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2009-07-23: It is now possible to view the backlog of the site to see if all pending items have been processed. Backlogs - Thursday July 23rd 2009 (News ID: 1008)   [ Back to top ]

It is now possible to view in real-time the backlog of the site.

On the main news page of the site (this page), the amount of items pending approval is listed. It looks like this:

Site items pending approval: 2

Each time a new profile, picture, bearhug upload, candidate or link is added, the count goes up by 1. Each time I approve those items, the count goes back down depending on the amount of items I have processed.

So, anytime you upload or add something to the site, you can go back here later on to see if the count has increased or decreased.

* If the count has increased, then additional items have been added pending approval, which technically means that it will take longer for me to go through them.

* If the count has decreased, some items have been processed.

* Finally, if the count is zero, then all items have been processed.

It is to be noted that at the time being, new entries to the database section are currently not counted. This will probably be fixed in the future.

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