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Free Bear Hugs #2: Brandt Roessler
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2017-07-12: Another cute guy who gives free bear hugs. Free Bear Hugs #2: Brandt Roessler - Wednesday July 12th 2017 (News ID: 1745)   [ Back to top ]

A friend of mine sent me this while he surfed on Brandt Roessler's Instagram account. When I see a guy with a t-shirt like this, he immediately gets a freebie pass for the Contenders section.

Of course I'd ask you to give me a free bear hug... if I was in NYC. The guy complained that he "Wore my new favorite tank top to the gym twice today and yet not a single person wanted a bear hug".

Maybe he's a bit too intimidating? Or too cute?

Make sure you give him a good rating for Contender ID 902.

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2017-04-22: Who spends all their time voting on faceoffs? Top Faceoff Voters - Saturday April 22nd 2017 (News ID: 1740)   [ Back to top ]

I got a bit curious lately on who votes the most in the Contender section. So, I crunched up a few numbers and came up with some relevant stats.

The chart below shows the top 30 users that create the most faceoff votes. (A faceoff is when you pit one contender against another and determine who has the best bearhug)

RankIDNameAmount of Faceoff Votes% from All Votes% from Rank 1
4640Magnus Orestes157592.88%12.59%
171000Primal Chaos37850.69%3.02%
24688Jobber in NYC28260.52%2.26%

These numbers are actually very interesting. Steve alone accounts for 23% of all votes, which is absolutely huge. This is followed by OTKHeel and Epiphany with 18% and 11% of all votes. Adding these top 3 together and you'll see that about 52% of all votes are generated by these 3 users. The rest of the people on the site account for 48% of the votes.

Yes, it looks unfair. I suppose if you have time you can also cast as many votes as you can, but time is not a luxury that everyone has.

Keep in mind that each user can only cast a single vote on a specific faceoff. The amount of faceoffs you can currently generate on the site is approximately ~640,000, so yes, if you really REALLY really have a LOT of time, you can cast a vote for each of those 640,000 faceoffs combinations for the current amount of contenders. Each time I add a new contender, that number goes up by around 800 new combinations. That also means that even though Steve casted a vote on 125,000 different faceoffs, he has only voted on 20% from the total amount of 640,000 total different faceoffs. Still.. that's some determination.

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2017-03-04: 30 new contenders have been added after a 2 year hiatus. 30 contenders and free bear hugs - Saturday March 4th 2017 (News ID: 1732)   [ Back to top ]

After almost a 2 year hiatus, I was able to add 30 new fighters in to the Contender Section.

I did a bit of cleanup, weeded out the duplicates, so we should be safe for a little while... you should see the amount of times people just submit the same person over and over again.

What caught my eye was a submission where this bearish guy is holding a sign saying "Free bone-crushing hugs". That's where I told myself: I have to get this guy in.

This particular submission is Contender ID 871, a bodybuilder who goes by the name Jesse McMaster. Make sure you give him some good votes just for putting that sign up.

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2015-08-16: My long past overdue update for the for the Contender`s section is finally here after a big pause... Bearhugger or not - Sunday August 16th 2015 (News ID: 1664)   [ Back to top ]

My long past overdue update for the Contenders' sections is finally here after a big pause. I think about a dozen new contenders have been approved.

And yeah, last time I touched this was way past in November 2014. I guess when I designed this, I didn't think that its impact on the slowdown of the site would be exponential because you have to multiply each contender by the amount of total contenders (minus one, because a contender can't face himself) to get the total amount of possible match-ups. The current contender count stands at 867, which means there's about 750,822 total different combinations.

The performance right now is still moderate. At times, the site will still slow down because of this section, but outside rush hour, it will still run fluidly.

Luckily, I received less complaints about the competition between contenders so thankfully, I don't have to play police and babysitting a bunch of people whining about their submissions being taken off the first spot and how some users are still attempting to rig the score averages by fiercely voting en masse for their favorite contender regardless of their opponent's strength, size or experience.

Anyway, the Bearhugger or Not section was meant to be just for fun.

As a side note, if you are submitting an image for your contender, make sure it's a very good image. Other people will be less inclined to vote for your contender if your picture is small, blurry or if your contender is wearing a t-shirt, smiling with another person or riding a horse... You want the best possible picture that isolates the contender alone.

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2014-11-01: 23 contenders have been added 23 contenders - Saturday November 1st 2014 (News ID: 1618)   [ Back to top ]

I think an update was way past due for it.. so for those who are fan of the fantasy that is the Bearhugger or Not section of the site, I've just added 23 contenders.

