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2011-04-16: A new story has been submitted by Willardo. Gym Giant - Saturday April 16th 2011 (News ID: 1337)   [ Back to top ]

The latest submission comes from a new user to the site: Willardo (id 4680) created a story called "Gym Giant" in Entry ID 1488.

On a side note, there has been quite a few submissions lately for new stories. Normally, the site gets about a story per month, but this is the third story submitted this month.

Hey, I'm not going to complain. Some of these stories are of very good writing quality. It's true that there's a slight amount of overhead each time a story is submitted because I have to format the text file into a web-based format and go through the story quickly to make sure everything is ok.

While I was reviewing the story, I've also decided to change the background color of new stories to black and switch the text to white. This takes effect today and will apply for all new future stories. Since the whole color scheme of the site is already black, it just hurts your eyes when you switch between a black background to a full white background. So, by setting the background to black on the stories, I am hopefully eliminating this unbearable pain...

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