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2017-04-21: What happens to blocked messages? Discreet blocking - Friday April 21st 2017 (News ID: 1739)   [ Back to top ]

Implemented back in July 2009, the block feature discreetly blocks someone from sending you messages.

It is somewhat different from what other sites do. When you are blocked on other sites, you visually see that you are blocked and you are prevented from sending to the user a new message. Some sites go beyond and even prevent you from viewing the profile in question.

On this site, you can still send messages even if you are blocked, but the recipient does not see them because they are automatically deleted by the system.

Is it worse or better? It really depends how you see it. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Most users who actively know that they are blocked by seeing a visual message will also know how to get around the system. That user can create a new fake profile and then be able to harass the profile again. Also, people who actively know that they are being blocked will sometimes seek retaliation out of anger, whether it is to file a complaint to the webmaster or by posting revenge porn/bad posts/false claims in forums. In this era where more users know the methods of social engineering, there's a lot at stake.

On the other hand, users that do not know that they are being blocked might continue to write messages. With no replies in sight, he might just think that the other end is ignoring him and give up in the end. The consequence here is that the blocked user is wasting time writing letters for nothing. (Not that you should really care if you blocked that person.) There's also a chance that the sender will forget about it on the long run. Mind you, there are ways to find out that you are discreetly blocked, it's just a tad bit harder for the average user to determine this and most users would not know the procedure.

In the end, it's a question of reduced management. Being alone in maintaining the site, I feel that it's a safer, pacific way to deal with these matters.

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2016-02-12: This is a reminder not to put your real full name in your profile. Please don't put your real name :`) - Friday February 12th 2016 (News ID: 1686)   [ Back to top ]

This is a very obvious statement... but I need to remind you guys not to put you real name in your profile. You can put your first name if it is a common name, but if it is uncommon and you attach it with your last name, then the chances are that the major search engines will index it and that it will be listed along with your photo in web applications such as Google Search and Google Images.

This is the reason why every website have something called a handle, a nickname or a pseudonym. Give yourself a wrestling title or a new name and be creative. Don't put your real name in your profile if you don't want to be googled.

If you absolutely have a desire to share that information, then you can always set your profile to private in your preferences. This will prevent Google and other web crawlers from sneaking into your profile.

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2015-04-24: In case you haven`t noticed, profiles that are linked to YouTube channels are now broken. YouTube channels on profile - Friday April 24th 2015 (News ID: 1648)   [ Back to top ]

In case you haven't noticed, profiles that are linked to YouTube channels are now broken because YouTube has decided to change the way their API are used. The profiles are still accessible, but the default video that shows up talks about their new device support instead of posting your latest video.

I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, regular URLs to videos are still working so you can switch your link back to a single video instead of your YouTube channel.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

2015-05-01: A little follow-up on this: I simply removed channels from appearing in profiles. It was the simplest way to deal with this issue.

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2015-02-13: We`ve reached the psychological threshold of 10,000 profiles. 10000! - Friday February 13th 2015 (News ID: 1636)   [ Back to top ]

Squeezable (id 2300) informed me not too long ago that we have finally reached the 10,000 profile mark! Woohoo!

Truth be told, it doesn't really reflect the amount of active members, but it's still somewhat a psychological threshold.

Here's a chart of how many profiles were created per year.

Profiles created by year

19981 0.01%
200059 0.59%
200112 0.12%
200217 0.17%
200350 0.50%
20049 0.09%
200512 0.12%
200620 0.20%
2007511 5.13%
2008826 8.30%
20091244 12.50%
20101501 15.08%
20111450 14.57%
20121490 14.97%
20131354 13.60%
20141279 12.85%
2015119 1.20%

Total: 9954

50 entries are missing because they were deleted due to database problems. 2007 was the year where everything was automated. 2015 is still in progress obviously since we are only in February.

Sure, my 10,000 is not as big as MeetFighter's 50,000 or Globalfight's 100,000, but you know what? I like my little hub small as it is.