While it's a good thing to support the contenders you've submitted through the individual matchups that are created, make sure you also take a look at their featured faceoffs. This is denoted by a little fire ( ). Instead of being supported by what seems to be one or two votes on the majority of faceoffs, they will likely have 10 or 20 votes making these faceoffs more fun to vote on since many users are involved.

I am seeing lately an increase of dual or triple accounts creation used to boost the votes and while I'm doing anything in my power to eradicate this type of unfair advantage, it's not entirely possible to completely eliminate it. Policing work is never fun, takes up a lot of time and pushes websites on the verge of extinction. So, please be honest: limit yourself to one account and please please don't ruin the fun for everybody else.

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2014-04-05: The bearhugger or not is really a fantasy section that is used by a very small amount of users, but there`s been a lot of complaints about it lately. A note about Bearhugger or not section... - Saturday April 5th 2014 (News ID: 1596)   [ Back to top ]

The Bearhugger or not section is really a fantasy section that is used by a very small amount of users.

I haven't been good at updating it for quite a while, and the truth is, on top of being underused, it consumes a lot of resources on this site, slows down performance for other sections and it is of high maintenance in the sense that I get a lot of people complaining about unfair voting or the low frequency of updates.

I honestly do not have time to police that section. I keep it active out of good will, but if you guys can't behave between yourselves, I will have to shut that section down. The majority of users prefer to have the Wrestling Personals upgraded and maintained at the expense of other areas of the site and I will continue to prioritize them.

I understand that one alternative is to have the Bearhugger or Not section policed by other users, but building a framework for it also requires a lot of time, which I currently don't have. And believe me, I'm pretty sure that would also create a lot of fights between the administrators/operators and the regular users. So for now, I'm asking you guys to kindly reduce the complaints about the Bearhugger or not section. If you don't like how other users vote, or what contenders have been submitted, or how they have been ranked or rated, or how long it takes for a contender to be added, or any other petty fights between users and contenders, you can entirely ignore it. The web is far too huge and there are so much greater things in life than to be concerned about the actions of a select few.

Please... play nicely with others.

Last and not least, every once in a while, I get a request from the real contenders themselves to remove them from the site. So if your contender has disappeared, it's probably because the real Hulk Hogan or the real Z-Man has requested its removal. Sadly, some of these bodybuilders, fighters and wrestlers do not want to be listed on this site.... But yes, I do go through a verification procedure to verify the authenticity of the message before complying to their request.

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2013-09-09: After careful consideration, I have decided to limit the amount of faceoff votes to a maximum of 20 per day.  Contenders: Limit of 20 faceoff votes - Monday September 9th 2013 (News ID: 1557)   [ Back to top ]

After careful consideration, I have decided to limit the amount of faceoff votes to a maximum of 20 per day. Previously, an user can get points for contender faceoffs for up to 20 different faceoffs, but that same user would still be able to continue to vote for unlimited faceoffs without getting any extra points.

Unfortunately, a small amount of users have been using this little loophole to saturate the system with a huge amount of votes favorizing their contender at the expense of many others. Hence, from now on, in an effort to contain this problem, a cap is now put into place. If you reached 20 faceoff votes for the day, simply come back tomorrow to make new ones.

At the same time, this will keep the size of the database steady and limit performance problems currently being noticed on the site.

This cap may be removed in the future.

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2013-06-24: 20 contenders have been added. 20 contenders - Monday June 24th 2013 (News ID: 1545)   [ Back to top ]

20 contenders have been added to the Bearhugger or not Section.

In this batch, we have a relatively good mix of everything. From jock to bodybuilder, from fighter to wrestler, and from slim average guy to strongman. Regardless of types, remember to support your contender by giving him good votes and matching them against other opponents.

Unfortunately, the waiting list for contenders is now growing to 95 participants. Most of this means that many of you have submitted several contenders and priority is still given to those who have not yet made any suggestions.

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2013-03-11: A few contenders have been added. Contender update - Monday March 11th 2013 (News ID: 1525)   [ Back to top ]

A couple of new contenders were added yesterday.

Also, as a reminder please do not submit your contenders several times. Just once is more than enough.

I know the queue has 81 contenders waiting to be listed, but that's not a reason to artificial grow this number by adding the same contender over and over again. In fact, it might even discourage me to approve that contender.

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2012-12-19: Around 20 contenders have been added. 20 contenders - Wednesday December 19th 2012 (News ID: 1499)   [ Back to top ]

I went through the pending list of contenders again.. There's an accumulation of almost 100 of them now, many of which are submitted by the same users, so the majority will still end up rotating until other people have a chance to see their contenders online.

Around 20 contenders have been added so you can start mixing and matching them right now.

