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2018-01-06: There has been quite a few story submissions during 2017. New stories - Saturday January 6th 2018 (News ID: 1763)   [ Back to top ]

I thought I did an update about this not long ago, but apparently I haven't mentioned anything about stories since December 2016 (!). Well... silly me.

Anyway, there's been quite a handful of new stories since then. If bearhug fiction or wrestling fiction is your thing, then make sure you check out the Bearhug stories.

Also, please note that I no longer require that bearhugs appear in the story. A story submission just about wrestling will do. There's still the minimum requirement that all participants in the story, whether fictional or non-fictional, be of legal age. (Yes, that boy you include in the story should be 18 or 21 depending on your locale). And if possible, use common sense if topics other than wrestling are involved. Meaning, don't try to mention anything that is sensitive to a race, a group or for example, make fun of people with disabilities, etc. In truth, I barely filter or read completely the stories, due to the lack of time. Most often, I rely on the readers to tell me if a story is appropriate or not for the site.

You'll notice that most of the stories I get nowadays are adult-oriented. So yes, you'll have to log in to view them. Or, if you understand how my website works, you can try to be naughty and actually bypass the login process simply by decoding the pattern I use to store the stories on the site. I actually shouldn't say this, but in any case, it's more to prevent Google from indexing those pages.

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