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2017-03-26: I completely forgot about this gem until someone recently uploaded a bearhug from it in the Uploads section. The Seven Magnificent Gladiators - Sunday March 26th 2017 (News ID: 1737)   [ Back to top ]

A couple of years ago, Paul M (id 639) added an entry about The Seven Magnificent Gladiators, created at the peak of the sword and sandals era where women (and men) slobbered over musclemen wearing nothing but a toga (and a sword, no, not that type of sword). I completely forgot about this rare gem until someone recently uploaded a bearhug from it.

The movie itself features two reverse bearhugs. It's pretty laughable, but you have to admire still the physique of Ferrigno, despite his questionable acting skills. But yeah, back then, you don't really need to know how to act if you flex your muscles to the audience every few seconds. In my opinion, these elements actually adds to the style of the movie. It's almost a comedy. The video below shows the first bearhug.. the second one is meh, so I'll just skip it, but you can look at the movie's entry information if you really want to see it.

It's funny how Lou and Ivan just argue and fight for a bit, but it was all of a ruse from Lou to take a glimpse at Ivan's strength and fighting abilities. After testing him in a bearhug, a headlock and a few elbows, Lou enlists Ivan to join his forces to protect a village. What a great script! Enlist me too, please.

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2017-03-25: These aren`t really video companies, but rather bodybuilders who have decided to go out on their own and do the things that people ask them... such as carrying, lifting, bearhugging, flexing, etc. Bruno Piveta and Gabriel Muscle Dominus - Saturday March 25th 2017 (News ID: 1736)   [ Back to top ]

These aren't really video companies, but rather bodybuilders who have decided to go out on their own and do the things that people ask them... such as carrying, lifting, flexing, dominating, showering, trampling and of course, bearhugging.

Hence, we have new bodybuilders sprouting like Bruno Piveta and Gabriel Muscle Dominus. They cater to their fans who request specific situations and scenarios, such as bearhugs:

If you find more like these, feel free to let me know so I can give a shout on this page and take a couple of snapshots from their videos and add them to the Bearhug Uploads. These guys need all the exposure they can get, because the limelight is easily stolen by the monstrous companies that dominate and saturate the gay wrestling video market.

In addition, these bodybuilders really struggle to survive because they use the YouTube platform to make themselves known, but what happens when they use YouTube to show their muscles and bearhugging skills? Well, their account gets terminated because it violates YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content. Doh! It's not as if they are having a hard on when they give out bearhugs... but we might or maybe their victims might get one.

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2017-03-19: I see a lot of uploads being submitted that has low quality snapshots from videos, some directly taken from YouTube with the magical ``Print Screen`` key from the keyboard. Tools to take snapshots of your videos - Sunday March 19th 2017 (News ID: 1735)   [ Back to top ]

I see a lot of uploads being submitted that has low quality snapshots from videos, some directly taken from YouTube with the magical "Print Screen" key from the keyboard.

There are better ways to do this.

I personally used Freemake Video Downloader, but they recently started putting a speed limit and a watermark, so I've started using instead Online Video Converter and Convert 2 MP3. Despite the title, you can also convert your videos to MP4 (which is a video format that is optimal for your operations).

These sites will allow you to save a copy of the video at the highest quality on your computer. After which, you can open them up in VLC, scroll to the desired area and make better quality snapshots, provided that the video had at least 720 or 1080 pixel resolutions when you saved it.

Yeah, I know, this is very technical for some, but if you ever give it a shot just once, you'll fall in love with it and you'll stop taking snapshots directly from YouTube.

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2017-03-17: Jos Leduc plays this gimmick of a Canadian lumberjack that just won`t stop crushing his opponent, even after a successful submission. Jos LeDuc bearhugs Perry Jackson to submission and beyond - Friday March 17th 2017 (News ID: 1734)   [ Back to top ]

I thought I posted this one before, but I apparently haven't.

Jos Leduc plays the gimmick of a Canadian lumberjack that just won't stop crushing his opponent, even after a successful submission. The referee asks him constantly to stop, but it's the manager who must come in and save the day...

Can you hear the crowd boo?

You gotta love the announcer:

"...In a tremendous bearhug! .. Jackson says he will submit! The pressure is too intense! But Leduc is not letting him loose. Keeps the pressure and eyeballs him. Ringo now slowly comes into the ring and tries to tell him to release, but he just puts on more pressure. Come on, let him go! You might break his back!"