If you really want to know the amount of real active members, you can get it from the demographics page here, here or here.

Looking back at least a decade ago, I still remember the old process I used to sustain the wrestling personals. People would e-mail me to add or update their information. It was perhaps the most terrible process I ever came up with.

While the system today is automated, it is still far from perfect, but it has come a long way from what it was and it is somewhat self sustainable, with some form of policing still needed once in a while. Month by month, I still gradually try to add new features whenever I can find some spare time outside of family and work.

Anyway, thank you everyone for supporting me throughout the years and for making a fun and enjoyable community. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to me whether it is to make a suggestion or to send in your words of encouragement. My inbox is always open.

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2015-01-10: A listing of most recommended wrestlers has been created. Most recommended wrestlers - Saturday January 10th 2015 (News ID: 1630)   [ Back to top ]

I added the list of Most recommended wrestlers from the Control Panel. Users with the highest normalized rating of positive recommendations will appear at the top of this list. Really.. I say normalized rating because the final value depends on the amount of positive ratings minus the negative ones, but honestly, no one has given anyone a negative rating yet, so it's nice to see everyone is getting along well.

Wanna help your friends reach a prime spot? Well, write them a recommendation. Consult your listing of confirmed previously wrestled users and click on the thumbs up icon () on the right-hand side of the screen.

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2014-11-07: Search results can now be ordered by most wrestled users first. And as a reminder, please don`t use the verification system for cyber matches. Verification system reminder - Friday November 7th 2014 (News ID: 1619)   [ Back to top ]

I added to the search system of the Wrestling Personals the ability to order the results by most wrestled users. This new sorting will be useful because the amount of confirmations made between profiles is a good indication of the reliability of a wrestler. Users who have previously wrestled the most users will appear at the top of the list.

As a reminder, please use the verification system of previously wrestled users only for real matches (matches made in real life and in person). I still get complaints about the verification system being used for cyber matches and I have to reiterate that it is NOT to be used for cyber matches. Please be honest.

If you want a fighting ground or web space for cyber matches and with it a public indication that you have a verified cyber match, please use CyberGnG instead. Also, MeetFighters support verification of cyber matches. I unfortunately don't support it and I honestly don't have the intention to ever implement it.

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2014-08-02: Profiles can now be edited to include orientation. Orientation - Saturday August 2nd 2014 (News ID: 1611)   [ Back to top ]

I've been asked several times in the past to include the sexual orientation of a wrestler as one of the required information listed in profiles, but I felt that many users may not want to specify or list this information... and that is absolutely understandable.

So, I've come to a compromise: when you modify your profile, you can either set your orientation to gay, bi, straight, other or you can simply choose to not display your orientation at all. In this case, the orientation will not even be shown in your profile and a visiting user would have to ask you about it personally if they really want to know... (in which case, you can always respond "Mind your own business!" hehehe)

It's the best for both worlds. I'm not forcing people to state their orientation and for those who want to make it clear to everybody out there, they can now set it as so and make it publicly visible in their profile (unless they set their profile as private, in which case, the orientation will only be shown to users who are logged in and who have an active profile on the site).


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2014-05-30: Someone has asked me to implement the ability to move images left or right to alter how they are been displayed on profiles. Move your pictures around - Friday May 30th 2014 (News ID: 1603)   [ Back to top ]

Someone has asked me to implement the ability to move profile pictures around to alter how they are been displayed on profiles.

If you log in and choose to "Manage your pictures", you'll now be given the option to move your images in a specific order. You can move them left, move them right or move them before or after a specified image. The interface is limited, but I don't really expect a lot of you to have hundreds of images to move about.

Most users have between 1 and 5 images so this should do for now.

If you feel there's anything else that needs to be modified to make your life easier, feel free to send me a message.

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2014-05-18: The recommendation system have received quite a handful of new reviews lately. Recommendations - Sunday May 18th 2014 (News ID: 1601)   [ Back to top ]

Since its introduction last December, they've been a significant increase of recommendations, all for the better of course.

