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POTM #127: Saul Adams vs Damian Dunne
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Happy Holidays!
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Happy Holidays!
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2018-01-10: Please get the permission from the owner/artist/illustrator before posting an illustration or CGI artwork on the site. About illustrations and CGI artwork - Wednesday January 10th 2018 (News ID: 1765)   [ Back to top ]

Lately, I've been receiving a handful of removal requests from artists who claimed that they've never given anyone the permission to post their artwork on this site.

If you are about to post a bearhug illustration or CGI artwork coming from sites like Furaffinity or DeviantArt , but even Twitter and Tumblr, please make sure you've obtained the permission of those artists (unless of course, you're the artist, owner or commissioner).

Photographs "sort of" take a second to take, but artists spend hours, if not days, to make an illustration perfect, which is why I can understand why these artists are conveying to me their frustration when their masterpieces are posted elsewhere uncredited or copied and used without their consent or knowledge.

Most artwork will come with a signature or at least the initials of the owner. Out of respect for them, please don't edit or crop that out either. In fact, try not to alter their image in any way. The only exception is when you are attempting to convert it to a valid image format.

In any case, we can already see the impact of people cropping out watermarks. For example, I've been seeing recently quite a few companies and individuals taking an aggressive stance by putting their watermark on the whole image rather than on a corner or on the side of a border. They put it in such a way that makes cropping impossible. As a result, the watermark itself completely destroys the image. I mean how awful is it to have a nice bearhug with big letters on it that says "Property of XYZ"? If everyone respected other people's work by keeping re-posted images intact, we wouldn't have to deal with this sort of crap, really.

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2017-11-18: The bearhug from today features Saul Adams bearhugging Damien Dunne. POTM #127: Saul Adams vs Damian Dunne - Saturday November 18th 2017 (News ID: 1757)   [ Back to top ]

Today's bearhug features Saul Adams bearhugging Damien Dunne from Wrestle Midlands.

The beard is a bit too long for me, but I still wouldn't mind a bearhug from this big lug.

Most of you have already voted on this, but if you haven't, there is currently a +4,000 bonus points on it.

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2017-11-16: Just a little rant on selectivity and technology. Selectivity and technology - Thursday November 16th 2017 (News ID: 1756)   [ Back to top ]

I was reading this article the other day that a friend sent to me. It's a BBC article about the creator of Gaydar who recently passed away. His website helped the gay community find each other, pulling them out of isolation, especially in countries where being gay is still not widely accepted.

It has its consequence as well. For example, the article mentions that it made the gay community too selective and that sites like Grindr and Gaydar may be the leading cause of the closure of gay bars.

The notion of selectivity evidently applies as well for sites like this one, or MeetFighters or Globalfight. During the times where classified ads in your vintage gay magazine was the only way to reach out to someone, you'd be happy to see a single wrestler in the whole directory of ads of gay men. Snail mail was the communication of choice and you'd wait for weeks to get a response and several months to plan a wrestling meet. Driving several hours to meet this one other wrestler who seemed to be the only other guy that wrestles in the planet was not uncommon. The choice back then being much smaller, one couldn't afford to be selective. The web changed all that. For most, it made it easier, but for some, it isolated them even more.

Every week, I find fake users who post pictures of the perfect bodybuilders that are from somebody else, not theirs. I close their profiles and I sometimes think of their backstory. Maybe that person experienced the disgust of being rejected countless amount of times and maybe that person wants the attention they could have had if they had the perfect body. Maybe seeing people drool over them gives them the satisfaction or the happiness they need to go on.

While you can't make things perfect for everybody, you can try to improve it for most people. Making the web a better place for gay men to wrestle other gay men became my new objective after I realized that I wasn't the only who shared this wrestling passion. The road to my objective was obviously rocky, but the end result definitely was well worth the effort even if it came with a few drawbacks. Knowing that I made a difference by reading the feedback I got from several users on how it reshaped or changed their lives is definitely a hint that I probably erred in the right direction.