I bet he had a blast commenting this match.

This was previously submitted by Boy (id 1404) just a couple of months ago. You can rate this under Link ID 3545 to get a +3,000 points bonus.

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2017-03-11: WalterG just added a handful of BG and Can-Am bearhugs in the Uploads section. Walter's Uploads and the Top 20 Uploaders - Saturday March 11th 2017 (News ID: 1733)   [ Back to top ]

WalterG (id 2846) just added a handful of new BG, Thunder's and MDW bearhugs in the Uploads section. The ones from Thunder's are usually the highest rated on the site, followed by stuff from BG, but MDW is starting to make their way into their territories. If you check MDW's site, it's funny to see the subtle similarities they have with BG's website. If a formula works well, why not reuse it?

Here's one shot from each of the company he posted:

WalterG is currently the #1 Top Uploader of the site with more than 6,000 images contributed over the seven years he has been with us. He actually travels often. So, if he ever is in your area, you can show him your appreciation of his work and time for us by giving him a few bearhugs.

Speaking of Top Uploaders, here is the current Top 20:

1WalterG contributed a total of 6023 bearhug uploads.
2Tigrexmen contributed a total of 3661 bearhug uploads.
3Magnus Orestes contributed a total of 3605 bearhug uploads.
4Brunomariner contributed a total of 1773 bearhug uploads.
5MisterWoodtoyou contributed a total of 1135 bearhug uploads.
6SamLovesBearHugs contributed a total of 1107 bearhug uploads.
7Stritoloso contributed a total of 719 bearhug uploads.
8Apeman contributed a total of 582 bearhug uploads.
9Jobberboy contributed a total of 463 bearhug uploads.
10Paul M contributed a total of 422 bearhug uploads.
11Rick contributed a total of 293 bearhug uploads.
12Bearhugmanila contributed a total of 283 bearhug uploads.
13Aztightsqueezer contributed a total of 214 bearhug uploads.
14Squeezerian contributed a total of 191 bearhug uploads.
15Paul contributed a total of 163 bearhug uploads.
16Bigsqueezer contributed a total of 156 bearhug uploads.
17Pepitomassalia contributed a total of 152 bearhug uploads.
18Eric contributed a total of 151 bearhug uploads.
19Rickrudefan contributed a total of 143 bearhug uploads.
20Landon contributed a total of 129 bearhug uploads.

We currently have 29,561 bearhugs on the site and these Top 20 Uploaders account for 21,365 bearhugs, which represents 72% of the material that was contributed to the Uploads section.... pretty impressive! A million thanks to all these guys for helping us and adding to the success of the cataloging of bearhugs.

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2017-03-04: 30 new contenders have been added after a 2 year hiatus. 30 contenders - Saturday March 4th 2017 (News ID: 1732)   [ Back to top ]

After almost a 2 year hiatus, I was able to add 30 new fighters in to the Contender Section.

I did a bit of cleanup, weeded out the duplicates, so we should be safe for a little while... you should see the amount of times people just submit the same person over and over again.

What caught my eye was a submission where this bearish guy is holding a sign saying "Free bone-crushing hugs". That's where I told myself: I have to get this guy in.

This particular submission is Contender ID 871, a bodybuilder who goes by the name Jesse McMaster. Make sure you give him some good votes just for putting that sign up.

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2017-03-01: Some bearhugs will not show up if you are not logged in. Hidden Uploads - Wednesday March 1st 2017 (News ID: 1731)   [ Back to top ]

If you haven't noticed already, some bearhugs from the Uploads Section do not show up if you do not login.

Why is this so?

Simple. Some companies (I won't mention which ones exactly) don't want their wrestlers to show up in Google Searches. By having these uploads private, they won't show up in Google.

So yeah, if you log in, you should be able to see more of them. Don't get excited though... you'll just see slightly more.

Most companies know the value of free publicity for their products, so the majority of them allow people to post them everywhere as long as their watermark is visible.

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2017-02-20: I wrote for both Marty and Canwrestle a scenarized match that I completed yesterday and received approval from both wrestlers. Marty vs Canwrestle - Monday February 20th 2017 (News ID: 1730)   [ Back to top ]

I wrote for both these guys a scenarized match that I completed yesterday and received approval from both wrestlers.

Have a look at Match ID 325 for a little bit of fun ring action.