If you receive a recommendation from someone, please have the courtesy of writing one back for them. The messages you receive in your inbox usually have a link that you can click to write your own review, or you can just visit the user's profile. Remember however that you can only leave a recommendation if both of you have marked each other as past opponents. This was put in place to prevent someone from putting a blatant negative review without even meeting you or wrestling you in real life.

So to summarize, to write a recommendation, mark each other as past opponents, visit your opponent's profile and you'll see a link that says "Click here to write a recommendation to this wrestler". As an alternative, the recommend option will also be shown in your listing of confirmed past opponents.

On a side note, you can also view the listing of latest recommendations made by other wrestlers. Perhaps, you'll find a new wrestler by browsing them and by reading what others have to say. Hopefully, it's a lot of positive comments.

Again, be honest, only use the recommendation system if you've met the person in real life and wrestled that person physically.

You do need to log in to view recommendations. By experience, I tend to often see people refer to wrestlers by their real name in their reviews rather than by their pseudonym or wrestling handle. So, the logging in requirement will serve as a extra safety/privacy mechanism to prevent Google from indexing it.

Lastly, I've added a secret little link at the bottom of each recommendation page. If you are viewing the listing of recommendations for a particular wrestler, scroll all the way down and you'll be able to click a link to display the date of each review.

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2013-12-16: The recommandation system is finally up.  It allows users to leave a recommendation on another user`s profile based on your wrestling experience. Recommendation system - Monday December 16th 2013 (News ID: 1580)   [ Back to top ]

The recommandation system is finally up. This is a request that has been pending over the last 2 years. It allows users to leave a recommendation on another user's profile based on your wrestling experience.

Meetfighters and Globalfight already had it for eons and many users have been asking for the same for this site, so here it is.

If you have previously marked someone as a past opponent and that user mutually confirmed this match, then you will be able to make a recommendation on his profile. This link will NOT appear if both of you did not confirm each other as past opponents.

The recommendation can be positive, neutral or negative.

Simply visit any profile in your list of previously wrestled users (you'll need to be logged in for this) and you'll see a link that says " Click here to make a recommandation for this wrestler".

Note that this recommendation is a public recommendation meaning that every member of the site will be able to read your recommendation, but they will need to be logged in to read it. If instead, you want to keep this recommendation entirely to yourself, you might as well used the "Notes" feature that's also available on each profile.

Lastly, you can review all the recommendations you wrote by checking in the Control Panel for a link called " Your recommendations".

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2013-12-14: Real GnG is back online! Real GnG! Grunts N Groans is back online - Saturday December 14th 2013 (News ID: 1578)   [ Back to top ]

Looks like Grunts N Groans is finally back online!

The webmaster of GnG actually did something pretty nice to solve the conflict between real wrestling and cyber wrestling. He created two sites: for the real wrestling aspect and for the "pretend" aspect. It's a pretty smart move in my opinion.

The new interface is pretty intuitive and easy to use. You should have a look:

On my side, I've added back the support for this community when you edit your external networks. I also fixed the link so that it points to the correct site (to realgng rather than to gruntsngroans). Note that I currently only point to the, not the cyber one.

The only problem right now is that the profile link to GnG will only work if users are logged into GnG. Otherwise, they are returned to the main page of the GnG site.

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2013-10-17: Please use the verification system to indicate real matches only, not cyber matches. Verification system: Real matches only - Thursday October 17th 2013 (News ID: 1563)   [ Back to top ]

It has come to my attention that some members are using the verification system of the Wrestling Personals as a way to indicate that they have previously wrestled another user through a "cyber match" instead of a real match.

I guess I need to clarify it here that the verification system is only for real matches. It's a matter of fariness for those who travel across the globe looking for real matches in another city, state or country and many of them rely on the verification system to determine how genuine is a wrestler. So, please be honest and sincere when adding someone as a previously wrestled user. Only add them for real matches, not cyber ones.