Most sites have switched to the mobile format and I never really followed the trend or took the bandwagon. Will my site suffer because of it? Probably. Will I cry over it? Probably not. There isn't a month that goes by where I see technology evolving around me and the thing I work on becoming obsolete. No matter the changes and the transformation in the industry, I'm happy with my work and I'll keep on growing on it as long as the web continues to allow me to post content like this in the format of a web browser.

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2017-08-27: Birdman provided us with a new chapter in his wrestling adventures! Birdman vs Wrestluchador - Sunday August 27th 2017 (News ID: 1749)   [ Back to top ]

Birdman (id 1269) took the time today to write a match between him and Wrestluchador (id 10050).

The language that Birdman originally employed in his scenario is Spanish, but I went in his text and tried to give to the best of my knowledge an English equivalent. You will be given the option at the beginning of the match to select Spanish or English. The English I gave is not perfect because I got the translation from Google. We all now that the translation algorithm doesn't really understand the exact meaning of some words, sentences and expressions. It also has trouble picking up the context of a given situation (especially wrestling). Hence, I've altered the returned text from Google to make it a bit more legible, but it's still not a perfect 100% translation from Spanish. Feel free to correct my changes by providing me with alternative descriptions to some or all of the sections of his match.

Anyway, the result is in Match ID 333 which you can read now. Please do provide Birdman with a nice thumbs up and a few comments to encourage him to provide us a third chapter. He's one of the few match contributors that is still willing to take the time to write a story and share his pictures. Thank you!

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2017-06-26: 19 years! 19 years! - Monday June 26th 2017 (News ID: 1744)   [ Back to top ]

Yep, another year went by! 19 years already. One more year and it'll be the big 20.

Since I don't really know what to say or write aside from expressing my heartfelt thanks to you guys for your undying support, I'll just go ahead and write down a few stats:

Profiles: 9,300

The growth in profiles was a bit in the recent years since I've never really shifted for mobile support. Time and learning of new languages are constraints that prevented me to do so, but I have to say that I am happy with this small growth. I did say previously that I like this little hub to stay small since it's easier to manage.

It's nothing like the 100,000+ members that Globalfight and MeetFighters probably have, but each have their downside in terms of administrating their users and making everyone happy.

Uploads: 30,500

This wouldn't be the bearhug site if it didn't hold a heavy load of bearhug images. I would have to say that I am very satisfied how often this section is used. As much as I want to create new categories in order to find easily an obscure bearhug, one third of these bearhugs are still everyone's favorite lifted frontal bearhug and a third of these bearhugs don't have any company names listed.. which does make finding them a bit hard, unfortunately.

On the bright side, we're getting more and more higher quality images with the development of better lens and cameras. So now, you can probably view some of these bearhugs on your flat screen HD 4k TV.

Links: 3,235

I was hoping to populate this with personal home pages, but time really showed that it's all about social networks. 1,420 links alone are linking to YouTube videos. Personal home pages are a disappearing trend because of the amount of work required to maintain them. Most of those sites shifted into a blog format, which is much easier to search and categorize. Writing a daily or weekly post also requires much less effort.

Database: 2,155

It's a small section, but it has it's fan base. The stories section is a gold mine for the likers of the genre. The movies and TV shows are more and less used nowadays. It does have its purpose and I still use it now and then to recall a bearhug I've seen since eons ago.

The other remaining sections are small enough, so I won't discuss about them.

But all in all, it's been a blast and it's nice to see that everything is still up and running and that you guys are still around to submit new content, create new profiles and upload more of your images. Thank you.

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2016-12-23: Happy Holidays! :) Happy Holidays 2016! - Friday December 23rd 2016 (News ID: 1724)   [ Back to top ]

Another year is reaching its end soon and most of us are already with our friends and family to celebrate the holiday season.

On top of the usual joy, love and happiness with your loves ones, here's to hoping that all of you will get lots of bearhugs for the coming year.