Bear in mind, you can create your own matches on the site at any time. You can consult the other matches available on the site by clicking here or if you are feeling lucky, you can try to randomize the results.

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2017-01-23: Ted Arcidi links :) It's Arcidi Time! - Monday January 23rd 2017 (News ID: 1729)   [ Back to top ]

I love this big lug. If you haven't noticed, I added a couple of old school wrestling links containing Ted Arcidi giving some good old bearhugs. Many of them contain an actual submission win. Yeah the 80s and the 90s... it was a nice era where bearhugs actually made people submit. It is believable when it was given by the muscular arms of Arcidi and when the opponent is not another over-buffed gym jock, but just an average joe.

Arcidi didn't stay long in the pro circuit. He had this little rivalry against Bill Kazmaier, which had so much potential, but meh.. both these guys didn't generate enough interest from the crowd to last long enough.

Anyway, each active link containing an Arcidi bearhug should give you an extra +500 bearhug points for each vote.

I'm thinking of putting together a little compilation video of all the bearhugs he gave... it would make a nice bearhug-fest. This guy really knows how to squeeze and crush and squash all of his jobbers. If Ted Arcidi bearhugged William Wallace, the guy would yell for "mercy" instead of "freedom". I know.. that last sentence was lame.

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2017-01-09: Hmm.. new bearhugs from Slovak Muscle Men :) POTM #123: Slovak Muscle Men - Monday January 9th 2017 (News ID: 1728)   [ Back to top ]

Fightwin (id 525) uncovered these "flexing" bearhugs from Slovak Muscle Men, which are actually pretty good.

Yeah I know.. the flexing bearhug makes the victim pretty much full of himself, but that's part of the deal, right? You can click here to view other images from that set.

Slovak Muscle Men has been merged into Europe Bodybuilding since a few eons ago. Their site now features a relatively good amount of bodybuilding men showing off their "assets" to the general public.

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2017-01-05: It seems that every Ivan Rasputin video has a bearhug in it. Ivan Rasputin: The Bear Hugger - Thursday January 5th 2017 (News ID: 1727)   [ Back to top ]

It seems that every Ivan Rasputin video has a bearhug in it. This bearish massive guy really knew how to use his strength to instill fear to his opponents.

Check out his other bearhugs by clicking here. Voting on any of the Rasputin videos should give you a +3,000 bearhug points for each of them.

These videos are courtesy from the Chicago Film Archive. A million thanks to them for bringing back to life the matches that were long lost for more than 60 years ago.

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2016-12-31: SamLovesBearhugs has his own way to wish us a Happy New Year :) SamLoveBearHugs vs Hard4You - Saturday December 31st 2016 (News ID: 1726)   [ Back to top ]

SamLovesBearhugs (id 1238) has his own way to wish us a Happy New Year: he posted on the site about a hundred bearhug pictures he made with Hard4You (id 1922).

You can take a look at his new collection by clicking here. In my opinion, some of the shots are pretty impressive. The size of Hard4You probably implies that his bearhugs are quite powerful.

I do realize that not all the images that were posted are bearhugs, but since Sam kindly shared his personal photography from his own matches with us, I've decided to make an exception. On top of that, he posted the full scale originals, which are larger than what your desktop wallpaper can hold.

Please guys, don't be tough on your rating. If you think you can do better than this, then by all means, please share with us your own bearhugs.

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2016-12-30: 4 new video clips :) 4 clips for the New Year :) - Friday December 30th 2016 (News ID: 1725)   [ Back to top ]

I know I'm a little bit early to talk about the New Year, but since I won't be available for the coming days, I might as well throw this in now.

I added two video clips with low points requirement. They can be unlocked with a trust rating of 4 and 8 or greater and they demand respectively 20,170 or 2,000 points to unlock. Check out the Clips Section and the Unlock Hints for more information. You will need to be logged in to see the clips, otherwise, they will be hidden and invisible.

The third video clip is free for all. I ran through some of Paul Isadora's bearhug. Yes, this massive, tall and beastly monster who can probably crush any poor (or lucky) victim that gets stuck in his arms. Anyway, I've noticed that the Reno Wrestling Factory took one of his matches down. With this wrestling association having very little visibility and probably a high chance of disappearing like most small organizations, I doubt that most of us will ever be able to view the video again. Luckily, I happened to have kept a copy of the bearhug.

It is now accessible under Clip ID 302.

