202Combo: Body scissors with chinlock1 image0.015%
203Combo: Half crab with groin claw1 image0.015%
204Combo: Surfboard with double leg lock1 image0.015%
205Eye poke1 image0.015%
206Shoulder drive1 image0.015%
207Combo: Bearhug and full nelson1 image0.015%
208Combo: Armlock with figure-four head scissors1 image0.015%
209Reverse seated surfboard1 image0.015%
210Tag-team: Torture rack with claw1 image0.015%
211Side suplex1 image0.015%
212Tag-team: Double body scissors1 image0.015%
213Uppercut1 image0.015%
214Strangle cross leglock1 image0.015%
215Combo: Camel clutch with leg lock1 image0.015%
216DDT1 image0.015%
217Body splash1 image0.015%
218Fighting stance1 image0.015%
219Nerve claw1 image0.015%
220Gut buster1 image0.015%
221Hanging surfboard1 image0.015%
222Stump Puller1 image0.015%

Total:  6661 wrestling matches images