Stay calm, stay safe and keep on wrestling!

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2015-12-25: Happy holiday season to all of you guys! :) Happy Holidays! - Friday December 25th 2015 (News ID: 1682)   [ Back to top ]

Hey guys, I'd like to wish you guys a happy holiday season.

Hope you'll be spending it with your family, friends and/or loved ones.

Have fun, don't drink & drive, but do wrestle as much as you can!

I'll be away during the holidays so I won't be posting anything new for a little while.

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2015-06-30: Happy 17th Anniversary! Happy 17th anniversary! - Tuesday June 30th 2015 (News ID: 1657)   [ Back to top ]

I honestly don't even look at the site's anniversary counter anymore. It's people visiting the site that tells me that the main page is flashing 17 years, so then I go check it to make sure and I see the fireworks and balloons per-programmed to go out every year around the end of June/beginning of July.

Happy 17th Anniversary and thank you everyone for keeping the site going and strong!

I don't have anything special to offer, but if you check the Uploads Section, various members recently submitted about 70 bearhugs... which is very well appreciated and it's an absolutely heart-warming way to celebrate this event!

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2015-06-14: Posting a small notice about financial exchanges Notice about financial exchages - Sunday June 14th 2015 (News ID: 1654)   [ Back to top ]

Since a couple of issues has been brought to my attention as of late, I've decided to post a little notice about financial exchanges on the site.

The site does not support nor condone or condemn any forms of financial exchanges on the site, but I strongly recommend not to do them here on

There are many other sites out there that will cater to these types of exchanges. They will help you set them up, whether it is for goods (buying tapes or videos, purchases of wrestling gear) or for services (commissions for drawings, rental of wrestling rooms, fees for wrestling conferences) like eBay, iOffer, AirBnb, deviantArt, Paypal, etc.

Most of the above services offer some sort of warranty or insurance in case of damages or non-payment. Those sites also provide the communication mediums required to properly record written conversations and forward them to reps, agents, law enforcement officials that will help you troubleshoot any type of problems that can happen between you and the buyer, seller or the service provider. does not offer any type of warranty or insurances.. so please don't do any of your transactions here. Do them elsewhere where you'll have the protection required to keep you calm and happy.

Mind you, if you are sending someone your gear, your videos or your services for free, then you don't need any protection, so you are still free to do that here. Now, if you expect something in return, then that's another story. You might have to use a different service unless you built a good trust relationship with your recipient.

Thank you.

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2015-05-02: The Digital Era has also been tough for adult wrestling companies. The Digital Era - Saturday May 2nd 2015 (News ID: 1649)   [ Back to top ]

If you think the Digital Era has been tough to Hollywood, think about the rest of the film industry, that is adult wrestling companies included.

While many of these companies have struggled to fight piracy, they've learned to adapt with the changes and accept or deal with consequences of this era. Anyone holding a copy of their products can easily upload it to someone else through systems like Dropbox or Google Drive, or even, distribute it over peer-to-peer networks where it would reach thousands, if not millions of other users that can't wait to snatch a copy. Yep... information dissemination is much faster nowadays than it was 10 years ago.

I still remember when everything was on video tapes and it would take you 2-6 hours to record a copy, and even there, the 2nd copy would be at a reduced quality compared to the master tape... It's funny, you'd talk about these video tapes to the new generations and they wonder what they are. I guess I never saw myself a Beta or an 8 mm so I shouldn't talk...

Anyway, in contrast, digital copies are a perfect identical replica of the original one each time. On top of that, with today's HD, they are far superior in quality compared to what you obtain if you have ordered a DVD. I mean, why go for a DVD with a one week snail mail delay when you can go for an instant downloadable digital HD video files in MP4, MPG and AVI format that gives a higher and clearer resolution?