If you added someone as a cyber match, you can still remove that person from your listing by managing your listing of previously wrestled users.

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2013-08-24: Profile Private Notes have been added to the Wrestling Personals Profile private notes - Saturday August 24th 2013 (News ID: 1554)   [ Back to top ]

Having a little break from the site allowed me to implement a feature that I should added a while ago. Yea, I know... that's a bit ironic... but if I don't have to worry about adding stuff on this blog, then I can find time to write some code.

I added today the Profile Private Notes feature which will allow you guys to add private notes about an user. These are your own personal notes and no one else has access. To create a note about a wrestler, simply visit his profile. You should see a link that says "Edit notes".

How is this useful? Let's say you have personal information such as a cell phone number or the address of the location you are supposed to meet and you need store this information somewhere. Instead of searching at your conversation history, you can add it as a note. You can also add stuff like travel dates, special holds to try on this wrestler or write down the gear or equipment you need to bring, or the preferences of the wrestler, or even things that your wrestling friend has not added to his profile, etc. Please note however that each profile private note is capped at 5,000 characters. I may decide to increase this cap in the future, depending on how popular or unpopular this feature becomes.

The big difference between messages in a conversation history and private notes is that the latter will never expire. Messages in your inbox are periodically cleaned up after about a year in order to save up space and preserve site performance. Private notes will never be cleaned up by the system. They stay there until you decide to change it or delete it yourself.

I also added a "My Notes" link at the top of the Wrestling Personals. This link will let you view all the notes you created and they can be sorted by date, by name or by location.

Many thanks to KidTangler (id 973) for suggesting this addition and showing the merits of having such an option.

Lastly, you'll also noticed that I added "Random Profiles" (Random for short) at the top bar of the Wrestling Personals. This will randomly bring up 200 profiles that have pictures.

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2013-06-08: 2 little upgrades have been pushed to the Wrestling Personals. 2 small things - Saturday June 8th 2013 (News ID: 1542)   [ Back to top ]

2 little upgrades have been pushed to the Wrestling Personals:

For the first change, you guys will probably notice that if you set your inbox to show your messages in "Long Version", you will now see the thumbnail image of the people that sent you messages. A little excerpt is shown below:

You might be inclined to think that this already existed before, but no, it didn't. Well it did when you would view a single message or if you looked at a message history for a particular wrestler, but it never worked correctly for the whole inbox. Well.. now it does

The 2nd upgrade is a bit more discrete. The "Previously Wrestled" system is often mistaken as a request system. Many users click on it and think that it's some sort of flirt or request to wrestle. However, the "Previously Wrestled" system was designed to confirm users that you have already wrestled and met in person. I've tweaked it to make it clearer and to make everyone confirm this fact when they add someone as an user they have previously wrestled.

If you can think of any upgrades you'd like to see, feel free to share them with me.

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2013-03-15: Up to 3 YouTube videos can be added to your profile. Triple videos - Friday March 15th 2013 (News ID: 1526)   [ Back to top ]

You can now add up to 3 YouTube videos on your profile.

To do so, first modify your profile and add it your first video or your YouTube channel as your homepage. When that's done, modify your profile again and two new homepage fields will show up and you can enter additional YouTube videos to your profile. The syntax for YouTube video should follow this convention:[unique identifier]

The unique identifier is given by YouTube themselves.

Take note that the site unfortunately does not support the shorter links yet ( URLs) so be sure to use the full link.

For video channels, the syntax is like this:[your YouTube username]

In the above format, the latest video you add in your channel will always be displayed on your profile. If you decide to use this, note that your video channel must always be your first homepage link. If it is inserted as the 2nd or 3rd homepage link, it won't work.

For all YouTube links, videos will only be shown for videos that you uploaded. Anything that you thumbed up, added as favorite, subscribed to another user's channel will be ignored by the system. The videos that you put on your profile should also be relevant to wrestling and involve yourself. If you start putting videos that don't even feature yourself, it would be misleading for other users visiting your profile.