The last video clip is based on the Request List. If you previously made a request and don't see your request anymore, chances are that it might have become available. If your request is still there, then try to team up instead with one of your peers to boost the video chances for that bearhug.

As a side note, you can also check the Uploads section for a good batch of new bearhugs pics that I've added today.

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2016-12-23: Happy Holidays! :) Happy Holidays 2016! - Friday December 23rd 2016 (News ID: 1724)   [ Back to top ]

Another year is reaching its end soon and most of us are already with our friends and family to celebrate the holiday season.

On top of the usual joy, love and happiness with your loves ones, here's to hoping that all of you will get lots of bearhugs for the coming year.

Stay calm, stay safe and keep on wrestling!

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2016-12-13: There`s a new match putting Blackjack against The Bruiser. Blackjack vs Barrio Bruiser - Tuesday December 13th 2016 (News ID: 1723)   [ Back to top ]

There's a new match putting Blackjack McQueen (id 3251) against the Barrio Bruiser (id 811).

Who will emerge victorious?

Find out the answer under Match ID 322.

Remember that putting a thumbs up or commenting on the match is a great way to give these guys a token of your appreciation for taking the time to make the pics, sharing them with us and write their scenario.

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2016-12-06: Rob has submitted a new video review. Review: Mark Muscle vs Scrappy - Tuesday December 6th 2016 (News ID: 1722)   [ Back to top ]

Rob (id 1307) took the time to write a new review considering that our last review dates as far back as more than a year ago...

The review is about the match pitting Mark Muscle against Scrappy in Vegas Battle 7. You can read all about his perspective and opinion of this match under Review ID 140.

Many thanks to Rob for reviving the section with his new submission. Truth be told, writing a review is almost as painful as writing a match. It takes quite a bit of time, you need to gather screenshots, write down your thoughts and put them all together. I'll be working on a feature to auto-post to a textual-only review all the bearhugs related to the match. The system would take the images directly from the Bearhug Uploads section. Maybe I can get this done on the holidays.

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2016-12-05: What`s up today?  Jobberboy vs Shawty! Jobberboy vs Shawty - Monday December 5th 2016 (News ID: 1721)   [ Back to top ]

We have Jobberboy (id 482) vs Shawty (id 520) in a match published and written by Jobberboy himself.

You can check it out under

- Match ID 323: Jobber vs Shawty: Two Small Men Finally Meet.

Please do take the time to comment and upvote their match. We don't get much matches like these nowadays.

While you're at it, you might have missed this two matches:

- Match ID 320: Birdman vs Wrestluchador: La Venganza de Birdman


- Match ID 315: Darius vs Frank the Tank: The Rematch, 3rd Fall

I know the interface to create match is still terrible and time consuming, but I haven't found a way yet to make it simpler. So, please be mindful and thankful of anyone who submits a match because they actually go through the whole tedious process to be able to share a match with all of us.

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2016-12-04: Story submissions - Sunday December 4th 2016 (News ID: 1720)   [ Back to top ]

We've got 2 new submissions. Yay!

One from MontrealDude22 (id 1338) and one from Joeran (id 3483).

The one from MontrealDude is actually from the Titan chapters with all the pictures if you need to be visual. It's called "Hercules vs Titan". If you prefer to use your own imagination, then the one from Joeran should suit you well. It is entitled "Roommate Revelation".

For the list of all the latest stories, just click here.

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2016-11-20: An anonymous user submitted a link to the PrimeTime Wrestling show from August 1989.  The show contains a total of 6 bearhugs.   Primetime Wrestling: 6 bearhugs - Sunday November 20th 2016 (News ID: 1719)   [ Back to top ]

An anonymous user submitted a link to the PrimeTime Wrestling show from August 1989. Surprisingly, the show contains a total of 6 bearhugs. Actually, half of those bearhugs are from Zeus... It was a gimmick from the movie "No Holds Barred". They decided to bring the character from the movie right into the WWF Summerslam event.

You can view all of those under Link ID 3516.

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2016-10-30: Hero: The Erik Atlas Archives - Sunday October 30th 2016 (News ID: 1718)   [ Back to top ]

BigSqueezer (id 743) asked me to relay the following information.
I have a book coming out. it's the adventures of Erik Atlas, superstar wrestler in the International Sex Fight league. Big muscled wrestlers, hero and heel, massive bearhug and all kinds of power moves!