What used to be a library of video tapes that took half the space in your cupboard can now be squeezed into a small portable external hard drive of 1 or 2 terabytes. Assume that a single match is about 500 MB or 30 minutes of wrestling at a cost of for 30$ each file. At full capacity, you have an 1 terabyte (TB) external hard drive that contains about 2,000 videos or 60,000 minutes (2,500 days) or 60,000$ in revenues for a wrestling company gone in smokes because it can easily be given to anyone you want. You have here more content than the amount of time available to view them all, which is why most users just skip the video to watch their favorite part(s).

The wrestling and film industry faces hard times, but I think both have managed to stay on top of it by constantly producing more content, despite being faced with stiffer competition through the proliferation of new companies popping up faster than the amount of dandelions sprouting in your backyard. We've even noticed that a good amount of bodybuilders out there learned to bank on their muscles and start their own venture by taking a camera bought on sale at Wal-Mart and filming themselves bearhugging and wrestling their gym buddies. Not that I'm complaining... I go for their stuff first because they are much rarer than the popular firm's video that's already been advertised and posted everywhere, and that everyone already has a copy.

Anyway, there were just a few observations that I wanted to write down so that 10 years from now, I can look back at this post and think: "Baaah... external hard drives are a thing of the past, we have this [name of new technology] now that contains every video you want for anyone, that can be accessed from anywhere, for free.

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2015-02-12: Backlog cleared. Backlog cleared - Thursday February 12th 2015 (News ID: 1635)   [ Back to top ]

As of today, everything should be clear. If you've recently submitted anything to the site and it has not appeared yet, please re-submit it.

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2014-12-18: Thank you for all the replies for yesterday`s topic. Wow! Thank you thank you - Thursday December 18th 2014 (News ID: 1625)   [ Back to top ]

I received a good amount of replies for yesterday's topic, so thank you to all of you for providing the much needed feedback. Both myself, the newcomer (and the future newcomers) are/will be thanking you for all the valuable advice and counseling you guys gave today.

I've already awarded the points and decided to give each of you the max amount. If for some reason you did not get it, please let me know.

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2014-09-25: Blog entries will be held off until November 1st. September/October break - Thursday September 25th 2014 (News ID: 1617)   [ Back to top ]

Oops.. three weeks without a blog update.

I've been quite busy at work these days and I've been going home very late after a #@$% load of overtime. Things should hopefully calm down by the end of October. So... I'll hold off on the blog entries until November 1st.

I'm sure you guys will survive without my weekly input...

New links, uploads, matches and database entries will still be processed on a semi-daily basis for your viewing pleasure.

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2014-08-11: I`m looking for a general definition of pro fantasy wrestling. Pro Fantasy - Monday August 11th 2014 (News ID: 1612)   [ Back to top ]

Update: I actually got the responses from several users pretty fast. Click here to view the definitions that were given.

I'm looking for a general definition of pro fantasy wrestling. After promission, Pro Fantasy is the 2nd wrestling style that I am asked to define the most often. I mean... I know what it is, but I need someone with a better English than mine or better experience than me to define and describe properly this wrestling style.

Take the time to either write me to my profile or send me an e-mail with your take on this style.

On a side note, if you're willing to take the challenge, feel free to define also other wrestling styles listed in the profile modification page, but only those that don't already have a question mark link that shows the definition.

Thank you in advance. Your feedback will help the community understand better what they are choosing and listing on their user profiles.

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2014-06-23: Wow.. it`s that time of the year again... 16th! - Monday June 23rd 2014 (News ID: 1607)   [ Back to top ]

Wow.. it's that time of the year again...

Truth be told, the anniversary should be on July 1st of every year, but that's my far from perfect coding that throws the site's anniversary a bit sooner every year... :') Nevertheless, we should still see some fireworks and balloons popping down this page for the first 2 weeks of July.

I suppose I could do another long speech again, but I'll just make it short.

16 years have passed by and 16 years of amazing time I had with all of you guys. Thank you everyone for visiting the site, for contributing to the site both in terms of multimedia content and financially and for helping me go this far.