If you want to see how existing profiles with YouTube video show up, you can check these users:

The best way to preserve privacy is to make sure that your video is marked as unlisted when you upload them. That way, they are not searchable on YouTube. Hence, they will not be put in a full accessible mainstream area. When they are unlisted, the videos are only accessible when you explicitely put the link out.

So, if you wanted something really private such that only members of the site can access your clip, then set the video as unlisted, set your profile as private and put the link of the video on your profile.

Lastly, you can use the homepage links for anything, not just YouTube videos. If for instance you want to share your flickr, facebook, myspace addresses, you can list them in there as well. For Globalfight, MeetFighters, Recon, Wrestlemen and Palaestra links, make sure you use the Link External Wrestling Network option from the Control Panel.

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2012-12-11: The site now supports a message setting of one e-mail per message sent to your profile. You can now set this in your preferences. Notification mails: None, one, all - Tuesday December 11th 2012 (News ID: 1496)   [ Back to top ]

I've been told that one of the weakness of the site is the mail system: it is limited to one e-mail per day (if you've enabled it). In consequence, users would not be notified if they received a second, third or any subsequent messages on their profile on a same given day. After some thought, I've decided that I can now support one e-mail per message sent (which means unlimited e-mails per day, sort off).

By default, if you kept your e-mail setting to "None" (no e-mails), it will stay as "None". This is also the default when you first created your profile. I don't really like to spam people unless they willingly opt to get e-mails. If you've set your e-mail setting it to "One", it will stay as "One", meaning a maximum of one e-mail per day.

Now, if you really want to receive one e-mail PER message sent to your profile, you'll have to select it as so in your preferences after you have logged in.

I initially implanted the previous restriction of one e-mail per day because my hosting service imposes a limit of 150 e-mails per hour site-wide. However, after some research, I've realized that there is currently an average of 400 messages sent between members per day. Considering that around 23% (1300/5600) of users on the site have the mail setting enabled, it is now obvious that the feature can be supported before the cap is reached.

So, don't forget to modify your preferences to change your e-mail settings if you want more mail or if you simply wish to be notified every time you get a message on your profile.

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2012-09-27: New wrestling styles have been added. Some more styles - Thursday September 27th 2012 (News ID: 1481)   [ Back to top ]

I've recently added a couple more "wrestling styles" for wrestling profiles based on the feedback I got from users putting their own. The styles are in quotes because I'm sure for some, they aren't exactly wrestling styles and many of them have different definitions from one wrestler to another. It is technically up to you to clear it up with your intended opponent by sending him a message.

The new styles are (in no particular order):

- Racking match
- Pro reality
- Filmed Match
- Rip and Strip
- Heel vs Heel
- Body Slams
- Taking Pictures
- Trash Talking

You can select these styles when you modify your profile (after having logged in).

Additionally, you can still suggest other styles by using the field marked as "Other". Suggested styles are not added immediately, but are reviewed much later based on their popularity. If enough people are asking for it, they may get added afterwards.

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2012-08-09: FYI, you can now add the Wrestlemen external wrestling network to your profile.  Furthermore, Geolocalization has been added to each profile. Linking external networks: Wrestlemen + Geolocalization - Thursday August 9th 2012 (News ID: 1468)   [ Back to top ]

I'm sure some of you have already noticed that you can now link Wrestlemen to your external wrestling networks. Since there is no real hard link URL to add a Wrestlemen profile by username, you will have to add it by your profile ID. You can can determine your profile ID by looking at the web address of your Wrestlemen profile.

To edit your external wrestling networks, click here. You will of course need to log in first.

You'll notice that I kept Grunts and Groans in there. Even though every profile on their site has disappeared, their main page still displays "Bigger. Better. Stronger". I trust that they might come back in full force in a distant future. After all, their model and design was very similar to Facebook and I suppose that's what most people wants: a social network look alike for wrestling personals.

If you feel that other wrestling networks should be added, just get in touch with me and let me know.