It's available on Amazon under this link:

This is book I of Six planned.
BigSqueezer contributed a great amount of free stories on this site. Considering that the price tag for the digital version of his newest book is only 3 bucks, well.. please do make a little effort to support him.

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2016-10-01: POTM #122: Talon bearhugs Beast - Saturday October 1st 2016 (News ID: 1717)   [ Back to top ]

September passed by without me noticing it and I haven't written anything for the entire month. Meh, you guys can slap me a bearhug as some form of punishment, but I'm sure you guys are used to my prolonged absences by now.

Today's bearhug is between Beast and Talon.

I have to admit that I like this Beast newcomer to TA's roster. He's a good-looking bulky guy, good charisma, great amount of beard which I have a weakness for... and has apparently an MMA background.

As for the bearhug, I don't really believe it because Beast is bigger than Talon, but not actually by that much: Talon is billed at 5'11", 209 lbs and Beast is billed at 5'8", 225 lbs. So either Talon is really strong... or Beast is selling the bearhug very well.

Head out to Upload ID 34748 and get your +4,000 points today by saying yourself (through a vote) how much you like this bearhug.

And if you liked this bearhug, you can take a look at other pictures in this series of Talon vs Beast.

You know... If there is a nice trend that I've noticed lately is that Thunder's Arena has been very tolerant in welcoming new wrestlers that sports a beard and on occasion, some chest hair. Of course, to each their preferences, but this trend really makes me happy.

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2016-08-30: A reset was performed today on the visit and visitor history. Visit and visitor history cleared - Tuesday August 30th 2016 (News ID: 1716)   [ Back to top ]

The server hosting the site has been very slow lately and it was determined that there were a few hiccups and performance problems on how the visits to each profiles were stored.

I had to clear them out, so yes, all the visit and visitor history will be cleared as of today (August 30 2016). They will start piling up again as soon as someone checks out your profile or when you check out someone's profile. For some reason, the maintenance script I had to clean them up periodically stopped working and the disk space almost reached its full usage.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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2016-08-29: The Giant versus 2 jobbers in a handicap match.  What else did you expect? :) Andre the Giant vs 2 jobbers - Monday August 29th 2016 (News ID: 1715)   [ Back to top ]

Here's another one of those giant vs small gimmick.. actually, an even better one: Andre The Giant vs 2 small jobbers in a handicap match!

The Giant starts by bearhugging Johnny Rodz at 9:22, but this guy is so strong he can actually do a double bearhug by crushing both Rodz and Frank Rodriguez near 9:43! He finally delivers the final submission to Rodriguez at 11:54.

The Giant is so powerful! Can he ever be stopped?

Remember to rate this bearhug under Link ID 3505 for a +3,000 bearhug points bonus.

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2016-08-10: A few dozen uploads have been added 60 uploads - Wednesday August 10th 2016 (News ID: 1714)   [ Back to top ]

About 60 uploads have been added. You can always use the Uploads by Date page to find out which days you may have missed. You'll notice from it that many other days have spike of bearhug submissions.

This recent batch contains a mix of pro indies, some Thunder's and a bunch of Morgan Cruise bearhugs.

Yeah, I know.. Morgan Cruise has been renamed to Dominants Dungeon lately... I'll gradually do the replacement in the weeks to come. It doesn't really matter in the end since those who visit Morgan Cruise are automatically redirected do their new website. The same thing applies to the Cameron Wrestler website that now converges towards the Wrestler 4 Hire website.

It really annoys me when companies change the website's format or the company name because it just breaks so many links.

Is it just me or I really find it hard to use the new replacement format of Wrestler 4 Hire? You are forced to log in to view many of their products or access many parts of their website, it's hard to find anything and you can't tell which new videos have been added. The search feature doesn't always work either. Each time I surf on it, I just end up closing my browser out of frustration. It's probably just me being difficult.

I still hope that they will revamp the system again to make it friendlier.

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2016-08-09: Adrain submitted new stories :) Adrain's stories - Tuesday August 9th 2016 (News ID: 1713)   [ Back to top ]

I really don't need to write this down since Adrain (id 3641) is doing pretty well without me needing to point out that he wrote recently a couple of stories. The feedback already posted by other users shows that many people are appreciating his work. Considering the length of his chapters, I can imagine that we're talking about days, if not weeks or months, of thinking and writing.

You can view Adrain's stories by clicking here.

You will need to log in since a few elements of his writings contain mature references.

I hope you'll enjoy and please remember to leave the author some feedback.

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