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2012-06-09: The amount of time a contender can re-participate in a featured faceoff has been increased from 30 to 90 days. 30 to 90 days rotation - Saturday June 9th 2012 (News ID: 1452)   [ Back to top ]

I've decided to increase the amount of days elapsed required for a contender to re-appear in a featured faceoff. Normally, this amount is set to 30 days, but strangely, it's always the same ones that re-appear over and over. Hence, this requirement has been boosted up to 90 days.

Hey, we have more than 600 contenders. That's enough for 300 days of unique combinations before we start seeing the same ones. Some of those contenders have never been featured because other more popular ones are constantly stealing the spotlights.

The days elapsed since the last featured faceoff now appears on the contender's profile. If it is 90 days or greater, it can be paired with another contender that has an elapsed time of 90 days or higher to appear in a featured faceoff.

And if this was too complicated to understand, it doesn't really matter since the system will just randomly pick the contenders every day.

Update (2012-06-12): Yes, there's a bug. Somehow, a contender slipped through and had two consecutive face-off. I tried to fix it and hopefully it won't happen again.

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2012-04-12: 16 new contenders were added. 16 contenders - Thursday April 12th 2012 (News ID: 1439)   [ Back to top ]

A small batch of 16 contenders have been added to the Bearhugger or Not section. Yes, we were due for an update.

In this new addition, you will find fierce competitors such as Ed Van Amsterdam and Dru Bruin and some weaker ones like Zack.. honestly, I don't think he stands a chance.

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2011-12-23: Support for weight and height stats have been added to the Contenders Section. Stats for Contenders - Friday December 23rd 2011 (News ID: 1406)   [ Back to top ]

Support for weight and height stats have been added in the Contenders Section.

If you are an upload operator or database operator, you can directly edit this stat on each contender's page. This will temporarily hide the rating panel for compatibility purposes, but you can restore it by clicking on the link that is available when scrolling down.

If you are creating a faceoff between two contenders who both have weight and height stats available, the advantage over the opponent is shown in green. For example, if I create a faceoff between Greg Doucette and Ted Arcidi, I will see that Arcidi has a height advantage of 4 inches and a weight advantage of 87 pounds over his opponent Doucette.

Yea, I know size sometimes doesn't mean anything, but depending on the extend of the difference and the body types involved, it may help you guys determine the winner of the faceoff.

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2011-11-20: 20 new contenders have been added. Speaking of contenders... - Sunday November 20th 2011 (News ID: 1399)   [ Back to top ]

I've realized that the November points bonus announced a week earlier wouldn't have much effect if you guys have already casted your votes on all existing contenders.

So, I've added 20 new ones. If you end up giving your bearhugger and victim rating on all of them, this should give you around +5,000 points.

Also, before you start voting, make sure you've unlocked the bearhug points. If this page already lists the various ways to earn points, then you've already unlocked it. If not, just follow the instructions on that page.

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2011-06-17: +25 contenders - Friday June 17th 2011 (News ID: 1353)   [ Back to top ]

The queue for the contenders listing reached the staggering sum of 60 pending submsisions recently, so I felt it was time to do some clean-up.

25 new contenders have been added and you can start voting and pairing them right away.

Remember to support your contender as much as you can.. without cheating of course: be as reasonable as you can.

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2010-12-22: Your next batch of dozen contenders has arrived! Next batch - Wednesday December 22nd 2010 (News ID: 1293)   [ Back to top ]

Your next batch of dozen contenders has arrived!

Meet new bodybuilders, actors, wrestlers and fighters who have been submitted to the roster of neverending bouts.

... Just check the contenders section for the latest arrivals.

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2010-10-25: Take a peek at the 15 new contenders that have been added. Take a peek - Monday October 25th 2010 (News ID: 1270)   [ Back to top ]

If you have a moment, take a peek at the latest contenders.

Not many of you know this, but there is a featured faceoff that can be selected early in the morning. If nobody has selected a featured faceoff yet, then your selection will be memorized for the next day and you'll get some points for it.

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2010-09-26: A series of irregular ranking shifts pushed me into making a vote audit for the Bearhugger or Not section. Contenders: Audit - Sunday September 26th 2010 (News ID: 1257)   [ Back to top ]

After a series of irregular ranking shifts occurring in the Bearhugger or Not section, I have decided to run an audit on the faceoff votes.

I have deleted accounts that were used to cast abusive votes. I won't go into the details, but it is obvious here that multiple accounts were created by a single user to favorize a particular contender. As a result, I have completely voided and wiped out all faceoff votes of any affected contenders.

I will continue to audit the votes, but if you do notice something unusual, you can always send me a message and I will investigate the matter whenever I have a chance.

