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4 stories - Sunday May 24th 2015   [ Back to top ]

A couple of new submissions lately:

You have new stories from Muscularhunk, Boy, Joeran and an anonymous author (the one that puts images in his stories).

For all stories, just click here.

If you are a story author, please do mention in your submissions if your stories are meant for an adult audience. It greatly helps me, so I don't have to go sifting through the pages to look for some specific words.

If as a reader yourself you feel the story should be flagged as adult, then please do let me know and I'll mark it as so and give you points for your trouble.

And if the story is inappropriate for the site due to some content, then do advise me so I can remove it from the database. I don't always read all the stories due to lack of time, so I do appreciate all the help that you guys can give.

Thank you in advance.