Based on a request by KidTangler (id 973), I've added Geolocalization (or Geolocation) to every profile. What this means is that when you log in and look at someone else's profile, the system takes into consideration your location and the location of the profile you are watching. Then, the distance in kilometers and miles separating the two locations is displayed along with the time required to travel to the profile's location by car.

I take it that this might be useful information that will help users determine how far their opponents are from their home location. Clicking on the directions, the distance or the time link will forward you to Google with details of the driving instructions. However, if you're attempting to travel too far or try to travel overseas, Google won't be able to calculate the distance or to give you proper driving instructions. What? You can't have everything!

If you are not logged in, you won't see any Geolocation information either because the system is not psychic and it obviously can't guess your location.

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2012-07-26: A few minor fixes and upgrades have been applied to the Wresling Personals Inbox + Translation: A few minor fixes and upgrades - Thursday July 26th 2012 (News ID: 1464)   [ Back to top ]

I've made a few minor fixes and upgrades to the messaging system of the Wrestling Personals. The most noticeable ones are the following:

- The maximum message length you can send to any wrestling profile has been increased from 1,000 to 5,000 characters.

- The minimum message length has been reduced from 10 to 3 characters.

- If you enabled e-mail notification on your profile, then the e-mail that is sent to you now contains the body of the message (not just the subject). This is one of the improvements that was requested pretty often by users. It is still limited to a maximum of 1 e-mail per day sent to your e-mail address to prevent spamming.

The upgrades that most of you won't notice are the following:

- A dialog link has been added for the listing of sent messages.

- The right and left arrow inside the dialog (message history for a particular user) now has a hovering text that indicates who sent the message.

- The status of the message is now displayed inside the message for those who donated or those who have at least Upload Operator privileges. The status of the message can be either unread, read, replied or deleted. It is possible to have two statuses: for example, the recipient of your message could have read then deleted your message.

Finally, I also fixed and tweaked the translation system.

- Each profile has a [ Translate ] link that currently translate the description of the profile to English by default, but once you land on Google's translate page, you can change the resulting translation language to any other language.

- The [ Translate ] link is now added to messages. When you view messages, you can click on it to have the message translated by Google. Again, the default language is English, but can be changed on Google's translate page.

That's about it. If you have any tweaks you'd like to see, make sure you make your voice heard by using the suggestion box.

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2012-02-10: Profile that were created or modified since your last login now appears in green. Green dates - Friday February 10th 2012 (News ID: 1421)   [ Back to top ]

If you've been using the Wrestling Personals lately, you will probably have noticed that some profile dates are colored in lime/green.

This simply indicates the profiles that have changed or have been created since your last login. This also includes visitors you have had since your last login. In other words, profiles that have been created, modified or have visited you since your last login now appears in green. This feature was requested a while ago to help track and determine in a quick and easy glance the profiles of interest.

In addition, you can also add the last login date to your toolbar by editing your preferences.

If you have any requests to improve your experience on-site, feel free to share them with us.

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2011-11-25: Profiles created before September 2010 have been boosted. Boost: 300/50 - Friday November 25th 2011 (News ID: 1400)   [ Back to top ]

I've decided to upgrade all profiles that have been with us since September of last year: if you have a profile that is created on September 2010 or before, then your profile has just been boosted to the following:

- The maximum amount of messages that you can store in your inbox goes from 200 to 300 messages.
- The maximum amount of messages that you can send per day goes from 20 to 50 messages.

Note however that messages in inboxes that are more than one year old will still be erased.

If you created your profile after September 2010, then tough luck, you will still have 200 maximum messages for your inbox and 20 maximum messages you can send per day. Next year, if you still have your account by then and have not deleted it, then the amount might upgrade.

If you have donated to the site at least once, then your account has been boosted to 500 max inbox messages and 100 max messages sent per day. If you're a recurring/monthly donator then your inbox and max messages are already unlimited so you can ignore this message.