Also, bashing a contender's profile by throwing discriminative or any other form of negative comments won't do anything. These comments are filtered as well and I really don't want the commenting system to be a source for hate-related messages. The contenders' area is supposed to be a place for fun, not a place for textual or verbal fights. The only fight that is really supposed to happen is a bearhug fantasy between two contenders.

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2010-08-13: New contenders for the bearhugger or not section has been added. New contenders - Friday August 13th 2010 (News ID: 1240)   [ Back to top ]

Yep... It's about that time of the year again where new contenders are added to the site.

You can check them out by clicking here.

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2010-07-15: The word ``Candidate`` will be replaced by ``Contender`` in the Bearhugger or not section. From Candidate to Contender - Thursday July 15th 2010 (News ID: 1227)   [ Back to top ]

Some may have noticed that I changed the terms "Candidate" for "Contender" in the Bearhugger or not section.

I felt that "Contender" was more appropriate. "Contender" makes it look likes that these guys are fighters, whereas "Candidate" made them look like they were running for a presidential election...

The word "Candidate" still remains on a lot of pages, but they will eventually be changed progressively to "Contender". The URL will remain the same for practicality reasons.

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2010-06-06: 20 new challengers have been added. +20 - Sunday June 6th 2010 (News ID: 1208)   [ Back to top ]

It's about that time of the year again where new candidates are added to the Bearhugger or not section.

20 new candidates have been added. The majority were selections that you guys have suggested. I also took the opportunity to wipe the waiting list from 50 to 15 pending candidates. Images that are too small or are too low quality were rejected and they should show up as such in your submission status (while logged in of course). The rest that do have acceptable images are either listed or pending.

That being said, the system is ready to accept new challengers. However, if you already have two or more candidates pending on your list, please leave some space for other users.

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2010-04-13: We`re due for another batch of bearhuggers and victims. Due for another batch... - Tuesday April 13th 2010 (News ID: 1176)   [ Back to top ]

The Bearhugger or not section was due for another batch of new candidates, so you might want to go check if some of your suggestions were able to make it through this time.

The backlog of bearhugging candidates now stands at 37.

Unfortunately, the majority of images submitted for those remaining candidates are of an insufficient quality to compete with existing images. I am still trying to find for most of them alternative pics, but you can speed up the process by re-submitting your candidate with a better image, preferably, high-quality and high-resolution.

There is something that baffles me about this candidate that was added. If you take a look at his picture, you will notice a striking resemblance with Buzz Sawyer. To me, the picture looks like an asian version of Buzz, but I guess it's just the bandana that's throwing me off.

While we're talking about it, why not determine who would win between the two?

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2010-04-04: Two candidates are using the same stance... Same pose vs same pose - Sunday April 4th 2010 (News ID: 1170)   [ Back to top ]

I shouldn't be recommending any particular faceoff since there's already a daily recommandation each day, which, most of the time, you guys pick.

But I just stumbled against this faceoff with Charles Duca against Muscle Johnny and found it quite peculiar.

Both are using the same stance, so I'll put it on emphasis here and may the best bearhugger win. Side by side, these guys look like they are going to embrace each other in a passionate, long... bearhug.

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2010-03-07: A couple of new candidates have been added. Candy.. candidates - Sunday March 7th 2010 (News ID: 1154)   [ Back to top ]

A couple of new candidates have been added to the listing for the bearhugger or not section.

Yes, there's still a big backlog for it, which currently stands at 40, so please do not re-submit your candidate if he does not appear yet. Just give the system some more time.

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2010-02-04: A small portion of candidates have been added to the Bearhugger or Not section. Small portion - Thursday February 4th 2010 (News ID: 1135)   [ Back to top ]

A small portion of new candidates have been processed and added to the Bearhugger or Not section. Yep, it's time to throw in a couple more votes.

There is currently about 25 candidates in the waiting list, impatiently eager to be inserted in the listing, but I'm making sure that everyone gets their rotation and that the database can handle the load of all the faceoffs. We are now at 18500 faceoffs and nearing the 20K mark. The Random Faceoff link almost always generates an unique faceoff each time it is clicked because there are too many possible combinations.

If any of you have time, take a look at the candidate page of Leo Giamani (candidate id 309). His faceoff stats are extremely high meaning that someone really took his time to make him win as much faceoffs as possible. It shows how a little bit of dedication to your candidate affects the ratings.

Having mentionned this, now that I'm putting him up to the spotlight, I hope that some of you will review his faceoffs and vote for the proper winner. Some of his opponents look way stronger than him and yet, they are losing against him, which isn't very logical...

I guess it's a bit unfortunate to say, but this bearhug contest has become more like a beauty contest. It appears that users don't tend to vote for the candidate that is most likely to win a bearhug match. Rather, they vote for the candidate who has the greatest looks in their opinion.

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