Thanks for being patient with me despite my very buggy site. I admit I haven't had much time to maintain it over the past few years, since I've been trying to juggle with work and family, but I still try my best to give it an hourly dose of maintenance on a daily basis.

Here's to hoping that the site will continue to go on for another 16 years... if not, much much more.

Thank you again to all of you!

Hmmm... if you are still here, I suppose you'd like some kind of bonus.. Vote on this upload and get +10,000 bearhug points.

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2014-04-11: Bearhugmanila and Musashi graciously shared this bearhug set last year. POTM #104: Musashi vs Bearhugmanila - Friday April 11th 2014 (News ID: 1597)   [ Back to top ]

Musashi (id 909) and Bearhugmanila (id 3433) graciously shared this picture that is part of an excellent bearhug set they created last year and I still think it's one of the best ones out there.

There aren't many users on site who take the time to produce their own bearhugs and share it with everyone. So, you'll understand that I appreciate it a lot when users go out of their way to offer unique content.

You can access the full set by clicking here and you can vote on Upload ID 16372 for an extra +4,000 bearhug points. Please do encourage these guys in sharing more images by giving them a good rating or by posting a nice comment.


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2013-12-20: I will be technically offline between December 20 2013 to January 5 2014 Happy Holidays! - Friday December 20th 2013 (News ID: 1581)   [ Back to top ]

I will be off to celebrate the holidays with my friends, family and relatives, so I technically won't be touching the site from December 20 2013 to January 5 2014 except maybe from doing quick approval of wrestling profiles and image uploads.

I'd like to wish you guys a happy holiday season and also a Happy New Year 2014 in advance.

I know I used to stay at my computer during the holiday season of previous years, taking the time to do more site updates, but I'm taking a little sabbatical this time around to take it easy and relax. I hope you guys will be doing the same.

Have fun, be safe and make sure you get plenty of bearhugs and wrestling!

Thanks to everyone for visiting and supporting the site! See you next year.

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2013-12-12: Finding the source of an image has become less of a burden nowadays with new technologies that can correlate pictures based on their ressemblances. Image Recognition - Thursday December 12th 2013 (News ID: 1577)   [ Back to top ]

Finding the source of an image has become less of a burden nowadays with new technologies that can correlate pictures based on their ressemblances: Tools like TinEye and Google Images allows you to do a reverse image search to determine the original sources of the picture and other similar ones.

While this can be a blessing for pictures stored in the Uploads Section, it is somewhat a growing concern for those images that we post online for social networks, wether it is on, on Global, on Facebook, on Flickr or on any other website.

Sad to say, we are moving towards a digital era where you can retrieve the whole history of a person using a single image. But hey, I hope you're not surprised to know this considering that the media tells us that the government just looks into anything you send and receive with your GMail, your Hotmail or your Yahoo. While today's face recognition technologies are far from perfect, it is only a matter of time before someone can find the right algorithm to do this work easily with a click of a button. Honestly, I'd give it, at most, less than a few more years.

If you are concerned about privacy, remember to set your profile to private. This will make your profile page hidden from Google's spider robots that visits each page of the site. You can do so by editing your preferences after logging in. Simply check the option " Private profile: Make my profile visible only to members".

This will also hide from Google all the images associated to your profile, although it can take up to 6 months for Google to remove the images from their own storage of cached files.

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2013-11-27: Thank you for taking the time to identify products for bearhug uploads. Thank you :) - Wednesday November 27th 2013 (News ID: 1574)   [ Back to top ]

Thank you for those who gave their time to identify products for bearhug uploads. We went from a 33% rate of identified images for company images to an impressive 40%. A 7% increase means that you guys identified more than 800 images in the past few days.

Thank you so much! You have no idea how much time this saves, not only for me, but for everyone trying to look around and pondering where this and that bearhug came from. Hence, I gave a special points bonus to those who spent their time doing identifications. If you have not received yours yet, let me know and I'll double this bonus.

