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  Comment #1 written by Rob (id 1307) on 2017-03-05 00:03:41

Gave him good votes for the sign, and for being so hot! I’d love to have him bearhug me.

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30 contenders and free bear hugs - Saturday March 4th 2017   [ Back to top ]

After almost a 2 year hiatus, I was able to add 30 new fighters in to the Contender Section.

I did a bit of cleanup, weeded out the duplicates, so we should be safe for a little while... you should see the amount of times people just submit the same person over and over again.

What caught my eye was a submission where this bearish guy is holding a sign saying "Free bone-crushing hugs". That's where I told myself: I have to get this guy in.

This particular submission is Contender ID 871, a bodybuilder who goes by the name Jesse McMaster. Make sure you give him some good votes just for putting that sign up.