You can log in to the Wrestling Personals right now to see if the changes have been applied to your account depending on its creation date.

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2011-10-21: Automatic primary pic rotation has been added to the wrestling personals Automatic primary pic rotation + Better session timeout - Friday October 21st 2011 (News ID: 1389)   [ Back to top ]

Hey, Globalfight recently added the feature and I figured I could easily add it myself to the site.

To enable automatic primary pic rotation, simply edit your preferences from the Control Panel. You will of course need to log in first before you can edit your preferences. By default, this feature is disabled (turned off) for all existing profiles and new users.

Also, the setting requires a minimum of 5 approved images in your profile. If you have less than that, you simply won't be able to enable automatic primary pic rotation. The rotation is triggered each time someone visits your profile for a maximum of one (1) rotation per hour. Furthermore, the selection algorithm is compltely random. So, if you're unlucky, the system can pick again the same profile image, but if you have something like 30 pics, well, chances are very unlikely for the system to pick the same one again.

On a side note, I believe that I finally managed to increase the session timeout to 2 hours. Previously, this was set to 20 minutes by my web hosting service. Now, it should take quite a bit longer to auto log-out so you should no longer be scared of seeing your message disappear if it took you more than 20 minutes to write a message to your favorite wrestler...

Please do let me know if you are still experiencing auto timeouts or log outs under 2 hours.

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2011-10-11: YouTube videos can now be inserted in your wrestling profile. YouTube support for profiles - Tuesday October 11th 2011 (News ID: 1387)   [ Back to top ]

YouTube videos can now be inserted in your wrestling profile. In order to do so, simply include the video or your YouTube channel in your profile as your homepage.

Here are the details of the two types of YouTube support:

Single video: If you put a link to a YouTube video as your homepage when you modify your profile, that video will appear in your profile. Make sure that the link is of the following syntax and also make sure that you remove any feature parameter attached to the link:

  - Good:[video code goes here]
  - Bad:[video code]&feature=channel_video_title

User channel: Simply put your YouTube channel in the homepage field when you modify your profile and will automatically fetch the latest video from your channel and post it in your profile. This has the added advantage of updating automatically the video whenever you add new videos to your YouTube channel. The URL must be of the following syntax and must not have any extra parameter:

  - Good:[Your username goes here]
  - Bad:[Your username goes here]&feature=mnum

So in short, to add a video to your profile, follow these steps:

1. Modify your profile
2. Edit your homepage by either putting a single YouTube video or a YouTube user channel
3. Apply the changes.

Note that if your channel contains only favorites (no video uploads) or if you have set embedding restrictions or private viewing on your videos, then the video will not appear on your profile or it will not play properly.

To see what embedded videos look like right now, you can check out the listing of users with YouTube links or you can just check out these two users with dedicated channels: ALEATHERGUYBE (id 2405) or MizzouriGrizzly (id 648)

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2011-08-27: Bracketed text to add icons have been implemented to the message system. Bracketed text: add icons - Saturday August 27th 2011 (News ID: 1377)   [ Back to top ]

Ok, after another suggestion, this time by EvilDark (id 1077), I've added support to use winks and holds while you compose your message. So, you can still use them as stand alone winks, or you can combine them when you type your messages.

When you reply to a message, you'll see a link marked "+ Add icons".

Clicking on it, will reveal the types of icons (winks and holds) that you can use. The icons will appear as text in brackets when you click on them. Once you submit your message, they will be transformed into the proper icons on the receiving end.

Yea, best way to understand this is to go reply to one of your wrestler friends and try out the feature.

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2011-08-24: Ok.. so I added holds that can be sent as winks. ..and some holds too - Wednesday August 24th 2011 (News ID: 1375)   [ Back to top ]

Ok.. so the icons from the wink system are so cute that almost nobody will use them.

I just added 5 new icons: you can now send a bearhug, a camel clutch, a boston crab, a full nelson and a rack.

They look like this:

Hopefully, this will make you guys send winks (or holds) more often.

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