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do, so it is not too late to continue to identify those that are not identified yet.

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2013-10-03: Have a look at the Upload Panel Something special... - Thursday October 3rd 2013 (News ID: 1561)   [ Back to top ]

If your trust rating is 15 or higher, log in first and have a look at the Uploads Panel.

I've set aside something special for you guys.

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2013-08-06: We`re taking a short break in August, to resume blogging in September. August - Tuesday August 6th 2013 (News ID: 1553)   [ Back to top ]

Yea.. you guys probably noticed that I wasn't able to get my one entry per 5 days quota recently...

I actually just came back from a wrestling week-end from Toronto where I took a nice break, but I'm now back to work at full speed, which unfortunately means little time for site updates for the remainder of this month.

Maintenance will be kept on a daily basis, but new entries & updates on this blog will have to wait for September.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the summer and take advantage of it by going out and play in the sun... hehehe. See you guys in September.

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2013-06-27: The site reached its 15th anniversary. 15 years! - Thursday June 27th 2013 (News ID: 1546)   [ Back to top ]

Oh wow!!! 15 years already! I still can't believe it! The site started 15 years ago as a small hub that archived bearhug pictures on the net, and here we are today, still alive and growing!

Bearhugs expanded into scissors, racks and nelsons were included, wrestling personals were created and today, the site accommodates just about any type of wrestling or just about any wrestling holds along with a handful of other interests such as gut punching, shoulder lifting, heroes and villains, heel vs jobber and many more interests and styles...

Thank you to everyone who took the time today to write me your comments and your appreciation of the site. It means a whole lot to me and it's users like you who give me the boost required to keep the site going. It's also users who invested their time on the site under different ways such as giving their opinions, uploading new images, fixing database entries, writing new stories, reviewing products and creating photo matches that makes the whole site experience enjoyable for everyone.

I hope you guys will continue to use and enjoy the site for the years to come. Let's make the site last for at least another 15 years!

If you have a trust rating of 5 or greater, take a look at the Clips section for a little bonus...

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2013-06-02: Today`s bearhug features the beefy Jock Samson bearhugging the lights out of Takoda Moon. POTM #96: Jock Samson - Sunday June 2nd 2013 (News ID: 1541)   [ Back to top ]

Today's bearhug features the beefy Jock Samson bearhugging the lights out of Takoda Moon. A similar pic was actually randomly selected by the Daily Group Selection last week, but I do feel it deserves a bigger spotlight.

Pretty nice shot here. Close contact, you can see Jock bearhugging him close and not leaving a gap between his body and his opponent (unlike many other pics). Takoda is doing a great effort in selling the hold by panicking and requesting for a tag with his team mate. Ah.. pro wrestling, it's all about giving a great show.

This is actually part of a larger Flickr collection. Submitted by Terry (id 3708) about a year ago, you can get more information about this pic and its related video by checking out Upload ID 17021.

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2013-04-21: For the remainder of April and perhaps the first week of May, I won`t be around.  I just need a little bit of time to put things back into order. Oops! - Sunday April 21st 2013 (News ID: 1533)   [ Back to top ]

I have been a bit busy lately and completely forgot to put in some new entries.

For the remainder of April and perhaps the first week of May, I won't be around. I just need a little bit of time to put things back into order.

As usual, new profiles, pictures, entries and such will still be processed.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

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2013-02-24: I`m back from the Wrestlefest in NYC Back from the fest - Sunday February 24th 2013 (News ID: 1521)   [ Back to top ]

I am back from the Wrestlefest in NYC, but I haven't had a chance yet to write a summary of my time there.

I'll try to post it in the next 2 weeks.

The short summary I can give you is that I was able to have 31 matches in NYC and I had an amazing time there!

That being said, I am slowly going through all the updates I missed and items I need to approve. This queue should be cleared by the end of the week. So if you are still not seeing that story, that link or that image you uploaded, then please stay calm, I'm getting there.

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